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Special Issue: Effect of Covid 19 on Worlds Economy

Ever since Covid-19 pandemic has been affected to human life some other has also been affected that is world’s economy. COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting global supply chains and international trade. Millions of workers in most of the countries are facing the bleak prospect of losing their jobs. Movement of people and tourism will be affected and also economy goes low. The world’s economy can get shrinked by 0.9 percent during this global crisis.

The economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic inevitably invites comparisons to the global financial crisis. As the world has undergone into lockdown and business exports and imports may get slowed down and it leads to the effect on world’s income. The world’s merchandise trade volume may get low. Self-distancing and lockdowns will certainly have an impact on employment, especially in economies with a large chink of non-permanent workers.

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