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Babak Nakhostin-Roohi

Babak Nakhostin-Roohi

Babak Nakhostin-Roohi
Dr. Babak Nakhostin-Roohi,Scientific staff in Islamic Azad University
Azad University Oxford


Dr. Babak Nakhostin-Roohi has received his Ph.D in Guilan University, Iran during the period of 4.5 years. Currently, he is working as scientific staff in Islamic Azad University, Ardabil branch, Iran. His main domain of research are antioxidants and exercise-induced oxidative stress, as well as health and exercise. He is serving as an editorial member of several reputed journals like novel physiotherapies, clinical research in foot and ankles & expert reviewers for journals like Asian Journal of sports medicine, Sport physiology etc. He has authored more than 40 research articles/books with more than 180 citations and received several awards and honors. He is a member of Iranian physiotherapy association, European college of sport science, and IRI medical council.

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