When the “World Wide Web” entangles media and film

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When the “World Wide Web” entangles media and film

International Conference on Broadcasting Media & Film Industry

October 20, 2014 DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore-BWI Airport, USA

LaSean Rinique Shelton

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Abstract :

Television, Cinemas, Books and Radio stations have been very useful for capturing an array of entertainment to us since the early 1900?s. In short, the primitive modes of broadcast served as an outlet to the troubles of the world and for information needed in an instant. A huge revolution called the internet has changed the world?s views on how and when their entertainment is disseminated, and has totally become a bittersweet sensation. The challenges that traditional publishing companies, television networks, cinemas and radio stations face are microwaved desires of the public. No more are people purchasing books at stores such as the Barnes and Nobles and others that met their demise. Consumers justified space and convenience as a reason to support Ebook reading. Publishers cannot keep up with this phenomenon as many authors are now satisfying the thirst and desires of the reader. The film and television industries are not exempt from this shift. Now-a-days, the average person can use a smart phone and record an entire movie and or television show, and upload it to Social Media and become successful. With internet radio platforms and satellite radio, many radio personalities are making the change over drying out the terrestrial stations. One can even broadcast and entertain another individual across the globe with ease, something that was unheard of 15 years ago-especially on an AM/FM platform. You can even archive and download radio shows utilizing them for future references. What does this do for the economics of the industry? How does it affect us all as a whole? The benefits have been linked to convenience, affordability of advertising for the smaller guy, and a wider range in audience. We are now able to stretch our brands, shows, companies and talents across the globe in the matter of seconds. The disadvantages however, are linked to many businesses closing their doors forcing many into unemployment or underemployment. It also has opened the doors to more predators attempting to hack and commit fraud or destroy files and or documents on the internet. We are now in the age of being entangled in the World Wide Web.

Biography :

LaSean Rinique Shelton is an acclaimed International public speaker, radio personality, media strategist and author. She has become a sought after speaker in the industry of various media and broadcasting outlets, she is prepared to break barriers and misconceptions related to such outlets. Broadcasting Media is a topic of choice for her as she recognizes that technology has advanced in such a way that the average person can enjoy the wonders of stardom all with a click of a mouse. She currently coaches a plethora of individuals on utilizing Social Media and Internet outlets to brand their products or services as well as workshops on internet safety. She has served as a contributing writer for several blogs, online magazines both national and international, hosted or co-hosted over 10 radio shows both terrestrial and internet, 3 talk shows and has a long acting resume inclusive of movies and TV network shows. In addition, she has served on multiple speakers associations and symposiums that taught the benefits of the web, how it has advanced the Media industry while simultaneously crushing traditional outlets. She has developed an engaging style that will encourage, teach, empower and enhance even the most seasoned professional in Broadcast Media, journalism and the film industry.

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