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The Portrayal of Men and Women in British Television Advertisements: A Review of 7 Studies Published Over a 12 Year Period

Provide a Model for Policy in the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting(Case study: IRIB)

Journalists' Perception of a Punitive Public: Explaining the Impulse of Social Control

Modern Technologies and Human Relations

Globalisation and Media

Research on Chinese Media and Communication: China and the West


Reconceptualizing Mass Communication as Engagement: The Influence of Social Media

Observations on Change

Mass Communication and Journalism

New Media: A Potential Mechanism to Exacerbate Health-Related Disparities

Journalistic Licensing as a Balance to Open-Source Journalism Practices

Design Characteristics in International News Coverage: A Comparison between the U.S and Brazil

Commercialism and the Convergence of Alternative and Mainstream Media

The Role of Mass Media and Journalism in Risk Communication

Calling for an Integrated, Interdisciplinary and International Perspective on Mediated Communication Research

What's the Buzz? How to Build a Word-Of-Mouth Campaign in 2012

The Canadian Culture, Rhetoric, and Magazine Advertising: Analysis of Persuasive Devices in Maclean's

Mass Communication and Journalism

Changing Paradigms of Media Landscape in the Digital Age

DVR Pilot Study: Measuring Uses and Gratifications of Digital Video Recorders in Modern Television Viewing

Argument, Civility, and Inclusion: Contemporary Uses of Media

Is a Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication Still Worth Pursuing?

Photojournalism in Pakistan: Ethics and Responsibilities Analysis of Urdu Newspapers Front Pages

The Rumors of Television's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: What the Data Say about the Future of Television Content in a Child's Digital World

Image of President Asif Ali Zardari as Portrayed by Daily Dawn and News: A Discourse Analysis of Editorials

The Pros and Cons of New Media and Media Freedom

Embracing Media Advancement for Realization of Millennium Development Goals in Kenya

Models of Structuring Peace and Gandhi in Modern Democratic System

Beware of Blockbusters and Mega Movies

Non-traditional Southern Journalistic Civil Rights Advocacy In the U.S.,1950s-1960s

Is Social Media, Texting and Other Such Technology Hurting Our Interpersonal Communication?

The Marketing Communications (MarCom) Matrix and Higher Education: How It All Works Together

Journalism and Globalisation: Paradigms, Problems, Prospects

The Changing World of Media & Communication

Is the Uses and Gratifications Approach Still Relevant in a Digital Society? Theoretical and Methodological Applications to Social Media

Effects of Non-Professionalism in Nigeria Journalism

An Analysis of New Media’s Role in Mass Movements (With reference to Anna Hazare’s campaign ‘India Against Corruption’)

Homelessness Coverage, Social Reality, and Media Ownership: Comparing a National Newspaper with Two Regional Newspapers in Canada

Timely Blessing; Global Utilization of Internet Social Forums in Realization of Millennium Development Goals in Developing Countries

Arab Women Using Internet: Case Study the U.A.E and Oman

Communication and Miscommunication of Public-Health Risks: Towards Good Practice for Medical Journalism

Online Public Health Interventions: A Good Strategy for Those with Mental Illness?

Communication as a Social Process

The Media, Ethnicity and Regional Development in the Lake Victoria Basin

Importance of Journalism and Mass Communication for Nuclear Emergency Management

A Dilemma for our Democracy: Restrict Freedom of Speech or Effect Pure Plutocracy?

Vetimpleg: An Indispensable Reference Resource for EU-Legislation and Explanations on Veterinary and Food Safety Issues

US Image in the Gulf Press Analytical Study of Al-Khaleej Newspaper of UAE and Al-Sharq Al-Awsat of Saudi Arabia

A Relationship between Text Message Volume and Formal Writing Performance on the SAT

Receptivity to 2010 Census Messages Among the General Public and Hard-to-enumerate Populations

Post War Media Behavior in Sri Lanka

Communication Revolution: Online Newspaper Media in Sri Lanka?

Inductive Reasoning's Role in New Media

War and the Worlds and the Promise of Social Media Tools

Anchorperson: An Emerging Phenomenon in the Electronic Media

The Rise of Green Advertising

ICT Enabled Community Development in India

Anchorperson as Symbol of Identity: A Perceptional View of Audiences

Reporting Peace Negotiations: Content and Tactics from Uganda's Dailies

Perceptions of Job Satisfaction Among Arab Female Reporters in Governmental and Non-Governmental TV Stations

A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. Mainstream Press and Black Press Coverage of Jean-Bertrand Aristide from 1991-2011

Turning Voters on? Effects of News Frame Exposure on Voter Mobilization in the 2008 Austrian Elections

Teaser Campaigns: An Effective Advertising Execution for Varied Goods, Services and Ideas

The Relationship between Personal Factors and its Effect on Internet Usage

Convergence, Citizens Engagement and Democratic Sustainability in Emerging Democracies: The Case of Ghana and Nigeria

Science-Trained Journalists at University Public Relations Divisions: Trying to Find Them!

Cricket Diplomacy between India and Pakistan: A Case Study of Leading National Dailies of Both the Countries (The Hindu & Dawn)

Tari Pendet News on Metro TV in 2009: Reviving National Sentiment

A Critical Assessment of the Regulation of the Practice of Public Relations in Nigeria

Uses and Functions of Teaser Campaigns in Advertising and Promotion: A Content Analysis of Newspaper and Television Advertisements in India

In Social Media, We are the Pioneers of Our Time

Association among Domestic Activities, Culture and Role of Educated Women and Cable Television in War Affected Area Swat

Fighting Wars through Radio Broadcasts

The Effect of Kuwaiti Online Readers’ Comments on Sectarian and Tribal Issues: A Case Study of the Online Newspaper Alaan

Portrayal of Pak-US relations in Elite Press of Pakistan and United States during Raja Pervaiz Ashraf Regime (June 2012-December 2012)

Programmatic Communication for Religious Peace in Nigeria: Lessons Learned from Indonesia

Negativity in a Twitter Age: How Politicians are Adapting to Social Media

Influence of Celebrity Endorsement of Advertisement on Students’ Purchase Intention

Breaking the “Glass Ceiling” in Broadcast Journalism

U.S. Civil Rights and the Power of the Press

New Media and Political Revival: The Middle East Story

Role of Television in Child Development

Effects of Broadband Internet on Studying Habits of the University Students in Pakistan (A Case Study of University of Gujrat)

Is Ugly the New Beautiful? An Investigation of Perceptions of Beauty by Young Female Viewers of Ugly Betty in the US

Healthy People in Healthy Workplace: Philosophy and Practice of Workplace Health Promotion (WHP)

Cultural Agenda Setting: New Developments in Established Paradi gms

Role of Women Health and Reproductive Health in women Empowerment

Creating e-learning Content Storyboard Based on Instructional Design Principles

Oral Health—An Integral Part of General Health

Communication and Behavior Change in Health Education Practice

A Study on the Food Product Commercials in Television with Reference to Humour Appeal

Promoting Healthy Vision in Children Through the Use of Social Marketing

Observational Data Collection of Environmental and Behavioral Characteristics: Strengths, Limitations, and Implications for H ealth Communication

New Media, Old Journalistic Work Routines

Spiral of Violence: A Study of the Model on Perception Pattern and Aggression Expression in Nepalese Press by Tibetan Refugee

Working Conditions of Journalists in District Swat at the End of Militancy

Technological Advancement in the Written Press and New Reading Patterns: A Press Survival Perspective in Mauritius

The Influence of C Perceptions of Media Influences on Co - viewing/using Media and Instructive Mediation with Younger Children

Non-Profits Vs For-Profits in the Game of Social Media: Critical Observations and Reflections

Role of Community Intervention in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

The Value of a Successful Communication in the Workplace Prevention

The Leading Role of the Occupational Health Physician in Workpl ace Prevention and the Importance of Knowledge and Communication Abilities

Food Borne Illness and One Medicine Approach

The Application of Risk Communication in Food Safety

Local or Not? The Impact of Political System Factors on Media Election Coverage

M-Theory of Communication: Search for Superstructure and Substructure Nature of Communication Including Models

Importance of MRSA and the Role of the Media

Usage and Impact of Information Technology in Electronic Media in Pakistan

Politics and the Mass Media

The Demise of the Newspaper

Using Social Marketing as a Tool to Increase Helmet Use among Bicycle-share Riders in Urban Settings

Research Challenges on Communication about Low Radiation Doses

Chemical Hazard in Work Place and Mass Media

Advertising in the USA Historical Utopia

Using Social Media to Connect College Students with Mental Health Services

How Relevant is the 'Terror Frame' for Discussing Media Coverage of Iraq in 2013? A Preliminary Study

Communicating the Benefits of Breastfeeding through Social Marketing

Role of Mass Media in Setting Agenda and Manufacturing Consent:A Study on Wars to Rise of Radical Group (Hefajat-e-Islam) in Bangladesh

Rise of Online Advertising in India: An Overview

Scenario of Print Media in Jammu & Kashmir (India): An Analytical Study

Promoting Infant Oral Health Care

More Information, Less Understanding and the Need to Educate Consumers and Allied Health Professionals to Critically Evaluate Health Related Mass Communications

The Role of Corporate Communication in Handling Organizational Crisis with 2 Case Studies from the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry

Motives of Arabic Speaking Viewers for Watching English or Dubbed TV Programs

Theorizing Spiral of Violence: Death of Spiral of Silence Theory

The Search for New Roles for Cartoon Art: Promoting Democracy in Nigeria through Innuendos of Political Communication

Young Female Users of Social Media and Internet Addiction

The Press Can Make a Difference

Stereotyping and the Media

Role of T.V Media Contents in Reshaping Perception of Educated Youth a Case Study of Gujarat Regarding T.V News and Current Affair

Portrayal of Pakistan in the New York Times and the Washington Post: A Study of Editorials during 2008 to 2010

Fragile Democracy, Indications of Failed State and Lack of Good Governance: Perspective Bangladesh

The Impact of Electronic Words of Mouth (eWOM) to the Brand Determination of Higher Education in Malaysia: From the Perspective of Middle East's Student

A Study on the Internet Usage Pattern of Postgraduate Students of Gulbarga University

Media Analysis of Women’s Participation in Politics

Using e-psychiatry to Scale up Mental Health Services in Nigeria

Subverting Democracy and Thwarting Social Change, an Examination into the Latin American Mass Media

The Impact of Indian Dramas on Language and Dressing of Females

Impact of Television Health Programmes on Women: A Study on Gulbarga Television Viewers

Socio, Economic and Cultural Impact of Soap Operas on Home Makers(A Study in Andhra Pradesh)

The 1980 Cleveland Newspaper Market Revisited: Analysis Finds Vibrant Agenda Diversity, Robust Marketplace of Ideas

Development Support Communication: Problems and Suggestions

Lessons from the Press Box: What Sports Writers can Teach Academics

Mass Media in Nile Politics: The Reporter Coverage of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Mindfulness and the Social Media

Social Media and Citizen Journalism in the 2009 Iranian Protests: The Case of Neda Agha-Soltan

Finding Justifications for the Practice of Peace Journalism: A Public Assessment of Media Roles towards Peace Promotion in Nigeria

Television Newsmagazine Coverage of Child Sexual Abuse: 1990-2005

140 Characters of Democracy Conversation Frame Analysis of Egyptian Opinion cTweets

Student Athletes’ Perceptions of Concussions through Media Consumption

From Selma, Alabama, to Derry, Northern Ireland: Media Images and their Influence on Civil Rights Demonstrations

Emotional Reactions to Sports Heroes’ Rise and Fall: Application of Affective Disposition Theory Via the Hero Narrative

The Comment: The ‘Telomere’ of News and Public Communication

Provision of Physicians’ Cell Phone Numbers or E-mail Addresses to Patients: The Perspective of Muslim Bedouin Patients in the Negev Region of Israel: A Cross Sectional Study

An Emperical Investigation of the Effectiveness of Sales Promot ion in Maltina and Malta Guinness Sales Promotion Strategies

Political Godfather-Son Conflict in South-Western Nigeria, 2004-2006: The Role of the Press

What Say the Human Wisdom, the Philosophy and Culture and What Says the Bible on the Sense of the Human Life, on its Destination

Harnessing Emerging Technologies for Education Communication

Adopting Broadcast Media Sensitization Campaigns for Solid Waste Management

Role of Alternative Media in Empowerment of Women

News You Need to Know: Examining the Prioritization of News Con tent in Print and Online Publications

Women and the U.S. Mass Media: The Majority/Minority

Mitigating Insider Threat and Avoiding Unauthorized Knowledge Acquirement Using Acquaintance Based Threat Prediction Graph

Critical Analysis of the Level of Subjectivity and Objectivity While Reporting Kashmir Conflict: Comparative Study of Newspapers of Two Provinces of Jammu and Kashmir State

Coverage of Black versus White Males in Local Television News Lead Stories

The Mythical Framing Effect: Media Coverage and Public Opinion Regarding the Iraq War

Journalistic Slanting Of the Governor Chris Ngige and Chris Uba Prebendal Political Conflict in South-Eastern Nigeria, 2004-2006

Transnational Cinema: A Cross Culture Communication Medium


Effectiveness of ICT Education in Schools of Journalism in Kenya

Time and Eternity in Science, in General Culture and in the Christianity

The Right to Privacy, The New Media and Human Development in Nigeria

New Media in Interpersonal Communication

To Discuss Different Reports about Chinese Investment in Africa and CIF

Public(s): A Concept Explication for Modeling Public Management

The Influence of Social Media on Youth Leisure in Rongo University

Conversion Aversion: Environmental Learning and PBS Viewer Preferences

Application of Social Media to Organisation Branding in Nigeria

Trampled Realities: Discussion about Violent Images’ Abuse

A Perspective on Teenage Magazines and their Continued Focus on the Superficial

Underlying Meanings of the Hitler Metaphor in Western Media

Political Visuals Dominate in the Vernacular News Papers: "A Content Analysis of Front Page Political Visuals of Leading Indian News papers"

Listening: The Forgotten Communication Skill

Trends in Corporate Crisis Communication Management

The Concept and Philosophy of Community Radio Stations in the Kenyan Context

An Approach on Social Distinctions and Solutions in Turkey

Silence-Violence Cycle: Perception Expression Model of Minority Community

New Yoruba Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions: A New Mode of Communicating New Concepts and Ideas on Radio

Advancing a Typology of Media Content: Analysis of a Literary Journalism Story

Media and Development in Rural Kashmir

Media Ownership and Control Versus Press Freedom in a Democratic Africa

How does Doctor-Patient Communication Differ Based on the Gender of Doctor and the Gender of Patient? An Analysis of Entertainment- Education Based Network Medical Drama Grey’s Anatomy

From Arab Spring to Shahbag: The role of Social Media in Terms of National Crisis

Gender Matters: Eritrean Women and Mediated Messages of Foreign Television Channel

Portrayal of Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 in Leading Ur du Media of Pakistan (A Content Analysis of News Coverage of Nawai waqt and Express)

The Effects of Web Site Sequence: Moderating Role of Personalit y Difference

The Role of Community Radio in Empowering Women in India

Social Media, Indian Youth and Cyber Terrorism Awareness: A Comparative Analysis

The Effects of Web Site Structure on Attitude: Moderating Effec t of Surfing Behavior

The Impact of Negative Endorser Information and their Facial Appearance on Advertising Effectiveness for Profit and Not-for- profit Organizations

The Ebola Outbreak .. Possible Implications that Media Reporting may Have.

Humor on Pause: How Political Cartoonists Satirize Tragedy

Mass Media of Communication and Environmental Problems: Islamic Religious Communication Solutions Perspectives

Havana Biennial 2015

Mass and New Media: Review of Framing, Treatment and Sources in Reporting on Fukushima

Enter at Your Own Risk: The Dangers of a Career in Journalism

Operation Smile.....and How Media has Played a Role Creating Awareness and Promoting this Medical Organisation

“Contempt of Court” Go Directly to Jail: Journalism, Free Press v. Fair Trial.

Comparing Strategic Concepts, A New Strategic Mindset and Coping with an Ever-Growing Toolbox

Beware of the Third Eye: The Impact of Citizen Journalism in th e Digital Age

Brian Williams and the Perils of the Use of Autobiographical Me mory in Research

Schizophrenia in Hollywood Movies

Effects of Crime News on Emotional Response of Audience

The Media as Social Watch in Forest Management: Indonesia Experience

Social Movement Organization and Communication Ethics: An Ethic al Analysis of Consumer-Directed Health Care Communication Campaig n of Tea Party Patriots (TPP)

Effects of Advertising on Youth (Age Group of 13-19 Years Age)

First Nations Experience of the 2013 Alberta Floods: Media Representations and First Hand Experiences

Effects of News Talk Shows in Voting Behavior

Using Community Radios as a Tool for Development

The Influence of Social Media Platforms for Startups

Effects of Radio and Television Media on Language

The Role of Mass Media in Bhutan: Accessibility, Influence and its Impacts

The Future is in Your Hands

Usage of Smartphone Apps by Women on their Maternal Life

Rice Bucket Challenge: Purpose, Politics and Effects

The Emerging of Global Journalism and Social Media

Corporate Social Responsibility in India Introspection

How Do We Teach Core News Values in the Digital Age? Professional Standards for Broadcast-Electronic Media Students

News Framing on Indo-Pak Conflicts in the News (Pakistan) and Times of India: War and Peace Journalism Perspective

Analytical Study of Television Drama Narratives

What Moves You? Testing Personality Characteristics for Transportability in Entertainment

Social Media for Political Mobilization in India: A Study

Research on an Insight into Facebook usage Habits and Marketing

An Analysis of Movies based on World War II: A Qualitative Content Analysis of a Romantic-tragedy and a Historical Period Drama

Freedom of Expression from the Islamic Perspective

Nigerian Foreign Policy and Global Image: A Critical Assessment of Goodluck Jonathans Administration

Propagating Health Insurance: A Formative Evaluation of Broadcast Media Programs Sponsored by National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Selected Northern States of Nigeria (2007-2012)

Truth and Integrity: The Gold Standard behind the Currency of Journalism

How Media Covered “Arab Spring” Movement: Comparison between the American Fox News and the Middle Eastern Al Jazeera

Journalism, Biology and Diversity

The Portrait of Family Size in the Hausa Home Videos: Culture o r Economy?

Interrogating Banality: The Role of Media in the Peace Process of Nagaland

The Impact of Social Networking Sites on the Youth

French Language in Mauritian Newspapers: A Cultural Exception i n Journalism

A Research into the Fact that Media have Direct Effects on People in Different Ways

Social Network and Privacy

Viewing Diversity in the Caribbean Diaspora: A Critical Guide to the Contemporary Film Movement

Nico Carpentier (2011) Media and Participation-A site of ideologicaldemocratic struggle, Intellect: Bristol

Social Media and Nurse Education: An Integrative Review of the Literature

A Study on the Representation of Islam and Muslims in Tirunelveli Edition of Tamil Dailies

A Critical Study of how the Taliban Capitalize on Electronic Media Sensationalism in Pakistan

Media Coverage of a Global Pandemic in Japan: Content Analysis of A/ H1N1 Influenza Newspaper Articles

Characteristics of Internet News Editing

Informing and Interacting with Citizens: A Strategic Communication Review of the Websites of the ECOWAS Parliaments

A Functional Analysis of the 2012 London Mayor Debate

Functions and Topics of 2012 American Presidential Advertising: An Increase in Attacks?

Fashion and Communication Training for A Quality Information

The Significance and Convenience of Science Journalism

Impact of Food Blogs on The Readers

Moksha from Communication: An Ecological Perspective of Bishnoi Religion from Western India

The Mediatization of Violence: A Model for Utilizing Public Discourse and Networking to Counter Global Terrorism

The Battle for Professionalism in Journalism in Nigeria amidst Unethical Practices

While Number Superstitions Exist: The Influence of Prices on Mobile Phone Consumers Purchase Intentions

The Transformation of the Popular Israeli: The Increasing Dominance of Israelis Originally from North Africa and the Middle East

Increasing Internet Users Trust in the Cloud Computing Era: The Role of Privacy

Portrayal of Minorities in Telugu Soap Operas: An Analysis on Culture and Characterization

What's real about reality television?

Uses of Information and Communication Technology among Women during Pregnancy

Embracing New Media in Political Communication: A Survey of Parliamentarians Attitudes and Practices in a Changing Media Landscape in West Africa

The Ever-Changing Meaning of Mass Communications: A Cursory Look at a Journal’s Content

Role of Youth in Peace Building via New Media: A Study on Use of New Media by Youth for Peace Building Tasks

Advertising and Public Relations: Challenges and Implications

Political Communication in the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria: The Oyo State Experience- “The Wild, Wild West”

Gender Role Portrayals in Brazilian and Portuguese Television Advertisements

Social Media Tipping Point or Economic Remorse?

Understanding Cameroon Press Freedom According To African Media Barometer from 2008-2014

Engaging Social Media for Health Communication in Africa:Approaches, Results and Lessons

A Comparitive Study on Politics in Sathyajith Ray’s Films-Appu Triology, Mahanagar, Jana Aranya, Charulatha and Pathirdwani

Advertising and Public Relations in Changing Technological Times

Technology Aided Mass Communication

The State of Advertising and Mass Media: Where Are We Headed?

Nigerian Media and Indigenous Cultures Transformation: The Journey So Far

Priming in Advertising Studies

Frame Analysis of Egyptian Opinion Leaders Tweets: A Study on a Sample of Contents Relevant to the Democracy Issue

A Brief Overview of the Challenges and Implications in Advertising and Public Relations

The Place of Advertising in Persuasion

The Theoritical Study of Green Marketing in India: Its Importance and Need

Motivations and Incentives in Joining and Using Social Networks: A Systematic Review

Evolution of the Press and Mass Media

The Media and Politics: The Press and the 2016 US Presidential Race

Addressing Marketing Issues for Community Supported Agriculture Using Community-Based Social Marketing

Mobile Reporting and Journalism for Media Trends, News Transmission and its Authenticity

The Sun and Satellite: A Study of Gender Relations in Television Advertisements and its Relationship to the Position of Women in Indian Households

Dromoscopy and Philosophy

Press Coverage of World Tobacco Day in Nigeria (2014-2016) and Smoker Journalists Attitude towards Coverage of the Event

Cultural Imperialism through Beverages Advertisements: A Case Study of Youth of Lahore

Foreign University Bill: Overview and Analysis

Usage of Mobile by Female Students in University India

Gone to Stamford Bridge? Influence of Foreign Football and its Digital Coverage on Youths in Abeokuta, Nigeria

Online Democracy: A Content Analysis of Facebook Pages of 2016 Philippine Presidential Candidates

Online vs. Telephone Surveys in Political Campaign Research

Social Networking Experiences on Facebook: A Study on the Students’ of Comilla University

A Content Analysis of Micro Aggressions in News Stories about Female Athletes Participating in the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics

A Comparative Study of Digital Competence and Response to Digital Innovations by Korean and Nigerian Newspaper Journalists

Moralism, Constructivism, Relativism: Identifying and Describin g the Approaches of Research on Scandal

Technology Mediated Media Education: A Case Study of E-Learning Initiatives in India

The Role of Media in European Integration Process: Kosovo Case

Approaches to Print Media Advocacy for the Control of HIV/AIDS: Case of Cameroon Tribune and the POST Newspapers

Another Look at the Political Economy of the Mainstream and New Media: The Capitalists Influence

The Power of Song in the Struggle for Health and Development Outcomes in Africa: Lessons for Social and Behaviour Change Programmes

The Influence of Interpersonal Communication, Traditional Media, and New Media Sources on Youth’s Voting Behavior; A Study of Pakistan General Election 2013 Campaign

The Effects of Anti-dengue Media Campaign of Government of Punjab: A Case Study of Gujranwala City

Purposive or Accidential! Why Polls Mislead the Public About the Next US President?

Reliance of the Saudi Youth on Social Media as a Source of Information about Al-Hazem Storm

Television Advertisements Motivating Western lifestyle on 'College Youth'

Touch Revisited: Observations and Methodological Recommendations

Intelligence or Counter Intelligence? Cognitive and Behavioral Implications of Mediated Cyborg Images on Children

Information Acquisition and Social Media: An Analysis of Pakistani University Students

Audiences Perceptions of Informative Programs at Jimma Fana FM 98.1 in Jimma, Ethiopia

Chronic Food Insecurity and Malnutrition in Moroto: Karamoja Sub Region Still Highly Attributed to Poor Water and Sanitation Practices

Perception of Digital Media Training in Selected Universities in Kenya

Alternative Views on the Theory of Communication: An Exploration through the Strands of Buddhism

BREXIT, Trumpism and the Agency of Populism in Contemporary Political Communication

"Fake News" is a Fake Notion

Low Wage Crisis: Impacts on Bangladeshi Garment Sector Workers

Digital Media and Educational Role Study Case of an Arabic E-Magazine

Freedom of Press and Broadcasting Media in England and Bangladesh

Media and Political Propaganda: Radio Cairo in the Era of Sadat Analytical Study

Between Knowledge and Power: Political Agenda and Social Engagement of Political Elites through Micro-Blogging (Twitter) in India

Fast Food, Families and Advertising as a Cultural Site

Analysis of Online Audience Comment on 2016 Subsidy Removal Issue in Nigeria: A Case Study of Premium Times and Sahara Reporters

Who is Telling the Truth about the Egyptian Uprising 2011? Al-Jazeera versus the Egyptian Television

Knowledge Sharing in Social Media as Moderating Variable between Social Capital Online and Response to Humanitarian Crises

With the Faltering Liberal Journalism Model; Is China Set to Lead Emmerging Powers in Shaping New Global Journalism?

“The Calcutta Municipal Gazette”—the Public Relations Organ of the Local Self Government (1924-1997)

Media Framing of Zanu Pf Internal Succession Struggles: Mnangagwa and the Military Factor

History of Newspaper in Afghanistan

Role of Gender in Children’s Cognitive Learning from Television

The Press and Nigeria’s Afrocentric Foreign Policy: A Content Analysis

Social Media Utilisation among Youth

The Status and Psychological Challenges of Implementation of Continuous Professional Development/CPD/ in Primary Schools of South Wollo Zone

Newspaper Coverage of Suicide: A Content Analysis of Daily Kawish Newspaper - An Elite Sindhi Newspaper of Pakistan

Indigenes’ Use of Development Messages in Newspapers

An Assessment of Media Coverage of Anti-Corruption Campaigns by the Buhari Administation in 2016: A Study of the Nation and Daily Trust Newspaper

Critical Media Literacy in a Mediated Democracy

Broadcast Media and Rural Mobilization: Did it help the Ebola Awareness Campaign in Nigeria?

Youths and Fashion: Is ICT A Yardstick? A Case Study of University of Maiduguri

The Changes in Language and Dressing of Females on Impact of Indian Dramas

Media Exposure to Environmental Health Messages Among Communities in Buton Regency South East Sulawesi province, Indonesia

The Portrayal of Pashtuns in Pashtu Language Movies: A Comparative Analysis of the Content of Classic and Modern Pashtun Films With Pashtun Literature

Digital Journalism and Risk Communication Practice for Public Health Humanitarian Emergencies Response in Africa

Public Freedoms in the Jordanian Constitution: Rhetorics and Realities

Engaging the Press in the Rethinking of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy: Problems and Prospects

A Study on the Consumers Perception of Mobile Marketing Communication on Social Media in USA

Media Preferences, Political Knowledge and Attentiveness in the 2016 US Presidential Campaign

The Press and Nigerian - Cameroun Bakkasi Dispute: A Content Analysis

Role of Mobile Communications in Promoting Political Participation and Engagement among University Students

Geo-Political Dimensions of Brics: An Emergent Requirement of Strengthening New World Information Order in a Changing Global Landscape to Rebalance the Global Communication Order

A Study on Customers' Perception and Marketing Effectiveness of Proximity Marketing Communications on NFC and SMS-CB Enabled Mobile Phones in USA

Foreign Military Intervention in Libya: An Analysis of the Just War Principles of Jus Ad Bellum and Jus in Bello

Exploring the Potentialities of Particpatory Communication by the Print Media in Agricultural News Reportage in Ghana

A Community of Common Destiny or Geopolitics? Representations of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Transnational Press

How Kuwait Media Preserves National Heritage

Coverage of Honor Killing: A Content Analysis of English Language Newspapers of Pakistan

‘Reasoning out’ as as Intercultural Competence: An Exploration of Rhetorical Practices of Filipino Domestic Workers (FDWs) in Singapore

The Major Barriers to Journalists in Contemporary Afghanistan

Pictorial Communication in Digital Era: Challenges and Prospects

Media after Interim Administration (December/2001) in Afghanistan

Building Customers Satisfaction Using Social Responsibility Communications of Islamic Banks in Jordan

Effectiveness of The Mass Media Campaigns Against Environmental Degradation in Nigeria (A Study of Enugu State)

An Exploratory Factor Analysis of AI Enabled SE Attacking Risk in Higher Learning Institute

An Exploration of Video Consumption Habits

Role of Indomie’s “Like No Other” Campaign in Cultivating Pester Power in the Children of Eleko Community, Lagos

Sensationalism in Journalism Practice: Analysis of Private and Public Print Media Coverage of Crisis Situations in Cameroon

The Evolution of Broadcast Journalism

Intersectional Analysis of Media Representation of Immigrants in Norway: The Case of 'The Local (Norway Edition)' Online Newspaper

Bridging the Health Divide: Use of Mobile Phone Technology for Health Care Service Delivery in Odisha

A Critical Look at the Success of Development Journalism in Ethiopia

Effects of Turkish Dramas on University Students: A Survey of Pakistani Universities

Financing Public Broadcasting: Ways of Funds Formation Ukrainian Case

Artificial Intelligence and 5G Will Force Journalism Schools to Accentuate the Basics in Instruction

Editorial Highlights for Journal of Mass Communication & Journalism

Editorial on Highlights of Mass Communication

Editorial Highlights For Media Now a Days

Editorial Highlights of Role of Journalism

Editorial Highlights of Role of Politics in Education

Critical Approaches to Citizen Journalism

Traditional vs. Social Media: A Phenomenology of Influences on Political Ideological Development in Adolescents.

Presentation of Social Issues in Community Radios in Bangladesh

Communication and Behavior Change in Health Education.

Journalistic Licensing as a Balance to Open-Source Journalism.

An Evaluation of the Impact of Community Relations Programmers/Projects on Host Community- Company Relationship

Poverty Trap and the Debacle of Economic Development in Nigeria

The Issue of the Use of Open Data and the Responsibility of Modern Journalists

The Framing of Economic Corruption in Ethiopian Media: Revealing or Concealing?

Friedrich Kittler and the Reception of French Post-Structuralist Thinking in Germany

Investigating Development Journalism Practice in Ethiopian Media: The Case of South Radio and Television Agency

Dominated Marketism in Media: Situation and Diagnosis

Politainment in Egyptian and German Newspaper: A Comparative Study

Comparative Analysis of the Hindu and Times of India Post the Abrogation of Article 370

Indian Television Commercials in Transition: A Study of New Emerging Practices

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