Train the trainers: A new level of specialists training in surgery

Journal of Health Education Research & Development

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Train the trainers: A new level of specialists training in surgery

8th International Conference on Medical Education and Health Sciences

October 08-09, 2018 Osaka, Japan

Krisztina Juhos

Semmelweis University, Hungary

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Health Edu Res Dev

Abstract :

Several points of differences in surgical residency programs can be found among European countries. Despite the fact that gradual medical education is really well structured and organized all over the world, there are no standardized curricula for surgical specialist's training. The teaching staffs of residency programs are mainly consultants, mentors and experienced surgeons who were selected according to their surgical expertise without any teaching experience. In 2015 a survey have been assessed the characteristics of the specialist's training in surgery (general, thoracic, vascular, pediatric, plastic surgery, urology, orthopedics, traumatology, etc.). The following details have been highlighted that one third of residents received only verbal information during their practical process or the 6 year surgical training wasnÔ??t previously planned for almost 49% of surgical residents in Germany. The issues are similar to these rates in many other European countries. The background of our study is the need to improve specialist's training in surgery and the lack of Pan-European standardization. The 'train the trainers' association with the members from western, central and eastern Europe, supported by the Erasmus program of the European commission is going to determine the unified requirements and curriculum for the pedagogical and didactic training of surgical trainers. Finally, the profile and curriculum will be completed by a multilingual e-learning program.

Biography :

Krisztina Juhos has completed her Doctor of Medicine - MD in 2014 from the University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary. Her attention is towards the surgical education, mainly integrating the principles of Competency Based Medicine (CBME) into the training of the minimally invasive surgery. She has participated in several international consortiums in the field of surgical specialty training supported by the European Union.



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