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Biological Risks and their Communication for Public

The Use of Internet for Health Education

Calorie Restriction: The Natural Way of Slowing Down Aging

Current Trends in Biosafety and Health Education: A Journey on the Road towards Unity in Diversity

Health Promotion: Opportunities and Challenges

An Urgent Need for Investment in Health Management Education

Moving Public Health Workforce Forward: Opportunities for Health Education

Quality of Life among Persons Aged 60-84 Years in Europe: The Role of Psychological Abuse and Socio-Demographic, Social and Health Factors

Personal Disaster and Pandemic Preparedness of U.S. Human Resource Professionals

Biosafety and Biosecurity Still Big Challenges for Health Care Sector and to Researchers

Commercial Glue Sniffing and Child Health: Indian Street Children are at a Risk

Biotechnology and Agriculture

The Wellness Workshop - A Peer-Led Intervention within Mental Health Services - An Experience Report

A Pilot Study Evaluating the Effect of Daily Education by a Pharmacist on Medication Related HCAHPS Scores and Medication Reconciliation Satisfaction

Reflection on Henrietta Lacks’ Legac

Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose: Possible Role in Red Meat Allergy

Emerging Roles of U.S. Pharmacists in Global Health and Africa

Can the Community Health Constitute a Means of Fight Against Social Inequalities of Health? Case of Senegal

Physical Activity Why and How?

Keeping Health Professionals' Healthy and at Work: Why Prevention has to Start during Education and Should Never Stop

Analysis of Factors Involved in Lactational Amenorrhea

Problem Solving Strategy and Diagnostic Performance at Three Expertise Levels: Does the Problem Solving Approach Matter?

Prevalence of Obesity, Overweight and Eating Disorders in a School-Based Population in Southern Brazil

Human Health Caring as General Education for Engineers: Introduction to a New Theory with Practice of Nursing

Biothreats and Mass Events- The Commitment of the Biosafety Professionals

Improvement of Health Education: The Opportunities of Technology and Digital Learning Tools

Effectiveness of Health Education in Increasing the Duration of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Low Income Countries: A Systematic Review

Improving Safety in the Medicines Use Process for Disabled Persons in Residential Facilities. Results from a Pilot Study

The Attitude of Patients Towards the Presence of Medical Students in a Breast Clinic: A Self-Administered Questionnaire Based Audit

Predictors of Length of Stay in an Acute Psychiatric Hospital

Anthropometric Measures and Insulin Resistance in Rural Indian Adolescents

Consumer Acceptance of Genetically Modified Foods in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana

Multidrug Resistant-Proteus Mirabilis Isolated from Chicken Droppings in Commercial Poultry Farms: Bio-security Concern and Emerging Public Health Threat in Bangladesh

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Play a Role in Depression: Main Action Mechanisms

Study of Implicit Preferences in Facial Expression Recognition of Urban Internet-Addicted Left-Behind Children in China

The Knowledge of Hygiene and Sanitation Practices in the Collection, Treatment and Preservation of Potable Water in Santa, North West Cameroon

Biomass Smoke and Rural Health: Indian Women are at Risk

Basic Educational Principles & Awareness about Practices of Bio Safety among Health Care Students

Integrating the National Biosafety Guidelines in the East African Community

Prevalence of Water Borne Diseases within Households in the Bamendankwe Municipality-North West Cameroon

Uptake of Training on Vscan by Midlevel Providers Working in Rural Health Facilities in Tanzania: Implications for Reliability

Optimizing a Hospital Anaphylaxis Protocol: Our Experience

Assessment of Community Health and Health Related Problems in Debre Markos Town, East Gojjam, Ethiopia, 2013

Forum on Science and Health Training Program for Neglected and Re-Emerging Diseases

Border Porosity and Integrity of the Biosafety Regulations in the East African Community: The Case of Kenya-Uganda Border

The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety’s Negotiations: Science-policy Interface in GMO Risk.

Workplace Physical Activity and Health Risks: A Need for Effective Screening and Intervention Strategies

A Transcending Insight into Disease Etiology and Life Sciences Enhancement of Oxygenation for Reestablishing Homeostasis Governing Life

An Evaluation of a Project Regarding the Acceptance of Value Addition to Nutrition in Primary and Higher Secondary School Children in Bairagarh, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Experiments on High Altitude Research Management in China

Active Promotion of Student’s Association Activities Boosts Interest in Learners

Objective Evaluation of Workplace Stress of Kindergarten Teachers at Nazareth Kindergarten

Peer-Assisted Medical and Health Education: Are we Missing an Opportunity?

Prostate Cancer Survivorship: A Systematic Review

Breast Cancer Knowledge among Women in Ebonyi State, Nigeria: Implication for Women Breast Cancer Education

Diagnosis and Treatment of Abnormally Calcified Renal Masses (3 Case Reports)

The Role of School Foodservice Personnel in Nutrition Education: Challenges and Opportunities at U.S. Elementary Schools

Transluminal versus Subintimal Angioplasty for Management of Critical Limb Ischemia Patients with Femoropopliteal Occlusive Disease

A Random Survey of Menstrual Problems in Allithurai and Lalgudi Areas of Tiruchirapalli District

Medical Students Knowledge and Perception Regarding Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Applying Liberating Structures (LS) to Improve Teaching in Health and Sciences: Pilot Study Results

The Ayurvedic Perspective on the Etiopathogenesis of Neurodegeneration

Etiological Study of Thyroid Disorders in the Foot Hill Settlements of Pir Panjal Range

Assessment of Waist Circumference Index as a New Screening Parameter for Pre-Metabolic Syndrome

The Green Card Pilot: A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Education/Reward Intervention to Aid Diabetes Self-management

Abilities of Statistical Models to Identify Subjects with Ghost Prognosis Factors

Encouraging Assessment of the Educational Climate in Medical Schools under the MEPI-MESAU Consortium

Relationships between Acculturative Stress, Depression, and Quality of Life on in North Korean Refugees Living in South Korea

Improving Girl Child Education and Menstrual Hygiene through Free Sanitary Pad Provision to Secondary School Girls-opinion of Female University Students in Ghana

Attitude and Barrier towards Research amongst Health Care Professionals Working in Primary Care Service of Oman

Aspects of Resonance: Comparison of High Speed Films and Overtone Measurements

The Effect of a Motivational Speaker on Dental Students Performance on National Board Part 1 (NBDE-1)

Barriers to Practicing Continuous Medical Education among Primary Health Care Physicians in Alahsa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Institute of Public Health in Albania: Institutional Learning Survey

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards Exclusive Breastfeeding among Lactating Mothers, Mizan Aman Town, Southwestern Ethiopia: Descriptive Cross Sectional Study

Demography and Medical Education among Nigerian Final Year Medical Students-Implication for Regional and Human Resource Development

Magnitude and Predictors of Early Sexual Debut among High and Preparatory School Students in Northern Ethiopia: A School-based Crosssectional Study

The East Metro American Indian Diabetes Initiative: Engaging Indigenous Men in Reclaiming Health and Spirituality through Community-Based Participatory Research

Clinical Management of Non-Traumatic Intracerebral Haemorrhage

Effectiveness of an Alcohol Use Prevention Program for Low-Income Youths in Gangneung, South Korea

Are Patients Undergoing an Elective Myocardial Revascularization Nowadays at Worse Pre-Surgery Quality of Life than Before?

Global Health Report Community Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Physical Profile of Preterm Children in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra, India

Suicide Prevention in Adolescents

Albino Skin Cancer will End if a Communitys Cancer Surveillance Program is Successful

Long Scarf Syndrome; Accidental Strangulation due to Long Scarf

Structural Challenges for Improving Rural Medical Training in Germany

Philosophical, Psychological, Sociological and Scientific (PPSS) Basis of Teaching for University Health Sciences Students

Questionnaire Survey for Assessing the Present Condition of Children with Eating Disorders in Japanese Schools

Novel Therapeutic Approach for Parkinson Disease during REM Sleep

An Assessment of Effectiveness of Drug Rehabilitation Programs in Kisii County- Kenya

The General Surgery Residents Perception for the Training Program at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Effect of an Integrated Savings and Community Based Health Education Program among Older Adults with Hypertension: A Quasi-Experimental Controlled Study, Bangkok Province, Thailand

Correlates of Health Communication Preferences in a Multiethnic Population of Pregnant Women and Mothers of Young Children

Health Education and Media Literacy: A Culturally-Responsive Approach to Positive Youth Development

Factors Contributing to Delay in Seeking Treatment among Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Suneka Sub-County, Kenya

How Dangerous can be the Venom of Some Snakes from the Oncological Point of View?

Friday Cleaning Campaign (FCC) as Community Based Initiative of Community Engagement in Health Promotion

Development of a Co-Facilitator Training Programme to Conduct a Randomized Controlled Trial for a Health Promotion Programme at a Sub- Saharan African University

Minority Students and STEM Careers: Will Mentoring Help?

Climate Change and Its Impacts on Human Health in Nepal

Mental Health of Parents who have Children with Autism

Pattern of ABO and Rhesus Blood Groups Distribution of Five Years Survey in Jimma Town Blood Bank, South West Ethiopia

Experience of E-Journals: An Inexpensive Publishing

Perceptions of Becoming Personal Physicians within a Patient-Centered Medical Home

Different Designs of Feeding Aids for Cleft Palatal Defects

Adulthood Cruelty; A Psycho-analysis under PBC Syndrome

The Incredible Costs of Chronic Diseases: Why they Occur and Possible Preventions and/or Treatments

Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet - and the Curse of Injections

Changes in Gait between Successful Balance Recovery and Fall after Unexpected Slip

Pakistani Healthcare Practitioners’ Understanding of the Zika Virus Disease

Types of Companion of the Patient in Family Medicine

Awareness, Beliefs and Barriers of Organ Donation among Saudis in Madinah City, Saudi Arabia

An Examination of College Student Health Knowledge

Municipal Solid Waste Exposure and Health Concern: Indian Women are at Risk

O3DC: What We Can Do, What We Cannot Do and What We Need

Speech-Language Disorders in Children with Hearing Loss Connected with Otitis Media with Effusion

The Use of Mobile Geotag Technology in Driving Project Performance at Scale

The Influence of Exam Stress on Menstrual Dysfunctions in Saudi Arabia

Utilization of Healthcare Information Among Healthcare Workers in Gucha Subcounty, Kisii County, Kenya

Perception of Pediatric Physicians’ Attire by Children and Parents within General Pediatrics Practice in Saudi Arabia

Knowledge Extraction for Sleep Apnea Medical Diagnosis

Predominance of Gastrointestinal Protozoan Parasites in Children: A Brief Review

Simulation for Medical Specialty Initial Certification and Maintenance of Certification in the United States of America

Commissioning of Virtual Simulation and its Role in the Treatment Planning of Head and Neck Cancers at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital (CMJAH)

Impact of Interprofessional Education for Medical and Nursing Students using Simulation Training and a Training Ward: A German Pilot Study

Re-writing Pre-Clinical Medical Textbooks to Reflect Local Content - A Prerequisite for Building Better Clinicians in Africa

Women’s Performance of Breast Cancer Screening (Breast Self-Examination, Clinical Breast Exam and Mammography)

Decoding the Encoded Evidence: DNA in Forensic Science

Concurrent Hyperthyroidism and Papillary Thyroid Cancer

A Questionnaire Based Study on Awareness of Students in Internship Training or Final Year Across 3 Disciplines Regarding Inter-Professional Educcation - A Descriptive Cross Sectional Study

The Effect of Quality Accreditation Programs on Patient Safety Experiences in Nursing Services

The Impact of Sociological Factors on Nurse Educators’ Use of Information Technology

Evaluation of Nurses’ Perceptions on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Education.

Building Global Leadership to Optimize the Future of Traditional and Alternative Medicine

Hypertension Prevention and Control: Effects of a Community Health Nurse-led Intervention

Bridging the Gap: A Novel Method for Hemorrhage Control

Stress and Coping among the Parents of Children with Congenital Heart Disease: A Hospital Based Study

Association Studies of DRD2 and COMT Gene Polymorphisms with Risperidone-induced Amenorrhea in Female Schizophrenia Patients

Importance of Supporting School Education on Radiation After the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident

Study Type D Personality and Cognitive Strategies of Emotion Regulation as Predictors of Happiness and Quality of Life in Women with Breast Cancer

Achievement of Brain Training Course for the Elderly

The Effects of Jazz and Classical Music on Recall

Environment and Food Poisoning: Food Safety Knowledge and Practice among Food Vendors in Garki, Abuja – Nigeria

Medical Music Therapy Knowledge among Medical Students of Jimma University, Ethiopia

A Study Protocol to Assess the Determinants of Glycaemic Control, Complications and Health Related Quality of Life for People with Type 2 Diabetes in Saudi Arabia

Nutritional Assessment and Consumer Trends in Women University Students of Health Sciences in Madrid, Spain

Strategies of Improving the Nursing Practice in Saudi Arabia

Social Representations of Cancer in the Perception of Students Who Attend Brazilian Public Schools

Perceived Impact of Pre-Service Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) on Case Assessment and Management Skills among Nursing Students

Critique on Private and Public Nursing Education in Pakistan

Bipolar and Substance Abuse: The Dual-Diagnosis Client

Designing a School based Health Education Program to Prevent Nutritional Anaemia among the Adolescent Girls in a Rural School in Bangladesh

The Role of Health Education on Emerging Diseases: A Systematic Review

Syndemic Production of HIV Infection among Tanzanian MSM

Resilience Factors as a Buffer against the Effects of Syndemic Conditions on HIV Risk and Infection among Tanzanian MSM

The Subject of Family Education in Spanish Educational Research

HIV Vulnerability and Coexisting Psychosocial Health Problems amongTanzanian Men who have Sex with Men from the Perspective of an African Syndemic Model

Hybrid Simulation Experience-Hybrid Simulator Model vs. Manikin in Bladder Catheterization Procedure: A Pilot Study

The Experimental Study on Verifying the Rationality and Weakness of THERP with an Example of Truck Refrigerant Filling Process

Extending Telomere Length with a Multivitamin: A Pilot Study

Shisha Habit among Medical Students at College of Medicine and College of Dentistry-Baghdad University

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Performance may Improve with Consideration of Performer’s Characteristics

Aganwadi Community Health Workers: Awareness, Knowledge, Attitude and Beliefs about Diabetes Mellitus and Its Effect on Oral Health in Nagpur District

Comparative Study of Pseudo-continuous Anal Sexual Practice among Preparatory School Youths in Dire Dawa City Administration Eastern Ethiopia

Comparing Role Playing and Lecture Training in Use of Permethrin Shampoo, on Pediculosis Treatment of Elementary School Girls

Role of Transformational Leadership in Employee's Performance with Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction in Health Sector of Pakistan

Assessment of Drug Prescription Pattern in Two District Hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia

Influence of Health Education on Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index of Rural Dwellers IMO State

Knowledge, Attitude and Perception on Prevention of Home Accidents among Mothers who Came to the Pediatrics Department of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

Determinants of Systemic Diseases amongst Periodontitis Patients in Suva, Fiji

Short Commentary: More Health Psychology Intervention Needed to Prevent Traumatic Brain Injuries

Emotional Intelligence Influence on Employee's/Organizational Performance with Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction in Pakistani Health Sector

Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Turnover Intention, Job Performance and Organizational Citizenship Behavior with Mediating Role of Political Skill

Impact of Transformational Leadership on Job Satisfaction and Patient Safety Outcomes in Health Sector of Pakistan

Assessment of Customer Satisfaction in Menelik II Health Science College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2018

Great Initiatives for a Great Cause: Policy Making In United Kingdom to Limit Smoking

Using the Health Belief Model, Could the Use of Pedometers Encourage Physical Activity in Adults with Sedentary Occupations and Associate to a Reduction in Obesity and Weight Gain?

A Phenomenological Exploration of Transitional Opportunities Experienced by Intern-Nurses at Labasa Hospital, Fiji

Religious Evidence-Based Spiritual Self-Care Guidelines in Anger Management

Health Conditions Related to Air Travel and Destination Country

Knowledge of Drug Information Resources among Students of College of Pharmacy and Nursing, University of Nizwa in Oman

Perceptions and Reproductive Health Seeking Behaviors of University of Ghana Female Students

Impact of Bullying on Students’ Behavioral Engagement

An Exploratory Study of Factors Influencing Student Nurses’ Empathy

Model Development of the Coastal Tourism Community Nursing through Coastal Health Post (Poskespan) to Increase Tourist Satisfaction in Bali Province

Investigating Expert Views on the Dimensions of Community Participation to Control the Epidemic of Coronary Artery Diseases: A Qualitative Study

Noise in an Intensive Care Nursery/Newborn Unit

Awareness and Practice of Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Demonstration Secondary School Students, University of Maiduguri, Borno State

Lack of Awareness as Aggravating Factor for the Detrimental Impacts of Hazardous Chemicals: A Review

Problematic Video Game Use among Teenagers in Sfax, Tunisia

An Incisive Purview on the Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Imaging

Sustainable Health Development through Health Education: Universities’ Role in Curriculum Development with Ecological Public Health Principles

Attitude of Patients towards Student Nurses

Continuing Education Model for Nurses Regarding Substance Use Disorder

Contraceptive Knowledge, Substance Abuse and Unintended Pregnancy among First-Year Medical Students Attending a Public University in Mexico City

Alcohol Dependence: A Major Health and Socio-Economic Problem

Transitions in the Health Care Systems in Times of Uncertainty–Exploring Views by Experts through Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in Bangkok, Thailand

Community Knowledge towards Zoonotic Diseases and Attitude to One Health Approach in selected City of Ethiopia

Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Module (VATM) on Knowledge, Attitude and Utilization of Voluntary Counseling Testing Center (VCTC) Service among the College Students in the Selected Colleges of Pondicherry

Oncology Nurses’ Beliefs, Attitudes, Perceived Barriers towards Pressure Ulcer Prevention.

Sibling Caregivers: A Mixed Methods Study and Family-Based Intervention Model in a Pediatric Hospital

Early Treatment Diseases

Promoting a Patient-Centered Approach in Clinics by Using a Different Way to Present Data of an Intervention Study: Some Examples from North India

Designing a Safety Management Model for Higher Education Centres

Stakeholders’ Level of Awareness and Acceptance of the Bataan Peninsula State University College of Nursing and Midwifery Goals and Objectives: Traversing to the Realization of the University’s Vision and Mission

Performance Analysis and Implications of Operational Procedures Service Standard Guidelines for Internships and Research Paper

Perception, Knowledge, and Practice of ‘Reflective Learning and Writing’ Among Interns in Academy of Medical Sciences, Pariyaram

Ascaris lumbricoides Infection among Pupils of Primary Schools in Uzoagba, Ikeduru, Southeastern Nigeria: A Survey

Comparative Assessment of Clients Satisfaction with Doctors Services in Teaching and Mission Hospitals in South East Nigeria

Awareness of Cardiovascular Diseases and Knowledge of Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Risk Reduction Measures among Urban and Rural Primary School Teachers in South-Eastern Nigeria

The Impact of the Sense of Coherence on the Problematic Internet Use among Secondary School Students

Physicians Should Take More Responsibility for Patient Care

Duration of Birth Interval and Associated Factors among Married Women in Dodota Woreda, Arsi Zone, Ethiopia

Psoriasis: In a War with Your Own Skin

Patterns of Practices and Impacts of the New Public-Private Practice in Health: The Case of Selected Public Health Facilities in Shashemene Town, West Arsi Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia

Augmented Reality and Its Role in Abdominal Laparoscopic Surgical Training

Quality of Life of People with Haemophilia of Selected Districts, Nepal

Awareness of Health Services Among Sexually Abused Secondary School Teenagers in Rivers State

Attitudes and Practices of Mothers Towards Child Immunization and Child Welfare Clinic Attendance: A Study at Madina Polyclinic

Improving Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Scores in a Community Hospital via Pharmacist and Student Pharmacist Interventions

Perception of Brazilian Adolescents About Cancer Prevention

Predictive Variables of Professionalism Among Nurse Educators of Nothen Indian States

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Wollega University Students Towards Epilepsy: An Institution Based Survey

Sanitation Practices Among University of Benin Undergraduate Students, Nigeria

Mainstreaming Traditional Counselling, Traditional Medicines and Developing a Multi-Cultural Approach in Epilepsy Management: A Review of Integrated Literature

Pilot Testing an Intervention to Promote Healthy Eating Among Puerto Rican Adolescents: Lessons Learned on Dietary Fiber Consumption

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Arterial Blood Gas Analysis among Nursing Students

Status of Hand Washing for Tunisians Youth: Prevention Measure or Social Mimicry?

Effect of Nursing Intervention Protocol on the Severity of Dysphagia among Recently Stroke Patients

Editorial Highlights for Journal of Health Education Research & Development

Seasoned cigarette boycott altogether decreased youth smoking, new examination finds

Recommended narcotics related with overdose hazard for relatives without solutions

Understudies in wellbeing advancement programs profit by early group based introduction

Understanding about Contraceptive Devices among the Unmarried Adolescence

COVID-19 pandemic could annihilate open air natural, science training programs

Awareness of breast cancer among women in Ebonyi State, Nigeria: Implications for educating women on breast cancer

The Role of Emerging Disease Health Education: A Systematic Analysis

Initial Certification and Maintenance of Simulation for Medical Specialty In the United States of America, credential

Keeping safe and at work for health professionals: Why prevention has to begin during education and should never stop

Prevention and management of hypertension: Consequences of a Community Health Nurse-led intervention

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