The role of clinical practice guidelines in evaluation and prevention of medical malpractice cases

Journal of Health Education Research & Development

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The role of clinical practice guidelines in evaluation and prevention of medical malpractice cases

Joint Event on 14th International Congress on Healthcare & Hospital Management & 22nd International Conference & Expo on Nutrition, Fitness and Health Management

September 19-20, 2018 | Vancouver, Canada

Amr M Elghazali

Medico Legal Consultants, Egypt

Keynote: J Health Educ Res Dev

Abstract :

Statement of the Problem: A case study of a Medical Malpractice sue. The patient was a middle age female with the history of pelvic surgeries had presented with an Acute Suppurative Pelvic Collection. She had an emergency evacuation of the collection with peritoneal wash, a Drain and discharged. One week, later she complained of vomiting and Abdominal pain. She was admitted to a Public Hospital. Exploration has done and revealed a right-sided Intestinal hole with the small diameter. Primary Repair and peritoneal wash were done. While Admitted, she developed Intestinal-Cutaneous Fistula. The Surgeon gave a chance for a spontaneous healing, with NPO, Blood Transfusion and Antibiotics (3rd Generation Cephalosporines and Metronidazole). After 2 weeks, the patient asked for the referral to a higher center. The diversion was done after one month, closed after 3 months. The patient sued the Surgeon. The Official Medico-Legal Report Judged the Surgeon for not making a Diversion instead of the primary repair. The purpose of this study is to describe the experience of Defending the Surgeon based on objective and scientific approach. Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: Exploring the Evidence-Based Guidelines through Textbooks and International Journals. Findings: The Evolution of the management of colon trauma revealed that the primary repair is the recommended approach when the colon tear is less than half of the diameter of the colon. Conclusion & Significance: The establishment of clinical practice guidelines at the Public Hospital to be an essential part of the informed consent signed by the patient and to be a reference for the Medico-Legal Practice.

Biography :

Amr Elghazali has his expertise in Medical Malpractice Evaluation and Report Writing. His Experience in this discipline has been improved after studying Hospital and Health Care Management diploma at AUC as well as Total Quality Management Diploma at AUC, Egypt. He has built this model after 20 years of experience Auditing and Analyzing the cases of Medical-Malpractice Referred from the Legal Authorities. Now he is a freelancer Medico-legal Consultant. Not only writing medico-legal Reports to defend sued Physicians, but also help Clinics and Hospitals to write their Clinical Practice guidelines and the Legal signed Informed consent form.



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