The effectiveness of spiritual intelligence training on anxiety and dysfunctional attitudes of nursing students

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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The effectiveness of spiritual intelligence training on anxiety and dysfunctional attitudes of nursing students

17th World Congress on Clinical Nursing & Practice

August 29-30, 2018 | Zurich, Switzerland

Sima Karimi

Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Sirjan Branch

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Adv Practice Nurs

Abstract :

Background: The present study was carried out to determine the effectiveness of spiritual intelligence training on anxiety, and dysfunctional attitudes among nursing students. Method: Conducted using a semi-experimental design with a pre-test, a post test. 58 nursing students of the Islamic Azad University in Sirjan, who scored high on CattleÔ??s IPAT Anxiety scale were selected and randomly assigned to three groups. Participants in the experimental group and the first control group participated in one hour of spiritual intelligence and life skills classes for ten sessions respectively whereas second Control group received no education. Data were analyzed via descriptive statistics, Co-variance and Post hoc tests. Results: ANCOVA revealed that spiritual intelligence training leads to reduction of anxiety (P<0.000) and dysfunctional attitudes ( P<0.022) in the experimental group. Conclusion: The study emphasized on the useful effect of spiritual intelligence training on reduction of anxiety, and dysfunctional attitudes. Keywords: Spiritual Intelligence, Anxiety, Dysfunctional Attitudes, Spiritual Intelligence Training.

Biography :

Sima Karimi completed her BSN in 1991 and was the head nurse of the medical ward in Sirjan Hospital. After completing her M.S. Degree in Society Health Nursing Management in 1996, she cooperated in establishing the Nursing Department of Islamic Azad University of Sirjan and she was the head of that department for 18 years. In 2011, she was chosen as the top researcher of the medical group in the seventh district of Azad University. She also completed her M.S. Degree in Clinical Psychology at Shiraz university in 2014 and started her Ph.D in General Psychology in 2015. She has been teaching different undergraduate nursing courses since 1995 and she is currently teaching the undergraduate psychology courses as well.

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