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joint webinar on Womens Health and Gynecology and Nursing (2020)

    Special Issue Pages: 1 - 1

    Effect of diet and alcohol consumption on gut microbiota in pregnant women and offspring

    Ying Wang

    It has received great attention to the influencing factors of
    gut microbiota transform from mother to infant. They can
    significantly impact infant gut microbiota colonization and
    development which is crucial to its health in later life. Hence,
    prebiotic factors from maternal dietary habits during pregnancy are
    still unknown. Purpose: This study aimed to explore the effect of
    maternal alcohol consumption and daily diet at late pregnancy on
    maternal gut microbiota as well as their new born infants. Methods:
    A cohort of 29 mother-infant dyads was recruited from a tertiary
    general hospital in a central region of China. Mothers (≥36 gestational
    weeks) and infants (within 48 hours after delivery) fecal samples were
    collected and the V3- V4 region of 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA)
    sequences were analyzed. Maternal alcohol consumption and diet
    were measured by a self- designed questionnaire before they go into
    labor. Results: Maternal alcohol consumption was associated with
    lower α diversity as well as gut microbiota composition both in
    mothers and infants, including higher abundance of Faecalibacterium
    in mothers and Bacterodies in infants. Maternal eggs consumption
    during pregnancy was negatively related to Lachnospiraceae in
    mothers and infants. Soybean products intake positively correlated
    with abundance of Lachnospiraceae in mothers, and strongly affect
    the β diversity of gut microbiota both in mothers and offspring,
    especially vaginal birth infants

    Special Issue Pages: 2 - 2

    Investigating The Correlation Between Job Satisfaction, Autonomy , And Self-Efficacy Among School Nursses In Bahrain ??? A Mixed Methods Study

    Fatin Hasani

    Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and health centres are the traditional places where nurses work, but nurses have recently started working in new areas such as government and private schools, and they play a critical role in better health outcomes in the education setting. In order to better understand these roles, this study aimed to investigate the factors affecting job satisfaction and the relationship between job satisfaction, autonomy, and self-efficacy amongst school nurses in Bahrain. This study used a mixed-method approach involving an exploratory sequential design with a survey and subsequent one-on-one interviews. A total of 142 school nurses in Bahrain were surveyed and data were collected using structured psychometric tools to measure job satisfaction, self-efficacy, and autonomy. Demographic characteristics of participants (gender, age, nursing specialty, professional development, appointing authority, and workload/population served) were also collected to allow for further analysis. The data were analysed using descriptive and correlational statistics. Twenty-seven school nurses were subsequently recruited for interviews using a purposeful sampling procedure. The data were subjected to thematic analysis using Burnard’s (1991) framework.

    Special Issue Pages: 3 - 3

    Remission of Post Polio Syndrome following by spinal manipulation Eric Chun Pu Chu

    Eric Chun Pu Chu

    After the introduction of effective vaccines in the 1960s, paralytic poliomyelitis (polio)was almost eliminated as a public health problem in most countries. After recovery from the acute attack of poliomyelitis virus, it was believed that the survivors would remain stable in their health conditions. However, the eradication of the disease does not end healthcare management of polio victims. Many survivors are at risk of developing a disorder that affects survivor years after recovery from an initial polio attack, post-polio syndrome (PPS). We report a case of PPS who seek chiropractic therapy for the complaints of recently developed weakness and neuro-musculoskeletal symptoms 60 years after polio recovery. Understanding the pathophysiology of PPS will help clinicians to provide accurate diagnosis and management of improvement of quality of life (QOL). Poliovirus has high resistance to the environment. It is a type of human enterovirus species, and mainly affects children under 5 years of age. 1 It is highly contagious and spreads through the fecal-oral route. The severity of the disease relies heavily on the site of viral target. The polio virus diverts the translation machinery and inhibits cellular protein synthesis.1 As majority of poliovirus is confined in the gastrointestinal tract of human system, poliovirus infection is mostly subclinical with minimum or no symptoms.

    Special Issue Pages: 1 - 4

    90 Second SMILE Program Improving Patient Outcomes with Integrated Oral Health in Primary Care

    Susan Stukes

    The integration of oral health in primary health
    care offers affordable and accessible health care to
    underserved populations. Underserved populations include
    not just individuals below the poverty level. Oral health is
    one the most unmet health needs for many people, including
    seniors, pregnant women, working poor, and the middle
    class. So many have at some time in their lives had difficulty
    accessing oral health care. Oral health may improve patient
    outcomes and management of diabetes, cardiovascular
    disease, nutrition, mental health. For these reasons, it’s
    imperative that health practitioners feel comfortable
    providing patients with basic oral health guidance. The 90
    Second SMILE program was developed by Dr. Susan
    Stukes, who has been a dentist for over 35 years. The
    purpose of the 90 Second SMILE program is to teach and
    empower practitioners how to quickly assess the oral health
    of their patients, recognize red flags, provide guidance, and
    properly refer to dental professionals, which provides more
    holistic care for patients.

    Special Issue Pages: 1 - 5

    Research has shown that Diabetes Self-care Management Education (DSME) paired with the Behavioral Changes Support Program using Mobile Technology (BCSP-MT)

    Ji Min

    Research has shown that Diabetes Self-care
    Management Education (DSME) paired with the Behavioral
    Changes Support Program using Mobile Technology
    (BCSP-MT) has improved patient outcomes for diabetes
    care by promoting self-care activities. It was noted that
    many primary practices do not provide BCSP-MT to
    improve the quality of diabetes care. The purpose of this
    study was to assess the effectiveness of DSME paired with
    BCSP-MT in adult type 2 diabetes patients to improve
    health disease management knowledge, self-care practices,
    and diabetes control. A three months, one-arm, pre-post
    pilot study of BCSP-MT was conducted in a clinic in the
    Northeastern U.S. A convenient sample of 14 adult type II
    diabetes patients with A1C 7.0% or above was recruited.
    The intervention consisted of 2 to 3 educational weekly text
    messages, 2 face-to-face meetings, and 3 monthly phone
    calls between the monthly DSME.

    Special Issue Pages: 1 - 4

    The impact of the online mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) program on sleep quality of nurses working in COVID-19 care units: A clinical trial

    Amirreza Allahgholipour Komleh

    In this randomized controlled clinical trial study,
    all nurses in the two COVID-19 patient care units were
    randomly assigned to the control and intervention groups.
    The MBSR program was implemented online for 7 weeks
    for the intervention group by a trainer. The Pittsburgh Sleep
    Quality Index (PSQI) was completed online by the
    participants in both groups before and after the intervention.
    The results of the data analysis indicated that the
    intervention improved the scores of subjective sleep quality,
    sleep latency, and sleep efficiency in the intervention group.
    In the control group, there was a significant increase in the
    scores of subjective sleep quality, daily performance, and
    the total index score in the post-test. Besides, there was a
    significant difference between the two groups in only two
    components of sleep latency and subjective sleep quality.
    MBSR program can be an effective intervention to improve
    the sleep quality of nurses working in COVID-19 intensive
    care units who are at risk of sleep quality disorders in
    stressful situations.

    Special Issue Pages: 1 - 4

    Evaluation Of Behaviour Modification And Social Adjustment Among Breast Cancer Survivors Attending Follow Up Clinic In Fmc Owo Nigeria

    Ayeni Adebusola Raphel

    Breast cancer is a highly prevalent medical
    problem with current data suggesting that more than 1in 8
    women will develop breast cancer within their lifetime. A
    devastating disease affects thousands of women and men
    (rarely) every year. It had impacted on their mental health
    and psychological wellbeing when diagnosed. However,
    because of advances in early detection and medical
    treatment of cancer in the past three decades as well as the
    increasingly higher expectancy of the population, the
    survivor tends to live longer than usual mostly when
    behaviour is modify and psychosocial adjustment is made.
    Due to dearth information on lifestyles modification, this
    study tends to evaluate different behaviour modification and
    social adjustment; and knowledge of behaviour
    modification and social adjustment among respondents at
    Federal Medical Centre, Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria.

    Special Issue Pages: 1 - 5

    Nurse Practitioners: An Opportunity to Recreate the Art of Nursing

    Anne Crawford

    The Australian Public Healthcare system today is
    complex and fragmented. It is a three-tiered system
    comprising primary, secondary and tertiary care. The typical
    hospital structure is a complex web of clinical streams,
    supported by Allied Health and other administrative
    functions. The system has created clinical silos without
    considering how they work together to look after the patient
    holistically. There is a separation within the system of
    people with a disability, chronic or complex illness, aged
    care and social welfare. Healthcare nursing is both and art
    and a science however, the time pressures on nurses have
    largely reduced their roles to being task driven. They may
    be mindful that health affects all members of families, that
    health and illness are family events and that the process and
    outcome of healthcare is influenced by family support but,
    they do not have the capacity within their roles to practice
    this art of nursing.

    Special Issue Pages: 1 - 1

    Young Scientist Awards 26th Global Conference on Nursing Education and Registered Nurse

    Jamews Okeya

    Conference Series LLc LTD is organizing “26th Global Conference on Nursing Education and Registered Nurse” which is going to be held in the month of June 01-02, 2020 Sydney, Australia. The Theme of the conference is “Exploring new knowledge on registered nursing”. The conference offers Prestigious Award for Young Research’s at Cardiology Nursing 2020- Gathering the New-born Advances in Registered Nursing. Registered Nursing 2020 invites research scholars & young scientists, to submit the nominations for Young Scientist Awards: Nursing 2020. This Clinical Cardiology Congress 2020 Young Scientist Awards will be announced at the upcoming “26th Global Conference on Nursing Education and Registered Nurse which is going to be held in the month of June 01-02, 2020 Sydney, Australia

    Volume 5, Issue 2 (2020)

      Past Conference Report Pages: 2 - 2

      2020 Past Conference Report on 5th World Congress on Nursing Education & Research

      Miriam Stewart

      Thanks to all of our wonderful speakers, conference attendees and Sponsors of Nursing Education Congress 2019 Conference was our best ever! 4th World Congress on Nursing Education, Practice & Research hosted by the Conference series LLC Ltd was held during at April 12-13, 2019 Toronto, Canada with the theme “Translate Research Outcomes into Educational Practice and policy”. Benevolent response and active participation from the Scientists, Doctors, Professors, Nursing Lecturers, Nurses, Pharmaceutical Industries, Healthcare Industries, Researchers and Students from the fields of nursing and healthcare who made this event successful.

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