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Below are the list of articles published in Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing that have been cited by eminent researchers all around the world.

Factors Affecting Early Childhood Growth and Development: Golden 1000 Days

Nursing Staff Knowledge on Postoperative Delirium in Older Inpatients: An Exploratory Survey

Review of the Steps for Development of Quantitative Research Tools

Patients Nurses Providers: A Triad for Successful Use of a Daily ICU Rounding Checklist

How to Triage the Red Eye: Considerations for Non-ophthalmic Providers

Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip: A Case Study to Illustrate Public Health Nursing practice

Disordered Eating Patterns in University Students and Links with Stress Coping; a Literature Review and Discussion

Aligning Performance Measurement and Practice Trends for Developmental Delay Screening

Active Shooter Exercise Training for Nurses in Emergency Medicine

Emergency and Common Medical Care and Security Measures for Persons in Migrant Camps in the Czech Republic

'At a looking glass' The Impact of Nursing Schools 'Culture' on Students Professional Socialisation - A Discussion Paper

Telehealth: Can Healthcare Simulation Provide Opportunities for Collaboration?

Relationship Between Problem Solving Skill and Psychiatric Symptoms in Patients who have Undergone Myocardial Infarction

Impact of Opioid on Pain Management in Last Days of Life among Hospice Patients: A review

Challenges in Determining the Substitute Decision Maker: Findings from an Australian Intensive Care Unit

Diabetes Mellitus and Airway Obstruction: Is there an Association?

Demand for Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives and Associated Factors among Women Accessing Family Planning Service in ARFH Model Clinic Ibadan, South West Nigeria

Treatment of Opioid-induced Constipation: A Therapeutic Update

Admission of Elderly in Emergency Units: Causes and Problems

Family Needs of Caregivers of Stroke Survivors

Methylnaltrexone or laxatives for the Management of Opioid-induced Constipation among Palliative Patients on Opioid Therapy: Evidencebased Review

A Survey of Preference and Utilization of Drug Information Resources by Pharmacy Students

Environmental Toxicant Clinician Knowledge Deficit: A Review of the Evidence

Pharmacists Preferences and Utilization of Drug Information Resources

Can the Nurse do Folliculometry in Acceptable Agreement as Infertility Clinicians? First Part of Ongoing Training Program

Dialogue for Quality Improvement and Ã?¢Ã?â?¬Ã?Å?Just CultureÃ?¢Ã?â?¬Ã?

Socio-Demographic Determinants of Satisfaction with Training Process among Final Year Nursing Students at Kenya Medical Training College

The Advanced Practice Nurse as a Member of the Cardiovascular Team

A Historical Perspective of Treatment and Discharge Planning for the Seriously, Chronically, Mentally Ill Patient: A Review of the Literature

The Person Centered Care in Dementia

Investigate Stress Levels of Nursing Students in First Oncology Clinical Experience

Effect of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) on Pain among Patients with Cancer

Surface Dose Assessment for Different Clinical set up Parameters from High Energy Photon Beams

Wound Management of Patients with Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Using Banana Leaf: A Case Study

A Systematic Review about Spirituality in Nursing Care: Avoiding a Specific Illness Care Environment

Evaluation of factors of stress among Nursing Students

Oncology Critical Care Nurse's Knowledge about Insertion, Care and Complications of Venous Port Catheters in Egypt

Peripheral Intravenous Catheter (PIVC) Related Local Complications among Patients in KFCH-Jizan

Sustaining an Equitable Heath System: Need for Evidence Informed Decision Making

Helicobacter pylori Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithm

Experiences of Being Hospitalized in a Single Bedroom versus a Four Bedroom: An Interview Study

Nurses Practice Environment and Quality of Patient Care in Port Said Hospitals

Anti-Fat Attitude in Society and Healthcare: The Need to Reduce a Big Issue

An Analysis of the Concept of Competence in Nursing Education

Towards a Conversion of the Nursing Communication Paradigm: A View from the Analysis of Actual Nurse-Elderly Interactions

Factors Affecting Motivation of Primary Health Care Workers in West Arsi Zone, Oromia Region, South East of Ethiopia

A Service Evaluation Project Comparing Telephone and Face to Face Colorectal 2 Week Wait Clinics

Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching on Labour Process and Knowledge of Primigravidae

Legal and Ethical Issues among Oncology Nurses Toward End of Life Care

Assessment of Nurses Knowledge and Utilization of Evidence based Practice and its Associated Factors in Selected Hospitals of Southern Ethiopia

The Evidences Based Protocol of Depression in the Elderly People

Impact of Menopausal Symptoms on Psychological Problems among Middle-Aged Women

Compassion Fatigue is when Caregiving Takes Over Your Life

Factors Influencing Nurses’ Intention to Leave their Profession in the Midst of the Economic Crisis in Greece

Compliance of Nurses to National Nursing Process Guideline in Tercha General Hospital, Southern Ethiopia 2018: Case Study

Assess the Level of Stress among B.Sc. Nursing 1st Year Students in Selected Nursing Colleges of Indore

An Educational Intervention to Improve the Caregivers' Understanding of the SBAR Tool used for Patient Handover during Hospital Transfer Processes

A Systemic Approach to Evaluate Nursing Practice of AMTSL Protocol

Association of Striae Gravidarum Score with Perineal Trauma among Primi-para Mothers

Vital Signs, the Magic Key in Preventing Hospitalization and Death in Nursing Home Residents Aged 65 and Older

The Experience of Registered Nurses in Utilizing Schmitt-Thompson Telephone Triage Protocol: Phenomenology Study

Assess the Knowledge Regarding Risk Factors of Gastritis among Second Year Engineering Students

Communication Skills Effectiveness between Healthcare Providers and Patients in Cancer Care Centers in Lebanon

Cholera in Yemen: The Role of Nurses in Curbing the Challenge

Public Image of Nursing

Effectiveness of Role Play on Knowledge Regarding Personal Hygiene among School going Children at Selected School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Effectiveness of Video Teaching on Basic Life Support Knowledge and its Retention among Non-health Professional Students at the University of Rwanda

Contemporary Issues in Nursing Profession

The Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem Decline after Being Given Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Editorial Note: Advanced Practices in Nursing

Young Scientist Awards 26th Global Conference on Nursing Education and Registered Nurse

Lessening the Use of Indwelling Urinary Catheters During Cesarean Deliveries

Quality of Care at Outpatient Department

Training of Nursing Staff on Feeding Role

Importance of Lactational Amenorrhoea among Primigravidae Mother in Selected Communities

2020- The Year of Nurses and Midwives

1 Virtual Care: Innovative ways of Prenatal Education


Assessment of Anxiety and Depression Among Pregnant Women attending AntenatalOutpatient Department in Dhulikhel Hospital ion

Recognition of the efficacy of relaxation program on sleep quality of mothers with premature infants

So, you want to teach; The transition from nurse clinician to educator

Detection and clinical manifestation of placental malaria in the Ashantiregion of Ghana.

Cancer Patientâ??s Perception of Nursing Presence during Chemotherapy Protocol

Evaluation of the nutritional status of children on ARVs in the centers Prevention Transmission Mother (PMTCT) Children Ruashi health zone in Lubumbashi in DR Congo


Effect of autologous PRP on patients with persistently thin endometrium undergoing frozen embryo transfer cycles .

Demographic characteristics with moral sensitivity among Demographic characteristics


Human Patient Simulation for Ensuring Safety in Nursing Education

health education and cross contamination at yerer hospital


Beware of angry employees to play a villain examination of skin pulp living with Burnside Pharmacy Institute in Pune University University Specialized study

Current Challenges facing Nursing Education in Saudi Arabia

Developing Charge Nurses as Front Line Leaders through Transformative Learning

E-BABE-Encyclopedia of Bioanalytical Methods for Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies of Pharmaceuticals

Factors affecting readiness for hospital discharge and the relationship with chronic disease self patients

Increasing HPV Vaccination Rates in a Rural Clinic Setting

Influencing Factors and Educational methods of Nursing Undergraduatesâ?? Professional Identity: A Literature Review

Knowledge and Practice Regarding Cervical Cancer Screening Among Women Attending Gynecology OPD, B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Dharan, Nepal

Knowledge of nurses in Recognition and Management of Deteriorating Patients in BPKIHS, Nepal

Metabolic syndrome risk in relation to posttraumatic stress disorder among trauma-exposed civilians in Gansu Province

One in every three Home affair Indian Women face painful intercourse Phase III surveytotally Burnsidepharmacy institutions in formerly reputed Pune University

Ream Model to Evaluate the prevention and delay of Disability care program construction

Research progress on early mobilization of patients with intracerebral hemorrhage

Scientology applied to the workday of women feels just as good as sex: Non clinical examination of less sunlight habit Pharmacy Institute in Pune University

Student Built Gamification

Team based gaming simulation: Pilot project to explore pediatric high acuity simulation learning experience

The Impact of Managerial Competency of Head Nurses on the Perceived Occupational Burn-out of Nursing Staff

The pyrexia temperature never damage the cells of brain or harm the body

The Role of Well-Being, Spirituality, and Religiosity for Successful Aging in Late Life: A Brief Review

Therapeutic ketosis and the broad field of applications for the ketogenic diet: Ketone ester applications & clinical updates

Why W Neurons decreases and C Neurons increases in fever

Effect of diet and alcohol consumption on gut microbiota in pregnant women and offspring

Investigating The Correlation Between Job Satisfaction, Autonomy , And Self-Efficacy Among School Nursses In Bahrain �?? A Mixed Methods Study

Remission of Post Polio Syndrome following by spinal manipulation Eric Chun Pu Chu

90 Second SMILE Program Improving Patient Outcomes with Integrated Oral Health in Primary Care

Research has shown that Diabetes Self-care Management Education (DSME) paired with the Behavioral Changes Support Program using Mobile Technology (BCSP-MT)

The impact of the online mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) program on sleep quality of nurses working in COVID-19 care units: A clinical trial

Evaluation Of Behaviour Modification And Social Adjustment Among Breast Cancer Survivors Attending Follow Up Clinic In Fmc Owo Nigeria

Nurse Practitioners: An Opportunity to Recreate the Art of Nursing

COVID-19 Unmasking Coronary Artery Disease

Effect of media on psycho-social interaction among the children with their parents of urban people in Dhaka

Biotechnology: Applications and Arguments For and Against

Fever is not a symptom in covid-19. None of the diseases require fever as its symptom.

neurons decreases and C neurons increases in fever

Enrollment of Participants: Involving Stakeholders Cannot Be Overestimated

Progress in Applying Patient Involvement With Nursing Quality Improvement

Short learning program provisioning in nursing: An evaluative contextual analysis

Use of Artificial Sunlight for the Elderly as a Possible Environmental Nursing Practice

Hemi atrophy Syndrome with Secondary Respiratory Failure Corrected with Noninvasive Ventilation

Medical Caretakers' Experiences of Health Promotion and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases Related To Smoking

Pharmacological Treatment May Impair Mineral Status in Blood

Postoperative Respiratory Complications

Understanding Reported Outcomes in a New Home-Based Rehabilitation Programmed For Prostate Cancer Patients

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Stop on Knowledge Regarding First Aid Management Among School Teachers in Selected Schools at Vadavucode Puthencruz Panchayat

Violence against Nurses: A Reflection Paper

Investigating the Pedagogical Design Features of the Flipped Classroom in Undergraduate Nursing Education: A Systematic Review

Stress and Health in Nursing Students, the Nurse Engagement and Wellness Study

Health Communication Research for Nursing Science and Practice

Training of Nursing Staff on Feeding Role

Development of a Skills: Nursing Crisis Management

Hazard of post pregnancy anxiety: Ameta-investigation of associate examinations

Genuine Antagonistic Occasions of More Established GrownUps in Nursing Home and Local Area Intercession Preliminary

COVID-19 Response In Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Donâ??t Overlook The Role of Mobile Phone Communication

Resilience in Covid-19 Pandemic: A Silvery Voice of Nurses

Perceptions of Nursing Home Staff Challenges During Covid-19

Patient Participation in Nursing Bedside Handover

Patients Prefer Clinical Handover at The Bedside

Review of The Efficacy of Face Masks And Respirators Against Coronaviruses

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