The editor as auteur: The modern role of editors and preditors

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The editor as auteur: The modern role of editors and preditors

International Conference on Broadcasting Media & Film Industry

October 20, 2014 DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore-BWI Airport, USA

Daniel Smith

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Abstract :

Editing functions now occur during all phases of production, not just Post Production. Many crew members are involved in what would formerly be called Post Production. Previz used to assemble editing timeline in Pre Production; as Principal Photography and Visual Effects are completed they?re put into the timeline. Many directors insert principal photography footage into the timeline after each take, and decide upon subsequent takes based upon the resulting edit. Because VFX are worked on in parallel with production, change becomes difficult for large-budget epics. Cable miniseries function like motion pictures, using Previz to minimize expenditures. Reality Shows are shot, and then the script is assembled by Story Editor while the show is edited. Sitcoms and 1-Hour dramas still function in traditional manner at broadcast and cable networks. News segments are re-used throughout a longer news cycle; clips are re-used each time there?s a further development in the story. Research is often done by combing social media for both information and clips for the story. Thus editors acquire the footage, not shooters. Web Production clip shows assembled by editors are common; tagging of links from other clips are done using editing crew on social media. Advertising images are composited, with editor creating the final product. Preditors are responsible for their shows, controlling creative content. This addresses the lower budgets that resulted from smaller audiences for all shows Skills for Editors now include all software needed for entire Post process.

Biography :

Daniel Smith completed his BA at California State University Fullerton in 1983, and has worked in various roles throughout film and video ever since. He began teaching in 1991, and is currently Professor of Television and President of the Academic Senate at Mt. San Antonio College. He has been member of the Television Academy since 2003.

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