Predictors for weight loss after patient-focused preventive consultations in general practice to overweight vulnerable young adults

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Predictors for weight loss after patient-focused preventive consultations in general practice to overweight vulnerable young adults

Joint Event on 3rd International Conference on General Practice & Primary Care & 24th International Conference on Dental Public Health & Dental Hygiene

August 16-17, 2018 Madrid, Spain

Jorgen Lous and Kirsten S Freund

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark

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Abstract :

Objective: Obesity and inequality in health is an increasing problem in Denmark. The objective was to evaluate the effect of structured well-prepared preventive consultations on weight loss in younger adults with over-weight and psycho-social problems. Method: A total of 495 younger adults (20-44 years old) with several psycho-social and lifestyle problems were randomized to preventive health consultations or control at their own GP after completing a 23 pages questionnaire on different life style and psycho-social issues. All were randomized to intervention or control. A total of 218 had overweight or obesity. Results: The 56 (26%) of the 218 were lost to follow-up after one year. The 77 with overweight in the control group were not asked about goals. The rest, 85 with overweight or obesity, were asked to prioritize one or two goals for a better life the next year. 22 had weight loss as the highest prioritized goal. One year after the first health consultation the 22 had a mean weight loss of 4.73 kg (95% Cl: 1.8 to 7.7) and the rest had lost 1.56 kg (-0.05 to 3.2). The over-weighty in the control group had a mean weight loss of 1.57 kg (0.12 to 3.0). In a logistic regression model the degree of overweight, consideration of a quick weight loss (within 30 days) at inclusion in the study, weight loss a high prioritized goal at the preventive consultation, having many problems, being a female, and being in the oldest half of the participants were predictors for weight loss. Conclusion: A significant change in weight loss could be obtained with well-prepared patient-focused consultations. Predictors for weight loss (yes/no) after 1 year in logistic regression model (n=159). Recent Publications 1. Freund K S and Lous J (2012) the effect of preventive consulations on young adults with psychosocial problems; a randomized trial. Health Educ Res 27(5):927-45. 2. Hansen E, Fonager K, Freund KS and Lous J (2014) The impact of non-responders on health and lifestyle outcomes in an intervention study. BMJ Res Notes 7:632-40. 3. Lous J and Freund K S (2016) Predictors of weight loss in young adults who are over-weight or obese and have psychosocial problems: a post hoc analysis. BMC Fam Pract 17(43):11.

Biography :

Jorgen Lous is a Doctor of Medicine and since from 1984. He has been working at the University of Aarhus and University of Southern Denmark. He worked parttime in General Practice and retired in 2016.



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