Long-term timing of the double pulsar J0737-3039 with XMM-Newton

Astrophysics & Aerospace Technology

ISSN: 2329-6542

Open Access

Long-term timing of the double pulsar J0737-3039 with XMM-Newton

International Conference on Astrophysics and Particle Physics

December 08-10, 2016 Dallas, Texas, USA

Maria Noemi Iacolina, A Pellizzoni, E Egron, A Possenti, R Breton, M Lyutikov, M Kramer, M Burgay, S E Motta, A De Luca and A Tiengo

INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari, Italy

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Astrophys Aerospace Technol

Abstract :

The relativistic double neutron star binary PSR J0737-3039 shows clear evidences of orbital phase-dependent windcompanion interaction, both in radio and X-rays. In this work, we performed the timing analysis of 2006 and 2011 XMMNewton large programs data. We detected pulsations from PSR J0737-3039A (PSR A) - with very high precision in measuring the spin period and PSR J07370-3039B (PSR B) despite its previous disappearance in radio. Interaction of PSR A's wind with PSR B's magnetosphere could have determinate the observed orbital pulsed flux and profile variations of PSR B as well as a loss of pulsar phase coherence on timescales of years. Evidence of orbital flux variability (ΓΆΒ?ΒΌ7%) is observed for the first time, involving a bow-shock scenario between PSR A's wind and PSR B's magnetosphere.

Biography :

Maria Noemi Iacolina has completed her PhD in the year 2010 at Cagliari University – Physics Department. She is doing her Postdoctoral studies at the INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari. At present, she is staff member of the Operation Team of the Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT), a 64 m radio antenna located in Italy. She is the PI of a project for the building of a radioastronomical receiver to be installed at the SRT, granted by the local government. She has developed a software package inspecting the source visibility for radio astronomical international facilities. Her scientific interests concern the multiwavelength studies of compact objects as pulsars, in particular she performed the long term X-ray timing of the only known double pulsar system.


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