Learning Ottoman architectural history by movie making

Journal of Mass Communication & Journalism

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Learning Ottoman architectural history by movie making

International Conference on Broadcasting Media & Film Industry

October 20, 2014 DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore-BWI Airport, USA

Zafer Sagdic and Ali Degirmenci

Accepted Abstracts: J Mass Communicat Journalism

Abstract :

The paper will describe way of collaboration among architecture, modern arts as movie making and history. Creating a movie of one problematic of Ottoman Architecture by using the Jeffrey and Craft?s ?Teaching Creatively and Teaching For Creativity? theory, was given to students on the upper-graduate lecture titled ?Civilization and Cultural History of Ottoman Empire? of the history of theory of architecture upper-graduate program on the department of architecture, Yildiz Technical University. It is a common way to give some search titles to upper-graduate students of history of architecture upper-graduate program on a classical education point of view, till today. For their researches, students were using power-point presentation program and during their day of presentation almost each of them could not tell their search title because of anxiety and excitement that they have. To solve this main problem, one instructor and one assistant guided 16 upper-graduate architecture students used the experimental learning theory to create their own documentary movie to share and present their researches during 15 weeks long spring semester of 2013-2014. Thus, the presentation will have not only the process of a movie making, but also make searches on Ottoman history and architecture and put their ideas through and discuss their ideas in a group by using the created movies as mediums.

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