Imagine a world without teachers and Journalism

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Imagine a world without teachers and Journalism

International Conference on Broadcasting Media & Film Industry

October 20, 2014 DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore-BWI Airport, USA

Kevin Wilson

Keynote: J Mass Communicat Journalism

Abstract :

I am extremely thankful for my teachers and professors, beginning with the Catholic school nuns. Like an artist who draws oil paintings, observing my legibly printed alphabets on paper created an indescribable feeling. Learning the alphabets in grade school fascinated me, more than any other subject. When I advanced to the art of Penmanship, the alphabet, words and complete sentences, including a noun and verb, written in cursive was quite the sight to see. It was a euphoric moment. When the Spelling or English teacher said, ?Take out a sheet of paper; write your name in the top left-hand corner, and the date in the top right corner on the line, then skip a line and write numbers from 1 to 20,? I could hardly wait for the first word to be announced. I was always hoping to spell each word correctly, but when I was imperfect, I immediately looked up the misspelled word, memorized its definition and correct spelling. That?s how determined I was, ?to get it right.? Gradually, I progressed to composition writing and daily journals in my senior year of high school. Not as vocal, writing was therapy for this shy person. Understanding the reason why a noun and verb go hand in hand, made sense. Ms. Irene Davis, would say, ?your journals must incorporate a Beginning, a Middle and finally, a Conclusion.? She unknowingly motivated me more with the written word. A great teacher, like any great coach, sees the potential in a person, to make him or her better, and better, and better. That?s what Mrs. Davis did for me. Moving forward as an expressionist on paper, my style of writing received an intense makeover in college, thanks to Dr. Howard Blake, who taught American Literature. I would consistently receive a lot of ?red ink? on my essays and reports. Annoyed? Yes! I almost dropped his class, assuming that he was racist. One afternoon, he and I engaged in a one-on-one chat. ?Kevin, you have an excessive amount of slang word usage that needs to be converted into the proper English standard dialect.? He recommended the Learning Center on campus. It was this Jewish professor who stimulated me to move forward as a writer. Just like a coach. Constructive criticism I met head on, and I thank God for it. Today, I have one of the best editors in the world ? Jackie Jones ? who is a great coach, as well. Endless gratitude, I possess. On the verge of writing my first book, ?A Personal Growth Book,? at 57, I want to humbly thank all teachers and professors for nurturing me in this great craft of journalism.? There should never be an underpaid teacher, professor, writer, editor photographer or filmmaker. We thoroughly educate, encourage and entertain the world with pens, words, sound, still photography and videography. Because of teachers, journalism and advanced technology, much of the world can read, listen to, watch and comprehend past and current events regarding every aspect in life, see a great documentary, feature film or a unforgettable television mini-series. Imagine a world without teachers and journalism. Can you?

Biography :

Kevin Wilson grew up around baseball, thanks to his grandfather, Norman Sylvester Wilson, who played and managed a sandlot baseball team, called ?The Glenarden Braves.? He intentionally named his small marketing business, Sylvester Enterprises, SP, in 2003, in honor of his grandfather. As C.E.O. of Sylvester Enterprises, SP, its primary mission is to educate, encourage and entertain, hoping to deter a youth from drugs, alcohol, nicotine and gun violence. Our trendsetting clients are promoted in academic/athletic settings, print/broadcast media, government entities, and in film. Additionally, he is an established journalist, who has authored countless of news, features and sports features for local, national and international publications. He is the first black male to graduate from Elon University, in the English/Journalism curriculum- 1981. He has eloquently spoken at recreation centers, career day, prisons and churches. He?s been a quest on radio/ television talk shows. Chosen by filmmaker Tim Green, he became a Co-Producer/Writer for a Short Film, featuring a Blind Filmmaker.

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