How has the advertising industry changed its’ way of doing business- What promise does programmatic buying/selling hold for TV and film: On-air, online and on mobile?

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How has the advertising industry changed its’ way of doing business- What promise does programmatic buying/selling hold for TV & film: On-air, online & on mobile?

International Conference on Broadcasting Media & Film Industry

October 20, 2014 DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore-BWI Airport, USA

Laurence W Norjean

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Abstract :

The automation of media planning/buying has made great strides in the past couple of years because of the increased importance and application of programmatic media buying systems. These systems are supported by data management platforms (DMP) that connect advertisers, broadcasters and publishers through DSP?s (Demand Side Platforms) and SSP?s (Supply Side Platforms). Traditionally, advertising agencies & advertisers would directly reach out to broadcasters and online publishers to negotiate direct deals in order to display their video & display ads to mass and targeted audiences. That has changed dramatically. In this new programmatic era, as ad targeting continues to improve (no matter what the medium) the broadcasting and film industry have to be educated and prepared to take full advantage of this evolutionary trend in advertising and marketing if they expect future growth and profitability. We?ll explore the new integrated media programmatic environment and highlight how broadcasters and filmmakers can take advantage of the new advertiser/marketing and agency environment. Advertising automation and programmatic buying will eventually impact virtually every medium and content producer. As part of the programmatic environment, agency Advanced Television (ATV) platforms as well as, digital crossmessaging platforms are advancing in scope virtually every day; now is the time for filmmakers and broadcasters, as well as publishers, to join the programmatic movement so as not to be left behind.

Biography :

Laurence W Norjean is an entrepreneur, board member, and investor with a long history of success in the broadcast media, branding, advertising & entertainment industries as a strategic adviser & marketing/sales consultant. He has extensive experience in negotiating strategic partnerships and media sales in broadcasting (TV & Radio), online, mobile, and event & program sponsorship, in the US, Europe, China, Japan & India. Prior to Norstar, he was CEO/Co-founder of FMiTV Networks, (KIIS-FMi) (broadband, entertainment & syndication) technically driving & supplying content to media partners: NBC, MSN, Windowsmedia, Terra/ LYCOS, Clear Channel & Comcast, etc. He is an International Speaker - NAB (US & EU), CES, Digital Hollywood, Nikkei Shinbun - Japan, 150+ Broadcasting & Entertainment Conferences in the US & internationally. He is also an Author, ?Consumer Cycle Marketing? and ?The Essential Radio Spot,? ? (Broadcast Marketing & Creative) and Guest Editor - Ad Age, Adweek, Brandweek, Mediaweek.

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