Flux canceling in 3D MHD simulations

Astrophysics & Aerospace Technology

ISSN: 2329-6542

Open Access

Flux canceling in 3D MHD simulations

International Conference on Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astrobiology

May 30-31, 2018 Osaka, Japan

Irina Thaler

Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics, Germany

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: J Astrophys Aerospace Technol

Abstract :

The processes involved in the disappearance of magnetic flux between regions of opposite polarity on the solar surface are studied with realistic 3D MHD simulations. `Retraction' below the surface driven by magnetic forces is found to be a very effective mechanism of flux canceling of opposite polarities .The speed at which flux disappears increases strongly with initial mean flux density. In agreement with existing inferences from observations we suggest that this is a key process of flux disappearance within active complexes.

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