DNA examination of a mentally challenged girl who had no memory of being raped by sexual offenders

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DNA examination of a mentally challenged girl who had no memory of being raped by sexual offenders

3rd International Conference on Forensic Research and Technology

October 06-08, 2014 Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA

Sarabjit Singh

Accepted Abstracts: J Forensic Res

Abstract :

Rape is a sexual assault on any unwilling victim and horrific experience for a person. A girl is the most defenseless group to this crime. Inability to protect themselves and mental girl are insufficient understanding of sexual behavior, because now a day?s 90% criminal is getting smarter than before he wearing a condom in sexual assault cases. A total number of allele was identified in 16 locus and allele frequency distribution of Autosomal STR and Y-STR loci from two Sexual Offenders. To verify the genotyping profile of the male donor in the presence of large quantities of female DNA. In cases of stains that contain mixed DNA from different contributors, analyzing of Condom, Male urethral epithelial cell from Vaginal Swab and Penile Swabbing. The presence of a single allele 22, 22/23, 25/25, 10-13 from each locus should facilitate the determination of the correct number of Y-DNA Sexual offender. DNA analysis out the level at which two male samples in a mixed sample could be detected and profiled, DNA from two males was mixed in various ratios (14/14.2/ 28/ 29/ 30/ 31/ 30 & amelogenin X, XY).The presence of two individuals, as determined by the presence of two allelic signals at a single locus (except DYS385), was clearly discernible in Suspect 1st and suspect 2nd at 15/15 and 13/13-14 was noticeable. However, when the first contributor comprised or less of the total DNA in which male Urethral epithelial DNA was found by Autosomal filer and the Second contributor Y-STR profile was noticeable in inside part of Condom and Outer Surface of Condom which DNA revealed by Autosomal STR filer. The Significance of Condom Evidence Confirmed Victim Rape and Evidence of Vaginal Penetration.

Biography :

Sarabjit Singh is a Forensic Expert & Investigation Officer in the Department of DNA, SIFS Forensic Science Services, New Delhi. He has completed his PhD from BU, University India at the age of 27 years. The work is first time done in India and got most prestigious awards, 3 times International & National Young Scientist award. He has 10 years experience in DNA analysis from sexual assault cases, crime scene investigation, and expert witness. He has published many scientific articles in reputed Journals/Conference and Registered for Indian Patent. He is associated with various Internationals societies like Indian Academy of Forensic Medicines, International Indo-Pacific Academy of Forensic Nursing science and Forensic Medicine.

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