Case study: From inception to screen “Serenity Farm” - Low budget feature film

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Case study: From inception to screen “Serenity Farm” - Low budget feature film

International Conference on Broadcasting Media & Film Industry

October 20, 2014 DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore-BWI Airport, USA

John Rodsett

Accepted Abstracts: J Mass Communicat Journalism

Abstract :

The presentation gives a discussion on the journey of making an ultralow budget independent feature film from initial conception through to TV/DVD/VOD/ Internet distribution. This film was completed in 2013. A truly practical insight into producing a low budget feature film in all its stages?development/funding/production/post/marketing/selling/distribution worldwide. This whole film comes to balancing the need for quality (both in cast and crew) compared to paying out hard cash up front. The vision was and still is to produce a quality product for such a small amount of cash up front, that when sell two or three territories, will recoup my investment and then all film members (crew and cast) will share in the revenues. In addition, I control the film 100% because I know (or think I know) what sells and how to sell it, especially to foreign territories where the majority of my film revenue will come.

Biography :

John Rodsett is popularly known as motivational speaker throughout the world in the area of film making and has over thirty years of experience in the film industry. He has been involved in all areas of the independent film business including film financing, development, production & film packaging, domestic and international distribution, marketing, sales, acquisitions and much more. He has worked on more than 200 independent feature films which were sold globally and worked as executive producer for many independent films. He works as Adjunct Professor in University of Miami & University of Washington. He is well known author for many books and has published articles in media journals. His book works include Change Your Career? Baby Boomers, The Film Biz Bible, 501 Things You Should Know About The Indie Film Business, Marketing, Distribution, Selling ? The Film Biz, Producing and Creative ? The Film Biz, Film Financing ? The Film Biz etc. His media business include 20th Century Fox ? MASH TV Series, Fox Sports, Various TV series 1984 Summer Olympic Games, Worldwide TV, Coca Cola NBC Network and his projects include Marvel/X Men, Lucille Ball & OJ Simpson.

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