Application of a dimensional model for describing black holes, dark energy and the appearance of fibonnaci curves in space

Astrophysics & Aerospace Technology

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Application of a dimensional model for describing black holes, dark energy and the appearance of fibonnaci curves in space

4th International Conference on Astrophysics and Particle Physics

December 03-05, 2018 | Chicago, USA

Gregory Friedlander


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Abstract :

Energy and matter is the same thing. Space and energy are the same thing. Time and change are different. These conclusions give rise to a different view of atomic structure and a very specific mathematical model. The model universe is a Quantum Universe, Quantum solution for quantum point driven, Time Free, Dimension Free, Thermodynamic Free and therefore entropy free. AuT built this list which is foundational and unique. 1) All dimensions exist together. What this means is: A) Space has no dimension, photons exist in a single dimension, and waves exist only in two; matter 3 and black holes in 4. B) The definitions of time and space mean that exchanges of information state (ct state) between space, photons occur independent of time and give rise to dimensional features. Exchanges between photons and waves occur independently of time. 2) All change is a quantum change in response to a single variable leading to the universe existing as a series of quantum states or snapshots. Force and time are effects based on this quantum change. 3) Space is made of the same type of information as all other states (energy, matter, black holes) which are folded from space based on exponential compression/folding. 4) Time and change are different. Changes in the single variable lead to time, but time is not required for that underlying change nor does it affect that change. 5) Time is an effect like force and dimension of the quantum change between states some of which occur without a time-based reference giving rise to features like wave - particle false duality and the impression of charge among other features. 6) Electrons and protons are examples of transitional states (ct3-ct4) between waves (ct3) and neutrons (ct4, molecular states through neutron stars are transitional states between neutrons and black holes (ct5).

Biography :

Gregory Friedlander began developing Algorithm Universe Theory beginning in late 2012 or early 2013. He is the principal of Gregory M. Friedlander and Associates, PC in Mobile. He has a BS in Chemistry from Lewis and Clark College. He is a member of the Alabama State Bar, the Mississippi Bar, the Louisiana Bar and is a licensed Patent Attorney. He is currently working on editing the compendium of “Algorithm Universe Theory”; a continuation of his prior work begun with the publication in September of 2013 of “The Einstein Hologram Universe" “Non-linear Time Theory” “A Spiral in Amber” and other books culminating in the second edition of “Spirals in Amber”. These books describe the origin of space-time, quantum phenomena and the symmetry underlying the universe.



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