A big time of entertainment show: Looking at TV media in another side of the world

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A big time of entertainment show: Looking at TV media in another side of the world

International Conference on Broadcasting Media & Film Industry

October 20, 2014 DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore-BWI Airport, USA

Jay Shen

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Abstract :

1. Cultural Shock- How does Western Entertainment Media effect Chinese Television by sharing my personal journey in those two countries. 2. Read Hunan TV - A ?true entertainment event? on Chinese TV- A non-typical Chinese media Model of ?a Pure entertainment TV Industry? is going on and on. Will post 80? 90? young audiences occupy today?s market? 3. Facing the new challenge (Traditional Visual Media and iMedia), would or will 4. Chinese TV catches up the new wave on the world stage? We won?t see TV station any more in few years, we?ll have iMedia on hand. Read ?a Pure entertainment TV Industry?, we call it A non-typical Chinese media Model Hunan TV?s target audience is Young audiences of whole nation, including female, white color business girls, the shows like Super Girls/Boys, Happy Camp, Sunshine Everyday, New Year carnival and have been remaining 17 years on top rating of the nation, and as well as Huanzhu GeGe, I am singer, where did Daddy go? From last year stay hot national wide top rating. The show followed trendy fashion, Mind Concept, cutting edge ideology as well as ?languages? which come from and represents those young audiences, the show will not only to entertain the young audiences but to catch their eye, their exciting point by the language, meantime the show educated the target audience in a certain way, by creating strong interactive navigation system with them to keep they stay turned, by developing audience to remember the big Brand name - Chinese most entertainment TV channel today! I would call it ?self attraction market effects? The data shows Hunan TV has attracted the whole after 85? generation of the nation, has became the most attractive TV channel, the highest rating over the all Chinese satellite channels for the viewer age after 23 years old girls so far. Hunan TV is becoming a young, pure entertainment media icon in mainland China today; they study audiences not only by the way in a traditional meaning but the way how they consume? Another reason that Hunan TV always stays on top of national viewer rate is because Hunan TV they study and upgrade the shows from the feedback by keeping reaching out & monitoring audience in many ways such as print media, personal blogs, community discussion, mobile interactive, voting thru wechat, etc. keep fresh & new, to show their brand and telling audience what?s happening again and again, at meantime they keep eyes on the most up-to-date TV programs on the world and take fast execution mentality, strategy stay at least one step ahead of all other satellite channels, that?s what they maintain the Brand of Hunan TV for 10 years from day one. As of content, persist on the show must be rooted from Chinese family, which is not simply doing non-traditional subject, understanding and propaganda entertaining style apparently, neither try to attract some audiences by showing joking, sexy swimming suit, under ware, etc., Hunan TV create the 3rd style entertainment ? interactive entertainment which is easy to understand, no gap, high interactive, friendly entertainment style with mass audience. This way it would fit the market not only traditional older generation viewer but young audience! Implied Hunan TV is a strong market driven, it is coming along been developed very opened media enterprise, a unique entertainment kingdom, they have established the long relationship with HK, Taiwan, Korea, Europe and many other media companies, Hunan TV?s innovation and creativity is always taking the lead in shows on Chinese TV screen while collaborating, innovating, developing and co-producing with the best in the world. Their TV shows is representing the TV entertainment model in China.

Biography :

Jay Shen graduated from State College of West Virginia in 1992, and then finished his graduate study in 1995 from Boston University. He got job in Fox News TV Network Fox News Channel in New York City Aug. 1996. He moved his job to post production house (Sideshow Post) in downtown New York in June 2000; he accepted a warm invitation from China and went to Shanghai in 2003, he was invited as EAD doing the job of rebranding for Business Network Channel and Dragon TV satellite channel in Oct. 2003, successfully created the brand new image for that New Satellite channel. In 2008, he came back to New York City, launched image campaign for Spanish Language channel in NYC 2009. He was vice president of an English language TV station?Blue Ocean Network in Beijing. He was invited as branding consultant in midland city of China ?Hubei TV satellite channel in 2011.

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