21st Century television: Where is the industry heading?

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21st Century television: Where is the industry heading?

International Conference on Broadcasting Media & Film Industry

October 20, 2014 DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore-BWI Airport, USA

Frank A Aycock

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Abstract :

Television is in a state of rapid and monumental change. Even an attempt at defining the word ?television? will draw significant disagreement among those who are discussing the term. Today, the word ?television? has no meaning in a discussion without; first, an explanation of what encompasses the term and how broadly the speaker is using the term. The next ten to fifteen years will see the development of what will become a revolutionary upheaval in the television industry ? most broadly defined. Major changes are on the way for the legacy media industries. How the over-the-air broadcasters, the cable companies, and the direct-to-home satellite companies respond the challenges of the new, ever-more-powerful over-the-top (OTT) television services will determine in what form those legacy services will continue to exist throughout the rest of the 21st century, or if they will continue to exist. For the OTT services, there continues to be a shakeout of companies as new and innovative startups challenge the dominance of the major players such as Google, Amazon, Apple, and others. How these major corporations continue to innovate, how well the startups can compete, and which companies will survive and thrive will be a major force in the transition from the world of 20th Century Television to the universe that will be 21st century television. Overriding the upheaval is the question of revenues and profits that drive the industry. Where will they come from? How will they be acquired? This presentation will shed light on these issues and more.

Biography :

Frank A Aycock is a 27-year Professor of communication and a former local broadcaster. He is a futurist and affirm believer in the transformative power of the new television technologies. He has authored two cutting-edge books on the transformation of television, 21st Century Television: The Players, The Viewers, The Money and Television In The Cloud (with Adam Powers). He earned his PhD at the University of Tennessee, an MA in Communication from Auburn University, and a BA in Broadcasting from the University of Alabama. He is global vice-chair for education of the International Cloud Television Broadcasters Association.

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