Post Pandemic Shift in Dentistry throughout the World

Oral Health Case Reports

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Editorial - (2021) Volume 7, Issue 6

Post Pandemic Shift in Dentistry throughout the World

Oliver Lee Green*
*Correspondence: Oliver Lee Green, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Albany Medical College, New York, USA, Email:
Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Albany Medical College, New York, USA

Date of Submission: 15-Nov-2021 Published: 25-Nov-2021
Citation: Green, Oliver Lee. “Post Pandemic Shift in Dentistry throughout the World.” Oral Heath Case Rep 7(2021): 36.
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The COVID-19 epidemic was a rapid and unexpected event that ushered in a major shift in dentistry throughout the world. Owing to hazards of transmitting COVID-19, this was exceptionally hard for dentists and patients to effectively offer and utilize dental care during pandemic era, and thus functioned as a period of profound and complete contemplation. Despite huge advances in technical innovation and biological knowledge, the previous several generations were marked by a number of new economic, social, and epidemiological concerns that need health and social systems. Furthermore, this situation is accompanied by increasingly complicated difficulties marked by an increase in the need for help rather than a concerning scarcity of economic and, most importantly, human resources. The clinical strategy of Evidence-Based Medicine is characterized as "sensible utilization existing data in determining personalized patient treatment".

Followed by COVID-19 pandemic, the utilization of a global dental code of conduct was demanded and founded, kudos to research studies that utilized EBMs to formalize an operating procedure that might help the global dental community abide appropriately and avoid risk with emergency treatment in first pandemic phase, and regular maintenance in the successive and existing phases. Due to normal dental care constraints that suit patients' demands or the dentistry profession by identifying major discrepancies across nations and continents, different dental associations have predicted that approximately 19 million lesser dental procedures were performed during the pandemic. The epidemic has brought to light the shortcomings of contemporary dental treatment, which fails to fulfill the demands of patients or the dental profession, resulting in significant differences between countries and continents.

Under this context, certain data suggests that recuperation from pandemic is a good time to improve dentistry services so they're more focused on preventative care. Furthermore, there is a need to meet the dental health requirements of the community more fairly. As well as capitalize on the mix of talents and creativity whilst in reducing the spread of infectious diseases. Further than existing pandemic crisis, the biomedicine industry will confront foundational concurrent demands, like the ageing of the population and the persistent direction of a substantial percentage of ailments, that will be exacerbated by screening delay caused by pandemic, that experts and organizations has to deal with and on which to create improved and long-term care retorts.

As a result, encouraging dental care model that enables for the formation of interdisciplinary team competent of integrating diverse experts for efficacious person-centered care that provides for total care delivery has come to be a major priority. In accordance with the data reviewed, the notion of ongoing patient care formulated on the best data has become more valuable in the scientific community as well as in clinical practice. To reiterate, the current and ever-increasing web and network revolution dictates a continual updating of treatment approaches in dentistry, with a more customized and interdisciplinary medical approach that is permanently destined to revolutionize medicine and contemporary dentistry.

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