Oral Health Case Reports

ISSN: 2471-8726

Open Access

Arunachalam kumar, Professor & Head Kanachur Institute of Medical Science, India

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About the Journal

Oral Health Case Reports is a peer reviewed scientific journal known for rapid dissemination of high-quality research. This Oral Health Case Reports Journal with high impact factor offers an open access platform to the authors in academia and industry to publish their novel research. It serves the International Scientific Community with its standard research publications. Manuscripts in the following categories will be considered for publication: reviews and mini-reviews, research articles and short research reports, new methods and technologies, opinions on previously published literature and letters to the editor, meeting reports and commercial, patent and product news (inquiries to the Editor).

This journal is using Editorial Tracking System for quality in peer-review process. Review process is performed by the editorial board members of Oral Health Case Reports journal or outside experts. Reviewer’s approval followed by the editor is required for the acceptance of any citable manuscript. Authors may submit manuscripts and track their progress through the system, hopefully to publication. Reviewers can download manuscripts and submit their opinions to the editor. Editors can manage the whole submission/review/revise/publish process.

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