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    Effect of Subgingival Placement of 0.5% Azithromycin Gel on Clinical Parameters in Molars of Patients with Chronic Periodontitis

    J. Fazal Ilahi, M. Maria Subash Aaron*, Arun P Maradi, Ritika Chhalani, Nimisha Gopal

    Background: Scaling and Root Planning (SRP) alone had been proved to be effective in treating mild to moderate cases of periodontitis. But in molars where complex anatomical features are present, SRP alone had been proven to be least effective. SRP won’t eradicate tissue invading pathogens also. In such situations Local Drug Delivery (LDD) as an adjuvant to SRP seems to be effective, with minimal side effects when compared to systemic antimicrobial therapy. In our study we had evaluated the effect of 0.5% Azithromycin (AZM) gel in LDD form as an adjuvant to SRP in treatment of periodontal pockets of 1st and 2nd molars.
    Materials and methods: The outpatients who reported to the department of periodontics, Sri Ramakrishna dental college and hospital, Coimbatore were included in this study. Maxillary or Mandibular first or second molars were the teeth to be tested. Patients were allocated to two groups: control group (SRP only) and test group (SRP plus 0.5% AZM gel). On baseline and post-operative examination after 45 days, clinical parameters were recorded for the tooth to be tested.
    Results: Probing Depth (PD) reduced significantly and significant Clinical Attachment Level (CAL) gain was achieved in both groups, with more gain in test group when compared to control group (p<0.05). The Mean Gingival Index (mGI) and mean modified Sulcular Bleeding Index (mSBI) scores were found to be reduced in both test and control groups (p<0.05) with no significant differences between test and control groups.
    Conclusion: PD reduction and CAL gain improved after SRP with 0.5% AZM gel as LDD in 1st and 2nd molars. 

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