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2020 Conference Announcement - (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3


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2020 Webinar Announcement

The Infectious Diseases and control webinar will be act as a platform for Infectious, virologists, microbiologists, immunologists, biotechnologists, specialist, infectious diseases researchers, scientists, faculties, students, business professionals, healthcare professionals, clinicians, academicians, foundation leaders, infectious diseases associations and societies, direct service providers, policymakers, medical colleges, pharmaceutical companies and industries, medical devices manufacturing companies, drug manufacturing companies and industries, and others related to this topic to exchange and discuss their valuable views on tracking the infectious diseases the most important coronavirus (COVID-19) at present.

The discussions between professionals encourages various methods in the study of large diseases burden and highlighting existing opportunities in the field of public health, infectious diseases, nosocomial infections & control, neglected tropical diseases, pediatric infectious diseases, immunology of infections, viral infectious diseases epidemiology and most importantly concerning infectious diseases. This webinar also provides the time to collaborate with industry peers and discover knowledge and resources that can be used to achieve personal and organizational goals.

We attempt to provide a perfect stage to researchers, scholars, and speakers to share data and experiences and empower people with their deep knowledge of human infectious diseases aspiring them to fight against the worldwide risk related to it.

Webinar Date: October 07-08, 2020.

Login Time: 9:00 AM (Login 10 minutes prior to webinar)

Website: https://www.hilarisconferences.com/infectiousdiseases

For more details contact undersigned.

Regards, Anwen Rosella

Program Manager | Infectious Disease2020

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 2037690972

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