Epidemic Scenario and Journey of New Coronavirus COVID-19 Circulating in the Republic of China might be from Saudi Arabia

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Epidemic Scenario and Journey of New Coronavirus COVID-19 Circulating in the Republic of China might be from Saudi Arabia

Omar Al-Tayib*
*Correspondence: Omar Al-Tayib, Ex- researcher in Abdulla Bagshan research Chair for the Growth Factors and Bone Regenerations (GFBR, College of Dentistry, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Email:
Ex- researcher in Abdulla Bagshan research Chair for the Growth Factors and Bone Regenerations (GFBR, College of Dentistry, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In the beginning, it's pneumonia with unknown cause and the only information regarding it just shared first through internet social media when peoples in China said that: "Don't go to the fish market there are signs of disease!". Latter to this, the news share from all over the world the discovery of the new Coronavirus disease which occurs in the last month of December 2019 which had been well-known latter by Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a new global challenge.

Particularly on the 22nd of January, 2020; China was the first time spoke to the public about the seriousness of health situation occur regarding the Coronavirus-19. However, the transitional important point of the disease had been reported when China mentioned the Air blocked of the state that recorded the disease virus for the first time which called Wuhan city on 23rd of January 2020. Later to this day, the virus started to be reported from another country outside China among the globe such as Australia where the biologist and/or virologist for the first time cultured the Coronavirus on in vitro cultures in the laboratory facilities (viruses cell line tests to allow the growth of the virus and then cultivated the virus to start on it latter the different biological scientific trails to produce the anti-agent drugs against it by using the rodents as a target tissue for the virus growth because rodents considered as the most animal model that had a tissue cell of the respiratory system closer to what the human beings had).

Death more occurs with this virus among the elderly persons worldwide, while kids are considered safe against mortalities of this infection up to date and that might be because of the vaccinations scheduled for them globally (Vaccines continues for babies up to 5 years). On the first of February, the virus spread among 25 countries worldwide. The virus this time shed between peoples via others without any symptoms noticed and those carriers to the virus without symptoms and continuously shed the virus around, particularly, during their traveled in and outside China (According to the media published data).

During this month, the first Chinese physician doctor who talks for the first time about this new coronavirus died in the hospital that shares the first new virus outbreak data (Wuhan hospital). Taking into account that the incubation period of the disease continuously for 14 days and quarantines are highly needed to control and/or avoids the spread of the disease.

Indeed in 2012, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) disease was suggested with 35% fatality in Saudi Arabia particularly among elderly patients (60 years old). The first case symptoms which reported were severe respiratory illness and died after admission to a hospital in Jeddah [1]. Moreover, bats are thought to be the reservoir host of MERS-CoV [1]. Another patient also from the same city Jeddah with symptoms such as Fever, severe acute respiratory syndrome with cough, expectoration, and shortness of breath. He did not smoke; and for the disease, which was suggested to be due to animal transmission of coronaviruses, he was treated with Oseltamivir, Levofloxacin, and Piperacillin-tazobactam. On day 11th, he died [1].

Between the last of October 2019 until 15th December 2019, Saudi Arabia starts the Tourism Visa to people from any place on this earth to visit the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time with no conditions. Related to this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia reported that most tourism visitors from China by 18000 tourisms' from China. Followed by 17000 tourism visitors from the United Kingdom (UK). While BTS a Korean song group had visited Saudi Arabia and its well known that the second COVID-19 cases had been reported from Korea after China.

On March 6th, 2020:

China reported that there are 11 cases infected with the virus coming from Islamic Republic of Iran (Coronavirus cases from the Middle East must taking very seriously cause it will be like a bump after this month worldwide and causing transitional points of the virus infections including different types of coronaviruses, different mortality, morbidity, numbers, and outbreaks).

Also, the WHO considered COVID-19 as an epidemic disease in March 2020 and reported that: " it's a big mistake if we think that COVID-19 will stop during summer, nor soon as the way of the virus spread are varies and considered must seriously more than with other Influenza viruses we knew previously. Taking into account that the infected person with the virus globally around 100 thousand cases.

To the best of my knowledge the coronaviruses were previously considered as different 7 types of viruses; during this endemic infection with COVID-19 virus spread I had suggested a suggestion that there are more different types or subtypes of coronavirus soon or latter will be reported as a new generation from different world regions and/or continents.

Due to my point of view, COVID-19 viral diseases that spread in China during the last 3 months were originally carried from Saudi Arabia (where the coronavirus MERS-CoV was Epidemic) by the Chinese's visitors. However, both viral disease MERS-CoV and the coronavirus COVID-19 had almost the same signs and might be the same fatality as shown in figure 1. Moreover, the differences between each disease could be the different animal source of the disease (camels and/or bats), however, some report suggests bats are thought to be the real reservoir host of MERS-CoV itself [1]. Of these, the only difference between each disease might be only the origin of the disease (Saudi Arabia or worldwide). Due to all previous facts COVID-19 disease can be divided into two different types of diseases according to the organs of the human bodies which will be infected, the Signs, prognosis a finally due to the last outcomes of the disease.

• Coronavirus infect Throat; which causes illness but it can be treated and this patients epidemiological considered carrier and could always spread the virus around the globe.

• Coronavirus infect long; which causes death and no cure up to date for this kind (Figure 1).


Figure 1. COVID-19 right now could be divided to Throat COVID-19 virus infection which could be treated with antibiotics and symptoms noticed, while the Lung or pulmonary COVID-19 infection caused death and patients considered highly dangerous and shed the virus everywhere without signs.

• Veterinarian antibiotics effective against pneumonia such as Enrofloxacin (Baytril®) and/or its pharmaceutical formula should be considered to be one of the solutions or treatment of such COVID-19 virus particularly on the in vitro cell line model tests or on human embryonic stem cell-derived. In addition to this baby vaccinations, Pneumococcal Vaccine Polyvalent which is given as a vaccine against the pneumonia cases that caused by the streptococcus (Streptococcus pneumonia) and it's well is known as Pneumovax ®NP must be also highly considered on the treatment of this COVID-19 virus by the WHOs worldwide. The Pneumovax ®NP vaccine each contains 0.5 ml x 1 vial.

• The Middle East countries particularly Saudi Arabia and Egypt were hidden the real numbers of infection by this virus before and up to date (taking into account that the virus spread worldwide from China after an end of Chinese tourism visitor to Saudi Arabia finished at December 15th, 2019 = after 14 days exactly). While Egypt hid the real of infected Egyptian peoples during the virus invade world because of tourism. China and UK at real risk and/or epidemic COVID-19 spread danger according to the number of visitors from both countries to Saudi Arabia.

• People inter to Saudi Arabia as a tourism visitors particularly Chinese, European (UK visitors), and Americans must fallowing the Saudi traditions and customs as drinking the un-cocked camel milk (milk which is not treated on fair or not boiled) and then visits some pets store or shops, which both considered as uncertain sources of the spread of the MERS-CoV viral disease last 2012 in Saudi Arabia particularly via camel un-cocked milk as the main source of the disease.

• In fact both Jeddah and Makkah in Saudi Arabia Had been frequently reported as the first area with almost all viral diseases that occur in Saudi Arabia followed by Jazan Province and/or western region. Furthermore, Jeddah and Makkah were both considered the area where almost all the Muslim Pilgrims' should come or pass through during Umrah and Hajj seasons

• The European countries should be taken into their account that the COVID-19 virus will spread and killed thousands and thousands particularly in the UK and their neighbors because UK tourism visitors to Saudi Arabia was considered the second- highest amount of visitors to Saudi Arabia following Chinese tourism visitors (more than 7000 visit Saudi Arabia between November and December 15th, 2019).

• Different logical steps which might be considered as predisposing factors or effects which could highly prevent the high risk, spread, mortalities and/or morbidities of the COVID-19 diseases (Figure 2) more often by such different ways accordingly to patients and health conditions worldwide:

• All personal cleaning steps.

• Decreasing any kind of sports games and/or any social events such as school, universities, summits, and conferences.

• Halts entry visas of many different issues around the globe, and thus suspended or halts as well any kind of air, land, seas, and trains travel particularly between different countries and different continents.

• Shaking hands and/or Kisses as a way of saying hey.

• Humidity and/or polluted air were considered highly precautions.

• Pets and different species of animals including both indoor and outdoor pats. However, the coronavirus which had been spread previously in Saudi Arabia and known as MERS-CoV was suggested to be from camels. While the last COVID-19 which spread right now recorded as transmitted from pets to humans taking into account that we published several transmitted diseases among different species of animals including camels and pets which considered with highly zoonotic disease outcomes for people through the different area in Saudi Arabia recently [1,2,3,4,5]. Taking into accounts the fact that the most epidemic diseases in the globe which effect human being during the last 100 years are spread from animals such as Spain Influenza, Avian flu, Pigs flu, Eipola, SAR, AIDS, MERS-CoV, and Covid-19.

• COVID-19 virus will change its abilities on causing effects and/ or its varieties and be responsible for more or fewer fatalities worldwide due to several points: continents, if a human did any clinical rails or used any kind of treatment against it, after a while of COVID-19 case reported, particularly, after 1-2 months the disease will affect in different ways.

• Sex relations.

• Smokers (Figure 2).


Figure 2. The different reasonable factors which could be highly considered as a predisposing factor of the spreading of the Coronavirus COVID-19 disease among different patients worldwide.

Finally, this COVID-19 crisis paved the way to show us the real ugly, bad, and unacceptable faces of our fake healthy services system, weak economic bodies, fantasy educational system, and fake mass media news regarding COVID-19 among the globe.

Furthermore, all patient round world was not recovered from COVID-19 due to the health professional services which available in hospital neither their immune system was able to find its solutions and/or its way to keep them save and live after getting the COVID-19 infections particularly after they passed more than 7-10 day from the first day of the infection (after 7-10 days COVID-19 will not gonna kill peoples).

Moreover, COVID-19 will vary from person to other and from country to another according to its continents, ages, immune system, color, climate, feed, nutrition, social rhythms, customs, and traditions.

Also, we have to thank COVID-19 very much ended because it shows us that all the government bodies worldwide have no science of responsibilities, transparency, and honesty regarding the share of any types of health data during any humanitarian crisis. However, several countries from where the virus was spread still ignoring the issue, particularly, Saudi Arabia (the origin of COVID-19 when it was OPEN the tourism Visa between November and December 15th, 2019 when it was still reported MERS-CoV on its health regimen due to our suggestions), and then the world could blame China, the USA, UAE, and Egypt because to date they keep hidden the real numbers of COVID-19 patients in their land.

In contrast to all these, we found that in the USA the first case of COVID-19 which reported was for American traveler was yet came back from Egypt. Interestingly, a week later to that confirmed COVID-19 American patient from Egypt; there are no cases had been reported from Egypt. Concerning all these, the first four COVID-19 Sudanese patients were also found to an abroad person who came from Egypt and UAE.


To conclude this latter, the WHO seek support from governments, scientists and researcher among the globe to help in several issues related to health such as: Collecting data related to Covid-19, try to produce as quickly as possible COVID-19 vaccine, research centers worldwide must collaborate and put head to head together to take control and prevent plane to virus and hereby I suggest following:

• The new coronavirus COVID-19 was porn firstly from Saudi Arabia as a new type of the last MERS-CoV which occur in Saudi Arabia during the last 2012. Moreover, the MERS-CoV had been reported from different areas in Saudi Arabia without real treatment protocols. In addition to this, the tourism visas from Saudi Arabian authorities was the wrong decision.

• Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia was not yet controlled the old coronavirus MERS-CoV which Epidemic in Saudi Arabia up to date. Thus, when Chinese tourism visits Saudi (particularly, between the last of November to December 15th, 2019) so they take with them abroad the MERS-CoV virus which then changed via several different well-known methodologies regarding the viruses structures (as the genetic factors, the blood groups of the Chinese people, and the nutritional or type of climate in China during the end of December 2019, and thus to create then the new coronavirus COVID-19 worldwide.

• Interestingly, the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia instead of having such preventive or treatment protocols against the MERS-CoV they suggest solving MERS-CoV issue different kinds of flu vaccines to control the out breaking of the MERS-CoV. Indeed that s different kinds of vaccines could be work but on the other hand, it could be responsible for such different ways to generate also different types of coronaviruses globally. Taking into account the last COVID-19 viruses (which will gonna be soon or later as the main reason for the creations of different subtypes of Convid-19 itself due to the different places in this earth).

• Jeddah and Makkah in Saudi Arabia should be taken seriously with any kind of endemic or outbreak disease that is frequently reported on earth [1].

• Different antibiotics could play a big role in prevent and protects against the COVID-19 virus such as Baytril® on in vitro tests. In addition to this Pneumococcal (Pneumovax ®NP) vaccine which recommended to treats, pneumonia cases in baby vaccination protocols should be also highly considered by the WHOs as a treatment of the new virus.

• Countries all over the world must collaborate in share, honesty, and diaphaneity of the data regarding the spread, the case reported, and outbreaks of the virus in their regions and areas (particularly in Saudi Arabia, China, USA, Egypt, and UAE).

Concerning all continents and regarding the rates of COVID-19 spreads, the disease mortalities and morbidities will gonna be very less in Africa and Australia in comparison with Asia and Europe. However, this might be with a highly important issue to pave such all other different ways to scientist worldwide rather have a good way of think of how to prevents this disease taking into their accounts several facts and ways which related to the transmitted outcomes of the COVID-19 virus to humans and itself as a virus neither the color of people in this continents, nature of the virus and microorganisms in these continents and/or people life cycle issue.

Microorganisms and particularly bacteria could play an important role on preventing coronavirus Covid-19. However, it can be used as competitive agents to treat this disease as a modern way of using the biological factors against viruses in health issues.


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