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Vincristine, a common vinca alkaloid, was to begin with determined from the clears out of C. roseus and has been utilized in tumor treatment since the 1960s as a cell cycle-specific (M-phase) antineoplastic agent.Vincristine is utilized in combination with other specialists within the treatment of pediatric malignancies. Cranial nerve palsies including oculomotor are seen once in a while with ptosis and ophthalmoplegias being the foremost common signs, more often than not related with polyneuropathy. We in this depict a three year young lady with Vincristine-induced confined two-sided ptosis without related polyneuropathy causing symptomatic situation. Total recuperation of ptosis was achieved following treatment with pyridoxine and pyridostigmine. To the most excellent of our information this can be a to begin with case of separated reciprocal ptosis of Vincristine actuated neuropathy

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