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Surgery which helps in remaking the defective organs or parts of the body called Reconstructive Procedures. It is generally performed to enhance functions, but can also be done to approximate a traditional appearance.

This ranges from very simple techniques like primary closure and dressings to more complex skin grafts, tissue expansion, and free flaps. Beauty and its social reflections have remained on the agenda of the populations from past to present and succeeded to stay on the top. Physical appearance is quite effective on the lives of many people. For this reason, any change in body image perception may cause social losses, such as job, status, and role losses, along with the loss in beauty and attractiveness. Body image perception is a picture of the body and all body-related senses in mind. When an individual has any deformity in his/her appearance or any dysfunction, he/she experiences an inner conflict between the perceived body image at that moment and the image envisioned. Thought processes, performance, and self-concept response of the individual are changed, and self-confidence is lost along with the change in the body image perception. Thus, it is important to improve body image perception and deformity and dysfunction of the body in shaping the body image perception and self-esteem. The surgical treatment enhances self-confidence of the individual and influences the quality of life.

The face has a symbolic importance in public and personal relationships and is a window of an individual to the world. In this regard, any dysfunction or deformity in the face unfavourably influences the appearance and psychology of the individual and leads to aesthetic concern. Facial interventions in plastic, aesthetic, and plastic surgery are the procedures during which aesthetic concern is high, particularly thanks to their impact on appearance.

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