Ayurvedic resolution to migraine

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Ayurvedic resolution to migraine

International Conference and Exhibition on Traditional & Alternative Medicine

December 09-11, 2013 Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Hyderabad, India

D. Naveen and T. Praveen Kumar

Posters: Altern Integ Med

Abstract :

Migraine is described as Ardhaavabhedhaka in Ayurvedic classics.Migraine is a familiar disorder characterized by recurrent attacks of headache widely variable in intensity,frequency and duration.Migraine is the second most common cause of headache.Globally approximately 15% of the population is effected by Migraines at some point in life, affecting their professional ,social life and hampering their health.The burden of migraine is recognized by WHO which lists it among the top, advising early intervention for it.And the need to look for a management through Ayurveda.In Ayurvedic Classics various pancha karma procedures had been explained . This pancha karma therapy offers a ray of hope for Migraine for which no effective medical management is available. As Nose is the gateway to head i.e.,the pathogenesis related to the head. Nasya is the best procedure to manage the Migraine like complaints.The Poster is a step to focus this problem in present scenario.

Biography :

Dr. D.Naveen 1 st year PG Scholar of Shalakya. DR.B.R.K.R.GOVT. Ayurvedic College, Hyderabad,A.P. India. Attended many seminars in college,& CME programmes.

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