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Quantum gravity is a branch of theoretical physics that according to quantum mechanics explains the gravitational force. This theory that is the convergence of general relativity and quantum mechanics is sometimes referred to as theory of all. Quantum gravity papers are also devoted to reviewing development in this field during the preceding time by means of their publication analysis articles. Quantum Gravity, broadly interpreted, could be a physical hypothesis (still ‘under construction’) joining both the standards of common relativity and quantum hypothesis. Such a theory is anticipated to be able to supply a palatable depiction of the microstructure of space time at the so-called Planck scale, at which all principal constants of the fixing hypotheses, c (the speed of light in vacuo), ℏ (the diminished Planck’s consistent), and G (Newton’s steady), come together to make units of mass, length, and time. This scale is so farther from current exploratory capabilities that the experimental testing of quantum gravity recommendations along standard lines is rendered near-impossible.

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