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A limitation of their preclinical advancement is that the lack of detailed understanding of mechanisms of action and biomarkers of effect. BALF exosome analysis indicated that BRD4 inhibitors reduced the induction of exosomes enriched in coagulation factors whose presence correlated with interstitial fibrin deposition. Finally, BALF samples from humans with severe asthma demonstrated similar upregulations of ORM2, APCS, SPARCL1, FGA, and FN1, suggesting their potential as biomarkers for early detection of airway remodelling and/or monitoring of therapy response. the appliance of proteomics within the field of drug discovery development and therefore the assessment of drug administration is understood as pharmacoproteomic. Transcriptomics, a branch of genomics, is an approach that permits the analysis of organic phenomenon through the detection and relative quantitation of individual messenger RNAs (mRNAs). By comparing transcription profiles of untreated vs treated or normal vs diseased cells or organisms, much are often learned about the biology of the system being studied. Transcriptomic methods usually are supported some sort of microarray technology (eg, cDNA or oligonucleotide arrays). Using these methods, quantitative information is often obtained quickly on thousands or tens of thousands of transcripts at a time. Bioinformatic approaches are being developed in an effort to form sense of this mountain of data, deriving pathway maps and inferring protein function. This, in turn, provides new insight into the gene products related to cellular processes and disease.


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