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The Disparity of Motivational Drivers in International Health Care Systems

Cancer Tragedy in this Century and the Role of OMICS Group Open Access Journals in Overcoming this Matter

Regulatory Inspection of Clinical Trials

Outpatient (Ambulatory) Pharmacy; an Innovation in Dispensing System to Optimize Performance and Meet Standards

Responsibility of Regulatory Affairs in Pharmaceutical Industry

Attainment of Sterility and Satisfactory Material Functional Compatibility to Devices in the Clean Room

Antibiotic Abuse in Developing Countries

How to Meet Legitimate Expectations of Patients when Authorized Medicinal Products are not Available

Ultraviolet A Radiation, Reactive Oxygen Species and NF-kappa B

Journal of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs: Filling the Gap between Science and Usability

Does the Requirement of Readability Testing Improve Package Leaflets? Evaluation of the 100 Most Frequently Prescribed Drugs in Germany Marketed before 2005 and First Time in 2007 or After

De-convoluting the European Commission Cosmos

Cutting Edge of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Management of Diabetes in Africa: The Role of Traditional Medicines

A Country Perspective in Exploring the links between Hospital Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical Industry: A Case Study Application

Historical Overview of Pharmaceutical Industry and Drug Regulatory Affairs

Death after Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination:Causal or Coincidental?

Negative Effects of Addiction

Science Requires Coexisting of Opposite Opinions:“One Country, Two Systems”

Mucoadhesive Micro and Nanoparticles for Oral Controlled Drug Delivery System for Prolongation of Gastric Residence and Its Application

Novel Drug Therapies and Diagnostics for Personalized Medicine and Nanomedicine in Genome Science, Nanoscience, and Molecular Engineering

Multicentre Clinical Trial Monitoring

Pharmaceutical Regulation: Crossroad of Opportunity as the Distinction between Food and Drugs Blurs

Hold Time Stability Studies in Pharmaceutical Industry: Review

Why the Study of Cancer Needs a Systemic Approach?

Drug Repositioning: Discovering New Virtues in The Past

Micellar Solubilization in the Formulation Development of Poorly Soluble Naproxen

Non-Equivalence of Antibiotic Generic Drugs and Risk for Intensive Care Patients

A Planning Model of Pharmaceutical Needs for Mass Gatherings at Public Special Events

Academia-Industry Partnerships as Incubators for Economic Development

Availability and Dispensing Practices for Antimalarials and Antimicrobials in Western Kenyan Pharmacies

Clinical Trials Regulations in India

FDA Regulation of Medical Devices and Medical Device Reporting

Internal Facilitation Committees Improving Protocol Design Feasibility

Group A2 Analogs of Innovator Teicoplanin: Variability of their Ratio during Treatment Time Course in Human Blood; Consequences for the Generics

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy with Intensive Dose of Epirubicin and Different Cycles in Patients with Locally Advanced Breast Cancer: 4 Fe100c Vs. 6 Fe100 C

Amide-based Disulfide Building Blocks for the Enlargement of the Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis for Molecular Diagnostics and Imaging

Are the Quality and Safety of Magistral Preparations Guaranteed Enough?

Is SteradR from J&J is Truly Plasma Gas Sterilizer?

Regulations on Adaptive Design Clinical Trials

Regulatory Practice in Pharmaceutical Industry

Therapeutic Opportunities through the Modulation of Endocannabinoid Transport

The Three-Level Approach: A Framework for Ensuring Medicines Quality in Limited-Resource Countries

The Use of Medicinal Plants in Human Healthcare: A Scoop on Safety

Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes; a Focus on DPP4 Inhibitors

AMPK Activators as a Drug for Diabetes, Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease

Capacity Utilization in Pharmaceutical Industry in Nigeria

How to Conquer the Inconsistency of D Value Determined by Survivor Curve Method and Fraction Negative Method

Pharma Regulations for Generic Drug Products in India and US: Case Studies and Future Prospectives

Regulation of the Risk of Exposure to Antibiotics in Milk

Role of Essential Drug List in Effective Management of Essential Anti- Malarial Drugs in Healthcare System of Pakistan Challenges in Policy Development to Practice

The Vision of Better Medicines for Children and the Role of Regulatory Authorities


Conotoxins and their Regulatory Considerations

Drug Regulatory Affairs in Quality Management

On the Multiscale Nature of Human Prostate Cancer

Qualified and Validated Analytical Procedures for Pharmaceutical Products Majoring from Biological Origins

Recent Developments in Cancer Treatment: A Review

Serum or Saliva Extraction of Toxic Compounds from Methyl Methacrylate Dental Materials and HPLC Analysis Combined with SPE

Electrochemical Detection versus Ultraviolet Detection

Approved Deviation of D Value and that of Population by ISO is Scientifically Correct?

Comparison of Radiation Resistant among Polysulfones Prepared from Several Aromatic Diol and 4,4’-Dichlorodiphenyl Sulfone

Falsified Explanation, Mechanism and Data from SterradR, Plasma ClusterR and Nano-ER

What is the Major Factors to Kill Bacterial Spores by Nitrogen Gas Plasma Sterilization

Role of Metastable and Spore Hydration to Sterilize Spores by Nitrogen Gas Plasma Exposure and DPA Analysis by HPLC and UV

Screening of Compounds from an FDA-Approved Drug Library for the Ability to Inhibit Aspartic Protease Secretion from the Pathogenic Yeast Candida albicans

New Therapeutic Approaches in Treating Cancer

Impact of Pharmacovigilance in Healthcare System: Regulatory Perspective

Immobilized Enzyme Column Combined with HPLC and Column Switching Method for the Analysis of Complicated Matrix Such As Body Fluids

Effect of Humidity on Sterilization Using Photocatalyst

Comparison on Safety Concern Among Gamma-Ray, Autoclave and Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizations of Thermosetting Polyurethane

Bio-Relevant and Bioequivalence Studies: An Overview

Application of Longitudinal Analysis for Regulatory Science

Inactivation of Endotoxin and Lipid A by Nitrogen Gas Plasma Exposure Running title: Inactivation Endotoxin and lipid A

The Brain Drain of Qualified Clinical Pharmacy Professionals in Pakistan’s Pharmacy Education: A Retrospective Study

Simultaneous Achievement of Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 and Material and Functional Compatibility in Gas Plasma Sterilization Running Title: Simultaneous SAL and Compatibility

An Initiative to Ensure Profession Preparedness

Smoking Influences the Yield of Dendritic Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy

Is It Right Time to Construct New Radiopharmaceutical Development Strategies?

Sri Lankan Perspectives on Pharmacist Administered Vaccinations

The Gas Plasma Sterilization

Efficacy and Safety of Olive in the Management of Hyperglycemia

Pharmaceutical Impurities and Degradation Products: An Overview

The Pharmaceutical Industry: A Call for Change

An Overview of Pharmaceutical Impurities and Degradation Products

Increased Sterility by Fenton Reaction and Increased OH Radicals upon UV Irradiation-Comparison of Sterility between Fenton Reaction and UV Irradiation to Hydrogen Peroxide

Impact of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) Source Selection on Generic Drug Products

Sterilization Validation of Gas Plasma Exposure Based on ISO Documents (Mainly ISO TC 198 And 194 Documents)

Current Mistaken Interpretation of Microbiological Data on Gas Plasma Sterilization

Research into Materials Used in Abdominal Wall Repair

Current Regulatory Scenario for Conducting Clinical Trials in India

Human Platelet Concentrates and Derivatives Preparation Issues Pretransfusion

Regulation of Herbal (Traditional) Medicinal Products in the European Union

Future Prospective of Cancer Vaccination Technology in Japan

Validation Study of Nitrogen Gas Plasma Exposure Based on ISO Documents (Mainly ISO TC 198 and 194 Documents)

Gas Plasma Exposure to Bacterial Spore, Endotoxin and Prion

Performance of Qualification of Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilization Process

Regulations in Development of Biosimilars

Solid Lipid Nanoparticle: An Overview

Health Hazards in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Theoretical Studies of Substituted N-(1H-Benzimidazol-2ylmethyl)-5,6,7,8-Tetrahydro-8-Quinolinamines as CXCR4 Antagonists: QSAR Approach

The Proteins of Type IV Secretion System as Promising Candidates for Helicobacter pylori Vaccine

Digitization of Clinical Trials in India: A New Step by CDSCO towards Ensuring the Data Credibility and Patient Safety

Regulatory Need: Harmonized PIC/S GMP, Its Overview and Comparison with WHO GMP

The Study of Inhibitory Effects of Satureja khuzestanica Essence against Exos Gene of MDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa by RT-PCR Technique

On Statistical Principles for Clinical Trials in Pharmaceutical Development – A Review of China FDA Draft Guidance

Considering an Important Point When Handling Gas Plasma Sterilization

The Retail Pharmacy Market in the Brazilian Federal District

Malaysian Cosmetic Market: Current and Future Prospects

Case Report Form (CRF) Design Made Easy: An Evaluation of Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization (CDASH) in Use

Compliance to Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act and Regulations amongst Primary Care Private Clinics in a State in Malaysia

Drug Review Differences across the United States and the European Union

VDAC as a Potential Target in Huntingtons Disease Therapy: The State of the Art

Assessment of Dependence Liability of New Molecular Entities under the Current FDA Draft Guidance Document: “Seeking Best Practices”

A Case Study on National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) in India and WHO EML 2015-Overview

Different Approaches and Timeframes in Anti-Counterfeiting Medicinal Products: Europe vs. United States

Values and Disadvantages of Outsourcing the Regulatory Affairs Tasks in the Pharmaceutical Industry in EU Countries

Collaboration and Socialization of Health Care Professionals to Improve the Clinical and Pharmaceutical Patients Care

Emergence in the Lipid-Based Nanostructured Systems for Optimizing Oral Delivery of Drugs

Regulatory Approach to Ensure Quality of Products - An Indian Perspective of Missing Linkage

Brazilian Regulation in Pharmacovigilance: A Review

Biosimilars: an Emerging Market Opportunities in India

Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice Regulatory Affairs in Sudan: Continuous Debate between Regulatory Authority and Manufacturers

The Development of Medical Devices in Foreign Markets

Harmonized Guideline on Limit and Testing of Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceutical Substances: A Review

Simultaneous RP-HPLC Method Development and Validation of Atorvastatin, Ezetimibe and Fenofibrate

Organophosphate (OP) Poisoning Case Report by the Ingestion of a Potential Lethal Dose; its Management and Appropriate Protocol

Development of Innovative Medicines for European Patients and Impact of Brexit

Health and Beauty Cosmeceuticals Industry and Market Expansion in Saudi Arabia

Second Medical use Patents for Medicinal Products in the EU: When is Being Skinny not enough?

Canada's Natural Health Products: A Regulatory Overview

E-pharmacies Regulation in India: Bringing New Dimensions to Pharma Sector

Ensure Quality Assurance for Companies and Institutions

Nationwide Registries Associated with Cardiovascular Medical Devices in Japan

Medical Devices Regulation in United States of America, European Union and India: A Comparative Study

Policy Change to Adequately Address Monitoring Conduct in a Risk-Based Environment

Conducting Preclinical Abuse Liability Screening in Only One Sex: Making a Case for “Reasonable Exclusion”

Product Life Cycle Management in Regulated Market of Europe

Cataract Forestalling by Antioxidant Activity of Vitamin C; Amelioration of Cataract by Nutritional Intervention

Evaluation of Insulin Delivery Strategies for Bronson Health Group

Effective Processes for Quality Assurance

Ever-greening in Pharmaceuticals: Strategies, Consequences and Provisions for Prevention in USA, EU, India and Other Countries

UPLC Analytical Method Development and Validation for the Simultaneous Estimation of Paracetamol and Caffeine Capsules Dosages Form

Pharmacovigilance in the Russian Federation: Construction, Development and Reforms of PV System

Stress Testing of Quetiapine Fumarate by a Chemometric Assisted Multi-Component Ion-Interaction System

Botanical Regulation: Comparison of the United States and Canada

Regulatory Framework of Orphan Medicines in Albania

Post Marketing Surveillance of Anti-malarial Medicines in Tanzania

The Democratization of Dental Implants for General Dentistry

Post Marketing Surveillance Requirements of Drug Eluting Stents in India and European Union

The Implementation of an Expert Pharmacotherapeutic Information System in Bulgaria–Perspectives and Challenges

Outsourcing Clinical Trials Outside of the US

Rx: Observe, Do not Treat When is it Appropriate not to Treat?

A Plant is NOT Medicine: Plant vs. Constituent Element

Independent Data Monitoring Committees and Heterogeneity in MRCTs: Issues and Recommendations

An Overview of Drug Master Files

A Budding Cannabis Cottage-Industry has set the stage for an Impending Public Health Crisis

Line of Sight: Improving Supply Chain Visibility

Regulatory Challenges of Brain Delivered Therapies: A Combination Product Perspective

Marijuana Toxicity: Heavy Metal Exposure Through State-Sponsored Access to “la Fee Verte”

What are the Implications of the Use of Modafinil as a Study Drug?

Strategies and Steps for the Accomplishment of Bioequivalence Regulations in Chile

GLPs, Human Error, and Deviations: When Are Quality and Integrity Compromised?

Informed Consent Elements for Pharmacogenetic Research: An Overview

Benefits of Conducting Clinical Trials in Developing Countries like India

Patient Compliance: An Untold Story or a Fairy Tale?

“New Drugs and Clinical Trials Rules-2018” (GSR-104 E) by CDSCO: It’s Impact on BA/BE Studies in India

Formulation and In-vitro Evaluation of Sumatriptan Succinate Bilayer Tablets

Regulatory Requirements and Drug Approval Process in India, Europe and US

Pharmaceutical Market of Uzbekistan Investment Klondike without Side Effects

Generic Drugs, A Need to the Public: USA and India- Government Plans to Reduce the Price of ANDA and List of Generic Drugs Approved in Year 2018

Readability of Package Leaflets – Update on Possible Improvements Using an Electronic Version Additionally

Conceptual Drug Discovery and Societal Status may not be Sufficient to Combat Multidrug-Resistant Infections

Drug Discovery and Development: An Overview from the Regulatory Prospective

Role of Nutraceuticals as an Alternative Pharmaceutical for Medicinal & Health Benefits

Overview of Current Regulations Governing Medical Devices

Physico-chemical and Preliminary Phytochemical Study of Seeds of Datisca cannabina Linn (Datiscaceae) from Himalaya Region in Pakistan

Product Labeling of Drugs Commonly Administered to Children and Adults with Obesity

Schedule I Control Status Does Not Impede Legitimate Nonclinical Research in the United States

Formulation Development, Preparation and Evaluation of Taste Masking Orodispersible Tablet of Tiemonium Methylsulfate by using HPMC as Taste Masking Agent

Analytical Method Development and Validation of Preservative Benzalkonium Chloride in Ciprofloxacin Eye Drops by HPLC

The Development of Botanical Drugs – A Review

Walking in the Field of Pharmaceutical Regulatory in Albania

Detecting Falsified Viagra Using Miniaturized Consumer Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Editorial Note for Journal of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs: Open Access

Detecting Falsified Viagra Using Miniaturized Consumer Near-Infrared

Analytical Method Development and Validation of Preservative Benzalkonium Chloride in Ciprofloxacin Eye Drops

Schedule I Control Status Does Not Impede Legitimate Nonclinical Research

Product Labeling of Drugs Commonly Administered to Children and Adults

Physico-chemical and Preliminary Phytochemical Study of Seeds of Datisca cannabina Linn (Datiscaceae) from Himalaya Region

Systems, Regulations and Utilization of Real-World Data Including Healthcare Database and Disease Registry in Drug Development and Post-Approval Evidence Generation in Japan

A New Drug Target for Ebola, Marburg Viruses

Novel Drug may Help Treat Osteoporosis

Climate Change may have Driven the Emergence of SARS-CoV-2

Air Conditioning Spreads COVID-19 Aerosols

New Era in Medical Device Regulations in the European Union

Regulatory Response to Pandemics in a Developing Country - The Case of COVID-19 and the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority

Editorial Note on Drug Metabolism

A New Way to Prevent Chemotherapy from Harming the Heart

Editorial Note on Food Pharmacy

Public Health Facilitiesâ?? Satisfaction on Logistics Service Provided by Bahirdar Hub Pharmaceutical Fund and Supply Agency, North West Ethiopia.

Challenges in Regulating the North American Cannabisand Hemp-derived Product Market

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology: A Therapeutic Revolution

Global Market Analysis of Medical Technology Industry

Editorial Note on Bio Pharmaceutical

The Cardio-PadTM Medical Device: From a Risk and Compliance Perspective

A Review of AGAâ??s Proposed Seal Program for Probiotic Substantiation

New Compound May Provide a Basis for Drug Development Against COVID-19

School-Based Telehealth Could Help Improve Access to Care for Underserved Children

Pregnant Women with COVID-19 Face High Mortality Rate

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