Architectural plans in drug facilities are the first step to attain safer drug industry

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Architectural plans in drug facilities are the first step to attain safer drug industry

11th World Congress on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Innovations in Pharma Industry

February 27-28, 2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Huraiz Saria Galal and Medani Amna Beshir

National University of Aribat, Sudan
University of Medical Sciences & Technology, Sudan

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Pharmacoeconomics

Abstract :

Architectural plans should always consider drug safety as a priority factor in attaining a better drug industry. Quality control sections in drug manufacturing facilities should be constructed in a way that allows high standards of hygiene, safety and accuracy. Machinery in drug industry should be standardized for this purpose. Spaces designed for the purpose both in location, material used, directions in the map, disposal and relation to other parts of the factory and the exterior should be well planned. The models clarified in this poster allow basic and detailed knowledge on the area. Architectural plans for the purpose of drug industry should be a part of the curricula in faculties that afford this type of degrees in BScs, Diplomas and Doctorate levels. Authorities specialized in constructing good facilities for drug manufacturing aims should be well demarcated and well specialized personnel that is well educated and further promoted with up to date regulations in this area. Regular visits of authorities to drug manufacturing facilities should be regulated.

Biography :

Huraiz Saria Gala is a fourth year student in the Faculty of Architecture, National University of Alribat, Khatoum, Sudan.


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