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Muilti Objective Optimization

This is a multi-criteria decision-making area that has to do with mathematical optimization issues involving more than one objective function to be optimized at once. Multi-objective optimisation has been applied in many scientific areas, including engineering , economics and logistics, where optimal decisions need to be taken in the face of trade-offs between two or more conflicting objectives. Minimizing costs while optimizing comfort when purchasing a vehicle and maximizing efficiency when minimizing a vehicle's fuel consumption and pollutant emissions are examples of multi-objective optimization concerns involving two and three goals, respectively. There can be more than three targets in practical problems. No single solution exists for a non-trivial multi-objective optimization problem that optimizes each objective at the same time. Under that case, the objective functions are said to be contradictory, and there are a variety of optimal solutions available from Pareto. A solution is called nondominated, Pareto optimal, Pareto efficient or non-inferior if none of the objective functions can be changed without the need for value.

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