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    Social Capital and the Economic Performance of Small Businesses: Role of Entrepreneurs Experience

    Kraima Mohamed Taher

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    This work analyses the personal, associative, institutional, and professional relationship networks in which the entrepreneur is involved and the resources embedded therein, and it proposes that an entrepreneur's social capital resources are determinants of his/her business' economic performance. The effect of social capital resources is moderated by the entrepreneur's experience. A questionnaire survey and a quota sample of 410 small- and medium-sized firms in Tunisia were used to test the proposed hypotheses. Results show that economic performance is influenced more by institutional and professional network resources than by the other network resources. However, the entrepreneur's experience in the sector reinforces the impact of professional and institutional resources.

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    Social Capital and Access to Banks Loans: Case of Tunisian SMES

    Kraima Mohamed Taher

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    Several studies on corporate financing highlight the difficult access of SMEs to credit from formal financial institutions. Thus, in addition to these studies, the objective is set to assess how the attributes of social capital can assist the partnership between SMEs and financial institutions and thus facilitate access to credit. Specifically, it aims to test, among various other variables, the effect of social capital in terms of lending to SMEs. Based on data from a sample of 50 companies registered in the directories of industrial companies, drawn by proportional stratified drawing and reasoned choice and processed using descriptive statistics and multiple regression using a model Logit inspired from previous studies.It is observed that, on the one hand, relationship, honest, social trust are the major components of apprehension of social capital among entrepreneurs in the city of Gafsa; on the other hand, the variables gender, household size and social confidence of the entrepreneur are those justifying access to credit in this city.

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    A Short Note on Global Value Chains

    John Kling

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    Participation in global value chains (GVCs), the transnational fragmentation of product, can lead to increased job creation and profitable growth. In order to reap the earnings from value chain participation, countries must put in place the right kind of trade and investment programs. The COVID-19 epidemic has stressed the critical need to understand the reliance of numerous countries on suppliers across the world.

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    A Short Notes on Small and Medium Enterprises

    Raja Prabhu

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    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are businesses whose help figures fall below certain limits. The condensation "SME" is used by transnational associations similar as the World Bank, the European Union, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

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    An Overview on Entrepreneurial Firm

    Anu Priya

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    A business that's intimately possessed and operated with a small number of workers and has fairly low volume of deals is called a small business. It can be started at a veritably low cost and on a part- time base. Small Business Management refers to operation of similar small businesses.

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