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Nationalization is a Direct Enemy to Entrepreneurship and it Kills Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Case of South Africa

When the Leader Hits the Wall: A Case of Organizational Paralysis

The “Chinese Strategy” Poses Problems for U.S. Universities

Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

Bayesian Statistics: Challenges and Opportunities

Transitions to Entrepreneurship

The Financial Services Industry Through the Great Recession and Beyond

An Eagle Eye View of Mergers and Acquisitions: A recipe for venture expansion

Identification of the Organizational Performance Indicators More Favorable to the Reality of a Bank: Use of the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Balance Scored Card (BSC)

Generosity in Organization

Impact Over Revenue: Toward a Social Entrepreneurship Model for University Technology Transfer

Evaluation of Risk and Bank Management

Changing Tax Rates Impacts on the Risk Level of Vietnam Construction Material Firms

Forced-Choice Personality Assessment in Organizational Human Resource Selection

Innovation Policy and Corporate R&D

Understanding the Motivations of Female Entrepreneurs

Tackling Informal Entrepreneurship in Latin America: A Critical Evaluation of the Neo-Liberal Policy Approach

Rural Entrepreneurship through Micro Finance, Bank Lending and Subsidy in Karnataka

Policy Intervention in Small Scale Industries: A Historical Perspective

Managing Organizational Conflicts: A Phenomenological Study of Nurse/ Physician Conflicts in Nigerian Hospitals and their Impact on Managed Care Delivery

Strategic Alliances or M & A as the Road to Innovation for Pharmaceutical Companies?

A Study on Customer Relationship Management Practices in Selected Commercial Banks with Reference to Nigeria

Barriers to Social Entrepreneurship in Iran: An Application of Grounded Theory

Entrepreneurship Development and its Impact on Small Scale Business Enterprises in Developing Countries: A Nigerian Experience

The Rising Importance of BRICS: Creating a New Imaginary

Transformational Leadership and its Impact on Governance and Development in African Nations: An Analytical Approach

Empirical Study on Business Closures –Who should we be Concerned About?

The Most Difficult Elements of Establishing and Launching a Management Performance Measurement System

Human Resource Orchestration for the Implementation of Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The World We Live in

Tools to Use in the Analysis of Potential New Market Expansion

Assessment of Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in India FDI in Banking and Finance

E-Government Success Factors: Views of Saudi Professionals

Effects of Legal and Cultural Attachments on Microfinance Capital Structure

Opportunities and Challenges in the Value Chain for Companies through a Changing Understanding of Products on the Example of Shape Memory Actuators Systems

Study on the Bank Finances to Small Scale Industries in Theni District in Tamil Nadu

Medical Value as a New Strategy to Increase Corporate Viability: Market Chances and Limitations in the Diagnostic Industry

The Influence of Decision Making in Organizational Leadership and Management Activities

The Role of Profits – Is Profit Maximisation Tenable in the Modern Business Environment?

Dispersed Knowledge With in Markets and Companies

Emerging Green Market as an Opportunity for Green Entrepreneurs and Sustainable Development in India

Industrial Development through Takeovers and Exits: The Case of the Cut Flower Exporters in Ethiopia

Impact of Microfinance on Women Empowerment: An Empirical Evidence from Andhra Pradesh

A Critical Assessment of the Strategic Position of Melcom within the Retail Industry in Ghana

Impact of Entrepreneurial Leadership Style on Business Performance of SMEs in Tanzania

Enterprenurship Development Under Government Support in India through Business Incubation

Technology Innovation and Global Competition-evidence from Global 500 Strong Construction Enterprise

Assessing and Developing Entrepreneurself Leadership and Super-Leadership

The Effect of Intellectual Capital on Innovation: A Case Study of an Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences Located in the Science and Technology Park of Zanjan

Learning Curve Spillovers and Transactions Cost in the Microfinance Industry of the Philippines

The Problem of Dispersed Knowledge in Corporate Management

Training Evaluation in an Organization using Kirkpatrick Model: A Case Study of PIA

Corporate Governance

Joynal and Mizan (J.M.) Model for Cluster Development

Improving Organization Performance: Project Management Approach Sustainable Development in Face of Globalization

Capital Structure and Corporate Governance

Manage Socially: The Social Process Model

An Analytical Analysis of Entrepreneurial Skills in Some Selected Small Scale Businesses in the Southern Region of Nigeria

Stimulating Innovation within Social Sector Organizations: The Application of Design Thinking

The Transient Collaborative Network Approach: Theoretical and Practical Considerations

The Effects of Non-interest Banking on Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

Women Entrepreneurship and Poverty Alleviation in Awka Metropolis

Green Energy in Turkey

A Study on the Socio-economic Conditions of the Women Beneficiaries on Micro Credit in Madurai, Tamilnadu

The Consequences of Entrepreneurial Outlook on Business Initiatives: The Case of Restaurant Operators

Human Resource-based Competitive Advantage: The Case of Motivational Rents

Project Management Problems in Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria

Technology Complexity and Open Organization: Foreign Innovation Projects in the Biopharmaceutical Sector in China

Commodification of Women in Advertising: The Social Cost

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Growth: The Moderating Role of National Culture

A Structural Equation Model (SEM) of Governing Factors Influencing the Implementation of t-Government

Innovating Solutions to Deforestation: Cross-Sector Collaboration in the Amazon

The Impact of the Institution of Religion on Organizational Decision Making: The Case of Leveraged Buyouts

Research Methods and Practices Identifying the Effect of Education, on an Organisations’ Evolutionary Business and Management Development Trajectory

Entrepreneurial Resilience: Locus of Control and Well-being of Entrepreneurs

Best Practices and Emerging Trends in Recruitment and Selection

Performance of Entrepreneurs Involvement of Industrial Estates in Southern Districts of Tamilnadu - A Study

Personal Variables and Perception of Customers on Service Quality of Commercial in Madurai

Influence of Services and Quality of Private Banking in India

Mediation Role of Absorption Capacity on the Relationship between Relational Network and the Entrepreneurial Orientation of Tunisian Contractors

Effects of Leadership Behavior on the Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction: A Public Sector Research

Impact of Factors of Family Business on the Performance: A PLS-SEM Study

Challenges of Technological Entrepreneurship in Africa: The Case of Tunisia

Business Support as Ongoing Policy to Help Companies in Permanency in the State of Colima

Organizational Analysis in Value Chain Approach: The Integrated Organizational Model (IOM)

Effectuation: Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise

The Dumbing-Down and Selling Out of Corporate Human Resources: A Strategic Challenge to Organizations and their Leaders

Internet Banking Development

The Incompatibility Hypothesis and the Automotive Sector: An Empirical Study

Leadership Management among Construction Professionals in the Context of Nepal

The Emergence for Leadership Based on Values

Barriers to Growth of Medium and Small Enterprises in Developing Country: Case Study Ethiopia

SMEs; Localisation vs. Internationalisation: A Critical Review of Theoritical Frameworks and Business Strategy

His Holiness Pope Francisco

His Majesty King Felipe VI

To Project Dam-Bridge Strait of Gibraltar Which will Link Europe and Africa Turn Regulate the Water Level of the Mediterranean

Exploring the Impact of Talent Management Strategies and Service Quality on Beneficiaries’ Satisfaction in Jordan Healthcare Sector: Provider Point of View

Innovation and SME Development: Indonesian Experience in Uzbekistan Context

Entrepreneurial Passion as Mediator of the Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy and Entrepreneurial Performance, Relationship: An Empirical Study in Small Medium Businesses

Success Strategies Saudi Entrepreneurs Used to Navigate Through Regulations in Jeddah

Diagnostic Power of Ratios

Designing MRP Model in the Condition of Capacity Constraints and Variability of Delivery for Critical Items in ABC Inventory Model “Case Study in National Company of South’s Oil-rich”

Prospects and Challenges for Small-Scale Mining Entrepreneurs in South Africa

Compare the Characteristics of Male and Female Entrepreneurs as Explorative Study

Role of Relational Capital and Firm Performance: Analysis of a Cluster of Bell-metal Enterprises in a Rural Region in West Bengal, India

Crafting Strategic Objectives: Examining the Role of Business Vision and Mission Statements

The Effect of Psychological Wellbeing on Employee Job Performance: Comparison between the Employees of Projectized and Non-Projectized Organizations

Literature Review of Leadership

Transnational Entrepreneurship and Ghanaians Abroad: What are the Motives?

The Effect of Supervisor Support on Employee Voice Behavior based on the Self-Determination Theory: The Moderating Effect of Impression Management Motive

Psychological Need Satisfaction as a Pre-determinant of Entrepreneurial Intentionality

Impact of MBA on Entrepreneurial Success: Do Entrepreneurs Acquire Capacity through the Program or Does MBA Only Signal Gifted Talent and Experience?

An Appraisal of Entrepreneurial Skills of Construction Professionals to the Development of the Service Sector in Nigeria

Evaluated Strategies to Increase the Attraction and Retention of Competencies in Algerian Companies

Towards Creating an Entrepreneur Competencies Model

An Analysis of Bookkeeping Practises of Micro-Entrepreneurs in the Retail Clothing Industry in Cape Town, South Africa

Commercialising Technical Innovation: Role of Business Incubators in Kerala

Determinants of Business Entrepreneurship Success in Sudan

Organizational Learning Process in Single, Double and Triple Loop Companies in a Post-Crisis Situation in the Textile Sector in Tunisia

The Role of Business Ethics in Improving the Quality of Job Performance

Entrepreneurship is Manifested in Action

Challenges in Utilising Budgets among SMES in the Manufacturing Sector Is the Cape Metropole

Review on Measuring Land use and Land Value Changes in Ethiopia

Students’ Entrepreneurial Propensity: An Exploratory Study from a Portuguese Polytechnic School

The Influence of Job autonomy on Job Satisfaction in Thai Fitness Trainer Professionals: a Moderation Analysis

Relationship between Emotional Labor and Intrinsic Job Satisfaction: The Moderating Role of Gender

The Mediating Role of Perceived Organizational Support between Qualitative Job Insecurity, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Job Performance

The Relations Between Authoritarian Leadership and Counterproductive Work Behaviors: The Role of Psychological Resilience

“Are We Having Fun Yet?” What Factors Influence Managers to Have Fun at Work?

Exploring the Guiding Principle or Philosophy of Knowledge Management (Km) Implementation by the Banking Leaders at the Central Bank of Ghana

Proposing Alternative Masters Degrees Models for Small Colleges/Schools of Business

Effective Recruitment and Selection along with Succession Planning towards Leadership Development, Employee Retention and Talent Management in Pakistan

The Impact of Customer Relationship Management on Organization Profit of in Somali

Comparison of Various Safety Management Systems and Perceptions of Safety Management and Safety Culture in Pakistani Aviation Industry

There is No Tail without the Head: The Missing Pieces, the Alignment and the Training Returns through Training Need Assessment

The Assessment of Behavioural Attributes and Mind-set of Participants in Government Workforce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs: A Feasibility Study

Managing Organizational and Management Challenges in India

Factors Affecting Employees' Responses to Change in Nablus Industrial Factories

Productivity Improvement of Leather Products Industry in Bangladesh Using Lean Tools: A Case Study

Aspects of Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the Field of Construction, Case Study: The Tehran Metropolitan Area

Improved Life Style of Members through Self-Help Groups

Procurement Process and Its Impact on Development with Special Focus on Nepal

The Integration of the Virtual Business Incubation Services at the Conventional Business Incubator Center

Building a Model of Alternative Management Strategies and their Impact on the Changing Marketing Environment in Commercial Banks in Amman, Jordan

Organizational Diagnosis in the Logistics Sector in Ghana: An Application of the Burke-Litwin Model

An Assessment of Public Sector Involvement and Management Support in Tertiary Education Institutions of Namibia: Challenges and Prospects

Effect of Authentic Leadership on Organisation Commitment: Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction

Entrepreneurial Learning in Nursing a Propulsive Strategy of New Spaces for Professional Performance

Brief Concepts and Philosophies of Different Authorities on the Crucial and Dynamic Aspect of Entrepreneurship in India

Public Private Partnership and the Dynamics of Development in the 21st Century: The Kogi State Experience

Measuring the Impact of Employee Learning At Work: A Review of the Practices of Two Companies in Ghana

Pull and Push Elements of Entrepreneurship in South Africa: A Small-Scale Mining Perspective

Turnover Intention Influencing Factors of Employees: An Empirical Work Review

Developing a Client Performance Evaluation Model using Machine Learning Methods for a Three-Stage Technology Incubation Process

Role of Individual as a “Knowledge Holder Identity” In Knowledge Processes

Comparing the Strategic Financial Management of Three Electronic Multis Siemens, Philips and GE

Professional Management and Pedagogical Competences for Lecturers at Private Universities in Indonesia

Prospects and Challenges Faced by Cocoa Producers in Their Supply Chain Activities in the Mbam Division, Cameroon

Assessing the Implementation of Labour Regulations in Public Organizations of Cameroon

Enhancing the Training and Development of Technicians as a Tool for Effective Performance in a Selected Enterprise in the South West, Cameroon

Cross-Cultural Differences in Creativity: A Process-Based View through a Prism of Cognition, Motivation and Attribution

How Entrepreneurs Negotiate and the Impact of Negotiation and Conflict Management on the Business

The Social Capital: An Explanatory Factor of Existing Divergence between A Company Indebted and A Business Not Indebted

Implementing Green Human Resource Management: Cost-Effective Strategies and Tools

Factors and Barriers to Adoption of E-Commerce: The Case of Developing Countries

Website Dimensions and E-Trust, Disposition, Perceived Risk, and Online Self-Efficacy: Technology Acceptance Model in China and Ivory Coast Context

Success Determinants of Women Operated Entrepreneurial Ventures: A Case of Mekelle City

Impact of Prior Work Experience on Entrepreneurial Intention and Theory of Planned Behaviour in the Context of Pakistan

Impact of Gender-Specific Causes on Women Entrepreneurship: An Opportunity Structure for Entrepreneurial Women in Rural Areas

Perception of Leadership Style on Organizational Commitment: A Comparison of Ethnic Minority and Non-minority Employees within Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs)

Effect of Internet Banking on Financial Performance of Tier One Commercial Banks in Kenya

Turnover Intention and Associated Factors among Academic Staffs of Mettu University, Ethiopia: Cross Sectional Study

Influence of Occupational Health Compensation on Firm Performance

The Value of Ethics in Organizations

Investigating the Key Factors Affecting Restaurant Startup Intention

A Review of Issues Associated with the Construction of Irrigation Project with Special Focus on Sikta Irrigation Project in Nepal

The Effect of Family Member Reciprocity on the Family Firm Performance in Saudi Arabia

Role of Business Incubators as a Service Provider in Entrepreneurship Development

Editorial Note: Journal of Entrepreneurship & Organization Management

The Role of the Business Model and Business Model Innovation as Essential Components to Commercialization, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Renewal

Effect of the management of the risk of an increase in treatment cost on the production of commercial broiler farms in the city of Douala, Cameroon

Organizational Learning and Its Influence on the Lean Startup: A Unique Lens from Which to View this Popular Entrepreneurship Methodology

Lean Startup as an Entrepreneurial Strategy: Limitations, Outcomes, and Learnings for Practitioners

Exploring the Impact of Individual Resilience on Entrepreneurial Success

Status of the Lean Startup Methodology (2020): From Theoretical Foundations to Practice Experience and Current Academic Discussions

Women’s Leadership in Higher Education in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Pipette to Pallet: A Journey from Academia to Entrepreneurship

Framework for an Integrated Project Management and Change Management Team to Achieve Sustainable Digital Transformation

Social Media, Technology and Privacy during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Leadership Effectiveness for Professional Growth of Virtual Teams in the Software Industry: The Case of Pakistan

The Effect of Succession on Family Business Innovation and Leadership: Case Analysis of Australia Smes

Qualitative Analysis of Leadership and Social Media Use by SMEs and Family Business During the Pandemic Outbreak in 2020

The Future of Work in Remote and Regional Communities

The Effect of Occupational Health and Safety, Work Accidents and Skills of Construction Workers On the Quality of Life of Construction Industry Workers In Indonesia

Good Governance in Oromia: Challenges and Strategies (Major Cities in Arsi and East Shewa zone in focus, Ethiopia)

Impact of Covid-19 on a Small-Medium Businesses

Transformational Leadership and Employee Creativity in an Information Technology (IT) Enterprises: Moderating Role of Openness to Experience

Practice of leadership effectiveness in public sectors organization

Positive Organization Behavior

An Analysis of Design-Reality Gap in Smart city Building: the Case of Ho Chi Minh City

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in India: Role in policies

Exploring the Relationship between Demographic Characteristics and Job Satisfaction Indicators: A study on Private Bank Employees in Bangladesh

Customer Lowered Electricity Price: Advancing the Modern Grid Capabilities Through Rate Design

How Servant Leadership Relates to Conflict Management Styles at Work

Enhancing the Coffee among Small holder farmers by Value-Added System in Thandaunggyi Township, Karen State, Myanmar

The Role of Leadership in Knowledge Management and Information Sharing for Small and Medium Retail Business

Effect of the Management of Mortality (Chicken Death) Risk on the Production of Commercial Broiler Farms in the City of Douala, Cameroon

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