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Journal of Microbiology and Pathology

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A microbe is a microscopic organism, which may exist as single-celled form or in a colony of cells. The conceivable presence of concealed microbial life was suspected from ancient times. During the 1880s, Robert Koch found that microorganisms caused the sicknesses tuberculosis, cholera and Bacillus anthracis. Microorganisms incorporate every single unicellular creature as are very assorted. Of the three areas of life distinguished via Carl Woese, the entirety of the Archaea and Bacteria are microorganisms. These were recently gathered in the two space framework as Prokaryotes, the other being the eukaryotes. The third space Eukaryota incorporates every single multicellular creature and numerous unicellular protists and protozoans. Open access journals refers to free, unrestricted online access to research outputs such as journal articles and books. Open access journal can be accessed by all, with no fees.

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