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Medicinal Chemistry

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Clinical Chemistry Peer-review Journals

Clinical chemistry is the area of clinical pathology in which body fluid analysis is generally concerned. The discipline uses basic chemical tests for specific blood and urine components. Thereafter, other techniques including the use and measurement of enzyme activity, spectrophotometry, electrophoresis, and immunoassay were applied. Most of the existing laboratories are now highly automated to meet the usual high workload of a hospital study. Tests conducted are monitored closely and quality is regulated. Both biochemical studies fall under pathology of chemical substances. These are done on body fluid of any kind, but mostly on serum or plasma. Serum is the yellow, watery part of blood left after blood has been permitted to clot and all blood cells removed. It is most conveniently achieved by centrifugation, which forces the denser blood cells and platelets to the centrifuge tube bottom, leaving the serum fraction of liquid remaining above the packed cells. Recently, this initial phase before analysis has been included in instruments which operate on the principle of "integrated system." In fact, plasma is the same as serum but is produced by centrifuging the blood without coagulation. Due to clotting, plasma is collected by centrifugation.

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