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Important citations

Bhattacharyya MK, Saha U, Dutta D, Das A, Verma AK, Frontera A. Solvent-driven structural topology involving energetically significant intra-and intermolecular chelate ring contacts and anticancer activities of Cu (II) phenanthroline complexes involving benzoates: experimental and theoretical studies. RSC Advances. 2019;9(29):16339-56.

Kumar S, Sharma RP, Venugopalan P, Ferretti V, Tarpin M, Sayen S, Guillon E. New copper (II) niflumate complexes with N-donor ligands: Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of anticancer potential against human cell lines. Inorganica Chimica Acta. 2019 Mar 24;488:260-8.

Choroba K, Machura B, Kula S, Raposo LR, Fernandes AR, Kruszynski R, Erfurt K, Shul'pina LS, Kozlov YN, Shul'pin GB. Copper (ii) complexes with 2, 2′: 6′, 2′′-terpyridine, 2, 6-di (thiazol-2-yl) pyridine and 2, 6-di (pyrazin-2-yl) pyridine substituted with quinolines. Synthesis, structure, antiproliferative activity, and catalytic activity in the oxidation of alkanes and alcohols with peroxides. Dalton Transactions. 2019;48(33):12656-73.

Beloglazkina EK, Krasnovskaya OO, Guk DA, Tafeenko VA, Moiseeva AA, Zyk NV, Majouga AG. Synthesis, characterization, and cytotoxicity of binuclear copper (II) complexes with tetradentate nitrogen-containing ligands bis-5-(2-pyridylmethylidene)-3, 5-dihydro-4H-imidazol-4-ones. Polyhedron. 2018 Jul 1;148:129-37.

Sciortino G, Garribba E, Maréchal JD. Validation and Applications of Protein–Ligand Docking Approaches Improved for Metalloligands with Multiple Vacant Sites. Inorganic chemistry. 2018 Nov 26;58(1):294-306.

Islam A, Amjad A, Maisa AQ, Mohamed AE, Maha E, Darwish B. Spasmolytic Effects of Salvia triloba Leaf Extract on Smooth Muscles of the Duodenum in Rats.

Carey W. Faktor Risiko Anemia pada Siswi SMP Negeri 25 Kecamatan Medan Labuhan.

Shivanna N, Kandikattu HK, Sharma RK, Sharma T, Khanum F. 13 Nanoencapsulation of Iron for. NanoNutraceuticals. 2018 Oct 3:15.

Bhaumik S, Patel S. Nutritional Anaemia in Adolescent Girls in India-An Insight. SciFed Journal of Analytical Biochemistry. 2018 Mar 15;1(1).

Samuel TR, Rajagopalan B, Tejaswi MN. Assessment of Nutritional Status among Adolescent Rural Females.

Ofosu DN, Opoku-Okrah C, Bam V, Segbefia SP. Evaluation of the Diagnostic Value of Ret-He among Sickle Cell Disease Children with Iron Deficiency Anaemia on Haematinics. Asian Hematology Research Journal. 2018:1-7.

Goyal N, Rawat CM. A study of anaemia and its correlates among adolescent girls in schools of Haldwani, India. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. 2018 Oct;6(10):3320.

Dhawan S, Nanda S, Verma S, Nirbhavane P, Singh B. Exploring Nanoformulations of Pomegranate as Promising Nutraceuticals. InNanoNutraceuticals 2018 Oct 3 (pp. 271-292). CRC Press.

Khan NA, Sonkar VR, Domple VK, Inamdar IA. Study of Anaemia and Its Associated Risk Factors among Pregnant Women in a Rural Field Practice Area of a Medical College. National Journal of Community Medicine. 2017;8(7):396-400.

Espuri PF, dos Reis LL, de Figueiredo Peloso E, Gontijo VS, Colombo FA, Nunes JB, de Oliveira CE, De Almeida ET, Silva DE, Bortoletto J, Segura DF. Synthesis and evaluation of the antileishmanial activity of silver compounds containing imidazolidine-2-thione. JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry. 2019 May 1;24(3):419-32.

Gangwar S, Rai DV, Joshi MD. Current Status of Existing and Emerging Chemotherapy and Drug Resistance Mechanisms in Leishmania.

Sinha S, Doble M, Manju SL. 5-Lipoxygenase as a drug target: A review on trends in inhibitors structural design, SAR and mechanism based approach. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry. 2019 Jul 4.

Blasi F, Urbani E, Simonetti MS, Chiesi C, Cossignani L. Seasonal variations in antioxidant compounds of Olea europaea leaves collected from different Italian cultivars. Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality. 2016 May 26;89.

Abdel-Razek AG, Badr AN, Mohamed GS. Characterization of olive oil By-products: antioxidant activity, its ability to reduce aflatoxigenic fungi hazard and its aflatoxins. Annu. Res. Rev. Biol. 2017;14:1-4.

Salah MB, Abdelmelek H, Abderraba M. Effects of olive leave extract on metabolic disorders and oxidative stress induced by 2.45 GHz WIFI signals. Environmental toxicology and pharmacology. 2013 Nov 1;36(3):826-34.

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