Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

ISSN: 2168-9768

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Current Issue

Volume 9, Issue 1 (2020)

    Review Pages: 1 - 6

    Review of Irrigation Practice in Ethiopia, Lessons from Israel

    Mulatu Kassa and Tesfa Gebrie Andualem*

    This report tried to address why Ethiopia is suffered from low agricultural production blessed with high potential of irrigation water resource, irrigable land, labor and suitable climate and why Israel is very effective in irrigated agriculture by having very low arable land, water resource, and with adverse climatic condition. What lessons should Ethiopia share from Israel in irrigated agriculture to improve the economic and social development of Ethiopia? Various research papers were reviewed in this paper and it indicated that if Ethiopia want to be effective in irrigation and brings its population in to food security it could take lessons from Israel’s long-term struggle and effort on the management of its irrigation water. Ethiopia should have to develop its own solutions to serve the needs of farmers as well those of broader economic development. Ethiopia has an important opportunity in water-led development, but it needs to address critical challenges in the planning, design, delivery, and maintenance of irrigation systems to capture its full potential. This report showed how Ethiopia can be successful in irrigation so that the people of the country will improve their economy and will be food and water secured country in a short period of time. Hence, Ethiopia should take lessons from Israel in irrigation practice systems viz use of advanced and water saving technology, reuse of waste water and adoption of effective water management practices.

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