Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

ISSN: 2168-9768

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Mushtaque Ahmed Rahu

Department of Electronics, QUEST, SBA, Sindh, Pakistan

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    Irrigation scheduling, water pollution monitoring in IoT: A Review
    Author(s): Azeem Ayaz Mirani*, Engr. Muhammad Suleman Memon, Rozina Chohan, Irum Naz Sodhar and Mushtaque Ahmed Rahu

    Internet of things (IoT) also called internet of everything (IoE) are network of physical object having connectivity with the internet. IoT is broad field with several new and advanced trends which made more suitable to implement and connect over the remote areas. IoT became more suitable platform in several applications with the emergence of the other field. IoT provide fast solution of the several real life problems with integration of the new trends and techniques. The field of automation is need of this era with other smart and advanced features bought up with new way of the handling the problems. IoT is the concept which can be applied globally over the networks of the things for solving the problem of the manual control especially in remote applications. This study reviews important aspects of water irrigation in IoT. However, it covers the challenges, applications and water pol.. Read More»

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