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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Picture of Water Droplet Evaporation in Air

A Systems View Towards More Sustainable Irrigation Design

Effect of Different Deficit-Irrigation Capabilities on Cotton Yield in the Tennessee Valley

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) and Irrigation Water Conservation

Towards Sustainability of Urban Water Networks: Addressing Management Issues With Innovative Approaches

Assiut Barrage in Egypt: Past, Present and Future

Land Use Effects on Energy and Water Balance-Developing A Regional Land Use Adapted Drought Index

Global Irrigation Demand - A Holistic Approach

One Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Bed Changes in Irrigation Channels using Finite Volume Method

Representing Natural and Manmade Drainage Systems in an Earth System Modeling Framework

Analysis of an In-Flight Water Droplet: Literature-Based Considerations and Novel Perspectives

Assessment of In-Flight Water Droplet Evaporation: The Contribution of Numerical Approximation Methods

Assessment of Natural Self Restoration of the Water of Al-Mahmoudia Canal, Western Part of Nile Delta, Egypt

Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Tool for Engineering Research?

Rhizobacterial Application for Sustainable Water Management on the Areas of Limited Water Resources

Evolution and Challenges of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Research

Towards a Consistent Approach for the Assessment and Redesign of Surface Water Quality Monitoring Networks

Hydrology of Nile River Basin in the Era of Climate Changes

Uncertainty in Design and Management of Sewer Systems

Evolution of Irrigation-Equipped Areas as Share of Cultivated Areas

Constructing Comprehensive Datasets for Understanding Human and Climate Change Impacts on Hydrologic Cycle

Necessity of Irrigated and Rainfed Agriculture in the World

Sustainable Irrigation and Drainage Management

Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration: Need for Generalized Models

Friction Head Loss in Center-Pivot Laterals with the Lateral Divided into Several Reaches

The Importance of Improving Energy Efficiency in Irrigated Areas

Food Production and Water Usage Issues

Physical and Social Factors in Management of Community Based Water Storage Structures in Gujarat: An Institutional Analysis of Local Governance

Root Water Uptake Research under Different Climatic Conditions

Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Design High Performance Drip Irrigation Emitters

Exploring Estimation of Evaporation in Dry Climates Using a Class ‘A’ Evaporation Pan

Evaluation of Drip Irrigation Emitters Distributing Primary and Secondary Wastewater Effluents

Comparison of Reference Evapotranspiration Calculations for Southeastern North Dakota

Could Dielectric Devices Replace Laborious Methodologies in Determining Soil Salinity

Green Concept in Storm Water Management

Food Production and Irrigation and Drainage Systems Development Perspective and Challenges

System of Rice Intensification (SRI): Packages of Technologies Sustaining the Production and Increased the Rice Yield in Tamil Nadu, India

Influence of Drip Irrigation and Plastic Mulch on Yield of Sapota (Achraszapota) and Soil Nutrients

Irrigation with Treated Wastewater: Quantification of Changes in Soil Physical and Chemical Properties

Climate Change and its Impact on Irrigation Water Requirements on Temporal Scale

Simulation Study of Yield and Soil Water Balance Responses of a Maize Crop to Farmers’ Irrigation Scheduling Practices in Tanzania

The Role of Benchmarking for Improving the Water Use Efficiency in Irrigated Areas

Transportation Module Determination for the Urban Landscapes with Linear Programming Pattern in the Urmia, North-West Iran

Comparison of Two Soil Water Evaporation Models in a Sandy Soil

Conjunctive Water Management in the Fixed Rotational Canal System: A Case Study from Punjab Pakistan

Analysis of Short Duration Rainfall Intensity Data of Makoran Region-Iran

The Great Potential of Micro-Irrigation Technology for Poor-Rural Communities

Modeling Flow and Solute Transport in Irrigation Furrows

An Assessment of Rain Water Supply for Kenaf- Maize Intercrop

Bassara Dam and Irrigation Project-Irrigation Design

Water Balance Model for Vulnerability Assessment of Water Resources in Strumica River Basin

Solar Energy, a Viable Alternative for the Water Supply in Pressurized Systems

Support of Drainage for Management of Nitrogen Cycle in Africa

Impacts of Climate Change on Soybean Irrigation Water Requirements in Northwest Region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) Approach and Smallholder Irrigation Farming

Mini Polders, as an Alternative of Flood Management in the Lower Bengawan Solo River

Flood Control and Flood Management of Sarbaz and Kajo Rivers in Makoran

Energy Saving in a Variable-Inclination Archimedes Screw

Optimizing Cropping Pattern Using Chance Constraint Linear Programming for Koga Irrigation Dam, Ethiopia

New Approaches to Agricultural Land Drainage: A Review

A Study on the Development of Small - Scale Industries in Tamilnadu,India

An Evaluation of the SRI on Increasing Yield, Water Productivity and Profitability; Experiences from TN-IAMWARM Project

Mitigation of Sedimentation at the Diverstion Intake of Fota Spate Irrigation: Case Study of the Gash Spate Irrigation Scheme, Sudan

Environmental Factors Influencing Fish Species Distribution in Irrigation Channels around Ariake Sea, Kyushu, Japan

Ten Surge Vessels Installed For Southern Water

Small-scale Irrigation: The Driver for Promoting Agricultural Production and Food Security (The Case of Tigray Regional State, Northern Ethiopia)

Director of Curiosity Tony Conway Joins Aquam Corp

Technology Leaders Join Aquatech Innovation Initiative

Innovative Valve Delivers Safer Surge Vessel Inspections

Top Water Industry Entrepreneurs Emerge in Wetsus Event

JD7 Delivers Leakage Technology Training in Bangkok

Evaluating Irrigation Scheduling Efficiency of Paddy Rice and Berseem Fodder Crops in Sandy Loam Soil

Aquam Corporation Announces Term Agreement with HTC

Modeling Agricultural Drainage Hydraulic Nets

BlueTech Expert Leads Energy Panel at Canadian Water Summit

Wiseman N (2015) Breakthrough Water and Wastewater Technology Secures £4 Million Funding. Irrigat Drainage Sys Eng 4:151.

Effects of Trickle Irrigation System from Southern Iran District Chabahar Free Zone

Study on Water Requirement of Selected Crops under Tarikere Command Area using CROPWAT

The Role of Precision Irrigation in Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Impact of Drip Fertigation on Water Use Efficiency and Economics of Aerobic Rice

Estimation of Deep Percolation in Sandy-Loam Soil using Water-balance Approach

Effects of Climate Change on the Irrigation Scheduling Parameters in Calabria (South Italy) during 1925-2013

Bi-level Drainage System Design considering Upward Leakage from Semi-impermeable Barrier

Concept of Water, Land and Energy Productivity in Agriculture and Pathways for Improvement

Statistical Assessment of a Numerical Model Simulating Agro Hydrochemical Processes in Soil under Drip Fertigated Mandarin Tree

Irrigations Impact on Economic Growth in Alberta, Canada

Performance Evaluation and Development of Daily Reference Evapotranspiration Model

Global Warming Effects on Irrigation and Drainage Development

Comparative Analysis of Water Saving Techniques for Irrigating More Land with Less Water in Nguruman Scheme, Kenya: Design Principles and Practices

Comparative Performance of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) Under Subsistence Farming Using Drip and Watering Can Methods of Irrigation

Study on Optimal Irrigation Index of Cotton with Drip Irrigation under Film Mulching based on Pan Evaporation

A Developed Criterion for Rationalizing On-Farm Irrigation Water Uses Under Arid Conditions

Allocation of Canal Water Optimally Employing OPTALL Model

Evapotranspiration Estimation using Six Different Multi-layer Perceptron Algorithms

Developed Water Stress and Crop Coefficients of Dripped-Onion Crop under Arid Conditions of Egypt

The Effect of Different Irrigation Methods in Biodiesel Production from Sunflower

Estimation of Yield Response (Ky) and Validation of CropWat for Tomato under Different Irrigation Regimes

Comparison of Different Methods to Estimate Mean Daily Evapotranspiration from Weekly Data at Patna, India

Estimation of Crop Coefficient and Water Requirement of Dutch Roses (Rosa hybrida) under Greenhouse and Open Field Conditions

Contributions of Social Networking to Accessing Resources for Irrigation Farming among Farming Households in North Central Nigeria

Yield and Physiological Response of Tomato to Various Nutrient Managements under Container Grown and Drip Irrigated Conditions

Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Water Productivity of Onion (Allium cepal.)under Drip Irrigation

Determination of Optimal Irrigation Scheduling for Maize (Zea Mays) at Teppi, Southwest of Ethiopia

Gis Based Diagonastic Analyis of Doni Sifa Small Scale Irrigation Scheme: In Upper Awash Ethiopia

Comparison of Decision Tree Based Rainfall Prediction Model with Data Driven Model Considering Climatic Variables

Integrated Water Resources Management and Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

SDGs: Bridging of Science and Innovations with Local Conditions

Water Management and Agriculture Development

Fertigation Uniformity under Sprinkler Irrigation: Evaluation and Analysis

Effects of Slopes, Furrow Lengths and Inflow Rates on Irrigation Performances and Yield of Sugarcane Plantation at Metehara, Ethiopia

Comparison of Yield and Water Productivity of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Hybrids in Response to Transplanting Dates and Crop Maturity Durations in Irrigated Environment

Success Story and Factors Affecting Level of Income Earned from Improved Potato Farming in Damot Sore Woreda, Wolaita and Southern Ethiopia

Road Construction, Maintenance Challenges and their Solutions in Kashmir

Influence of Concentration and Type of Clay Particles on Dripper Clogging

Physiology and Grain Yield of Common Beans under Evapotranspirated Water Reposition Levels

Evaluation of Groundwater Suitability for Drinking and Irrigation Purposes in Toba Tek Singh District, Pakistan

Variable-rate Technology: A Critical Element in Precision Water-saving Irrigation

Impact Analysis of Small Scale Irrigation Schemes on Household Food Security the Case of Sibu Sire District in Western Oromia, Ethiopia

Using Remote Sensing to Characterize and Compare Evapotranspiration from Different Irrigation Regimes in the Smith River Watershed of Central Montana

Determination of Optimal Soil Moisture Depletion Level for Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratusL.)

Renovating Open Shallow Dug Wells for Off-Season Home Gardening in Nepal Terai

Soil Moisture Based Irrigation Test in a Remotely Monitored Automated System

Optimal Soil Moisture Depletion Levels for the Production of Vernonia (Vernonia galamensis L.) and it’s Effect on Growth, Yield and Yield Components

Validation of Valiantzas Reference Evapotranspiration Equation under Different Climatic Conditions

Field Assessment of Basin Irrigation Performance in Hetao, Inner Mongolia

Modernizing Surface Irrigation and Land Levelling in Hetao with Application of the Decision Support Systems SADREG

Urban Planning of Drainage in BTN Hamzy of Makassar City

The Evaluation of Water Leakage in the Irrigation Channels of Kazeroon Plain Using the Input Method of Discharge and Experimental Formulas

Water Supply Prediction for the Next 10 Years in Algeria: Risks and Challenges

Performance Evaluation of Field Water Application at Tendaho Sugar Estate, Ethiopia

Determining the Optimum Decision Variables and Rescheduling the Irrigation System of Tendaho Sugar Estate, Ethiopia

Maize ( Zea mays L.) Variety Adaptation Performance Evaluation at Tendahoo Sugar Factory Afar Regional State Ethiopia

Sum of Hourly vs. Daily Penman-Monteith Grass-Reference Evapotranspiration under Semiarid and Arid Climate

Evaluating the Effects of Deficit Irrigation on Yield and Water Productivity of Furrow Irrigated Onion (Allium cepa L.) in Ambo, Western Ethiopia

Variability of the Ratio of Alfalfa to Grass Reference Evapotranspiration under Semiarid Climate

Small Scale Irrigation Development

Integrated Effect of Mulching and Furrow Methods on Maize Yield and Water Productivity at Koka, Ethiopia

Complementary Irrigation in a Maize Silage Double Crop using the BAHICU Software: A Case Study in Northern Buenos Aires, Argentina

Evaluation of Irrigation Scheduling for Sprinkler Irrigation System under Existing Condition in Beles Sugar Development Project, Ethiopia

Evaluation of Furrow Irrigation Systems on Onion Yield and Water Use Efficiency in Melokoza Woreda, Southern Ethioipia

Devised Mathematical Technique for Flexible Gated Pipe Alignment in the Case of Furrow Irrigation in Ethiopia

Assessing the Potential of Rain-Water Harvesting (in situ) for Sustainable Olive (Olea europaea L.) Cultivation in Water-Scarce Rain-Fed Areas

Performance Evaluation of Cement Grouting by Universal Testing Machine to Improve the Bearing Capacity of Sandy Soil

Performance Evaluation of Infield Sprinkler Irrigation System under Existing Condition in Beles Sugar Development Project, Ethiopia

Assessment of Surface Water Quality using Multivariate Statistical Techniques: A Case Study in China 

Stream Flow and Sediment Yield Modeling: A Case Study of Beles Watershed, Upper Blue Nile Basin

An Automated System for Irrigation Control in Containerized Ornamental Crop Production

Failure of Inland Valleys Development: A Hydrological Diagnosis of the Bankandi Valley in Burkina Faso

Analysis of Technical Efficiency of Small Scale Irrigation Technologies in Two Selected Areas of Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Performance Assessment of Community Managed Irrigation Practices in the Wesha Small-Scale Irrigation Project, Southern Ethiopia

Estimation of Seepage Loss in Irrigation Canals of Tendaho Sugar Estate, Ethiopia

Slope Effects on the Pressure Head Profile Patterns of Sprinkler Irrigation Laterals, I. Theoretical Analysis

Slope Effects on the Pressure Head Profile Patterns of Sprinkler Irrigation Laterals, II. Evaluation Based on Simulation

Effect of Intra-Row Spacing on Performance of Cowpea (Vigna unguciulata L. Walp) under Rain-Fed Conditions in Darfur, Sudan

Irrigation Potential Assessment on Shaya River Sub-Basin in Bale Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Evaluation of Irrigation Water, Drainage Water, Soil Salinity, and Groundwater for Sustainable Cultivation

Evaluation of Irrigation Water, Drainage Water, Soil Salinity, and Groundwater for Sustainable Cultivation.

Comparative Evaluation of Small Scale Irrigation Schemes at Adami Tulu Jido Kombolcha Woreda, Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Evaluation of Overhead Irrigation System Performance at Finchaa, East- Bank Sugar Estate, Ethiopia

Impact of Block Farming on Livelihood of Farmers in the Eastern Region of Ghana: A Case Study of Block Farmers in the Kwahu West Municipality and Kwahu South District.

Comparison of Flooding and Raised Bed Irrigation Systems for Wheat Crop at Samoo (Village Bilawal Khan Jamali) District Jaffarabad Balochistan Pakistan

Response of Lemongrass (Cympopogon citratus (DC) Stapf) to Deficit Irrigation and Furrow Irrigation Water Application Methods at Wondo Genet, Ethiopia

Application of Surface Water Quality Classification Models Using Principal Components Analysis and Cluster Analysis

Comparative Performance Evaluation of Irrigation Schemes in Southern Ethiopia

Performance Evaluation of Sanko Small Scale Irrigation Scheme at Basketo Special Woreda in SNNPR, Ethiopia

Evaluating the Effect of Soil Moisture Conservation and Management Practices on Yield and Yield Components of Maize Crop in the Midlands of Bale Zone, Southeastern Ethiopia

Hydraulics of Linear-move Sprinkler Irrigation Systems: System Description, Assumptions, and Definition of the Hydraulic Simulation Problem

Hydraulics of Linear-Move Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, II: Model Development

Hydraulics of Linear-Move Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, III: Model Evaluation

Evaluation of Potato Responses to Supplementary Irrigation in Rain-Fed Agriculture at Misrak Azernet Berbere Woreda, Ethiopia

Pressure Head Profile of Linear-Move Sprinkler Irrigation Laterals: Analysis, Equation and Profile Patterns

Irrigation Water Salinity Effects On Germination and Emergence of Six Halophytes

Evaluation of Onion Response for Deficit Irrigation in Maskan Woreda, Gurage Zone, Ethiopia

Review of Irrigation Practice in Ethiopia, Lessons from Israel


The Future of Irrigated Agriculture between Opportunities and Threats

Raising of Hydraulic Efficiency and Operational Reliability of Large Canals

Land Suitability Evaluation for Surface Irrigation Using Spatial Information Technology in Omo-Gibe River Basin, Southern Ethiopia

Evaluation of Water Delivery Performance in Robit Small- Scale Irrigation Scheme, Amhara, Ethiopia

Optimal Management of Irrigation Process using Dynamic Programming Method

Performance Assessment of Small-Scale Irrigation Schemes: A Case Study of Upper Blue Nile, East Dangila Woreda, Ethiopia

Verification of the Efficiency of Alternate Furrow Irrigation on Amount of Water Productivity and Yield of Onion at Sekota Woreda

Journal of Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

Editor note on Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

The Editorial on Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

The short note on Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

The Editor note on Journal of Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

Lemongrass (Cymbopogoncitratus(DC.)Stapf) Response for Supplementary Irrigation in Rain-fed Agriculture at Wondo Genet, South Ethiopia

Regulated Deficit Irrigation and Onion (Allium Cepa L) Yield Response on Water Productivity

Irrigation & Drainage 2021 Market Analysis

Factor Affecting Irrigation Agriculture in Ethiopia

Onion seed production and water productivity under deficit irrigation in Oda Bultum District, West Hararghe Zone, Eastern Ethiopia

Effect of furrow dimensions on yield and water productivity of maize in Sibu Sire district, Eastern Wollega, Ethiopia

Response of Onion (Allium Cepa L.) to Soil Moisture Stress Conditions at Different Growth Stages under Semi-Arid Area of Ethiopia

Productivity Differentials in Liberia: An Empirical Investigation of Irrigated and Rainfed Farming Households in Tchien District

The Stumbling Irrigation Sector of Ethiopia: Critical Review and Analysis

Comparison of Measured and Estimated Sugarcane Water Requirement under Arid and Semi-Arid Climatic Condition: The Case of Wonji Shoa Sugarcane Plantation, Ethiopia

Irrigation scheduling, water pollution monitoring in IoT: A Review

Models Comparative Study for Estimating Crop Water Requirement and Irrigation Scheduling of Maize in Metekel Zone, Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Ethiopia

Using Drip Irrigation to Mitigate the Effects of Drought in Food Production: A Case Study of Production of Beans during Dry Spells in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

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