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Journal total citations count 2843
Journal impact factor 5.02
Journal 5 years impact factor 9.82
Journal cite score 7.69
Journal h-index 28
Journal h-index since 2018 21
Important citations

Sellem, Feriel, Fatma Guetat, Wejdi Enaceur, Amira Ghorbel-Ouannes, Afif Othman, Montassar Harki, Abdesslem Lakuireb, and Sarra Rafrafi. "Sea cucumber species from Mediterranean lagoon environments (Tunisia western and eastern Mediterranean)." BECHE-DE-MER (2019): 54.

Kumar, Ashok. "Research and Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences."

Labidi, Mouna Ben, Marwa Mejri, Adel AAB Shahin, Jean-Pierre Quignard, Monia Trabelsi, and Abderraouf Ben Faleh. "Otolith fluctuating asymmetry in Boops boops (Actinopterygii, Sparidae) from two marine stations (Bizerte and Kelibia) in Tunisian waters." Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 100, no. 7 (2020): 1135-1146.

Abidi, Myriam, Rim Ben Amor, and Moncef Gueddari. "Assessment of the trophic status of the south lagoon of Tunis (Tunisia, Mediterranean Sea): Geochemical and statistical approaches." Journal of Chemistry 2018 (2018).

El Mahrad, Badr, Samuel Abalansa, Alice Newton, John D. Icely, Maria Snoussi, and Ilias Kacimi. "Social-environmental analysis for the management of coastal lagoons in North Africa." Frontiers in Environmental Science 8 (2020): 37.

Adeyeye, Mercy M., Kingsley Obieguo, and Deborah Ogu-Egege. "Non-Governmental Organizations activities and poverty alleviation among rural dwellers of Bosso, Nigeria." (2017).

Eze, Linda Chinyere. "Assessment of Groundwater Use by Crop Farmers in Ebonyi State, Nigeria." (2018).

Croitoru, Lelia, Juan Jose Miranda, Abdellatif Khattabi, and Jia Jun Lee. "The Cost of Coastal Zone Degradation in Nigeria." (2020).

Duarte, Lia, Jorge Espinha Marques, and Ana Cláudia Teodoro. "An open source GIS-based application for the assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution." Environments 6, no. 7 (2019): 86.


Rafiq, Mohammd, and Anoop Kumar Mishra. "A study of heavy snowfall in Kashmir, India in January 2017." Weather 73, no. 1 (2018): 15-17.

Nabbou, Nouria, Elhassan Benyagoub, Abdelkarim Mellouk, and Youcef Benmoussa. "Risk assessment for chemical pollution of dairy effluents from a milk processing plant located in Bechar (Southwest of Algeria)." Applied Water Science 10, no. 11 (2020): 1-12.

Shashishankar, A., M. D. Chandran, and T. V. Ramachandra. "Hydrological regime in Sacred Groves and NonSacred Groves of Central Western Ghats."

Johnson, Jeyaraj A., Taibanganba Watham, Govindan V. Gopi, and Kuppusamy Sivakumar. "Development of habitat suitability criteria for conservation of the black?necked crane in Nyamjang Chu River in eastern Himalaya, India in connection with a proposed hydropower dam." River Research and Applications 37, no. 3 (2021): 321-329.

Ramachandra, T. V., V. Sincy, K. S. Asulabha, and S. Vinay. "Assessment of Physico-chemical Integrity of Lotic Ecosystems in Central Western Ghats through Multivariate Techniques." Journal of Biodiversity 9, no. 1/2 (2018): 69-80.

Ramachandra, T. V., S. Vinay, S. Bharath, MD Subash Chandran, and Bharath H. Aithal. "Insights into riverscape dynamics with the hydrological, ecological and social dimensions for water sustenance." Curr Sci 118, no. 9 (2020): 1379-1393.

Vinay, S., D. M. Vishnu, N. Srikanth, M. D. S. Chandran, S. Bharath, A. Shashishankar, and T. V. Ramachandra. "Landscapes and hydrological regime linkages: case study of Chandiholé, Aghanashini." proceedings of National Seminare for Research Scholars, Bangalore (2017).

Ramachandra, T. V., Divya Soman, Ashwath D. Naik, and MD Subash Chandran. "Appraisal of forest ecosystems goods and services: Challenges and opportunities for conservation." Journal of Biodiversity 8, no. 1 (2017): 12-33.

Tripti, M., L. Lambs, I. Moussa, and D. Corenblit. "Evidence of elevation effect on stable isotopes of water along highlands of a humid tropical mountain belt (Western Ghats, India) experiencing monsoonal climate." Journal of Hydrology 573 (2019): 469-485.

Lamb, Jennifer, Eliane Fischer, Martin Rosillo-Lopez, Christoph G. Salzmann, and Jason P. Holland. "Multi-functionalised graphene nanoflakes as tumour-targeting theranostic drug-delivery vehicles." Chemical science 10, no. 38 (2019): 8880-8888.

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