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Journal h-index 28
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Important citations

Tian, Yulu, Yuan Jiang, Qi Liu, Manyu Dong, Dingxue Xu, Yang Liu, and Xia Xu. "Using a water quality index to assess the water quality of the upper and middle streams of the Luanhe River, northern China." Science of the Total Environment 667 (2019): 142-151.

Karunanayake, Chamaka, Miyuru B. Gunathilake, and Upaka Rathnayake. "Inflow forecast of iranamadu reservoir, Sri Lanka, under projected climate scenarios using artificial neural networks." Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing 2020 (2020).

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Xu, Congbin, Chunlei Jiao, Ruihua Yao, Aijun Lin, and Wentao Jiao. "Adsorption and regeneration of expanded graphite modified by CTAB-KBr/H3PO4 for marine oil pollution." Environmental Pollution 233 (2018): 194-200.

Lodh, A. "Simulated Impact of Desertification and Deforestation on Indian Monsoon Rainfall and Surface Fluxes: RegCM4. 0 Simulations." J Ecosyst Ecography 7, no. 226 (2017): 2.

Ogunsusi, Kayode, and Bola Olusola Adeleke. "Bitumen Seepage and Surface Water Contamination: Impact on Physicochemical and Biological Characteristics of Water." Environtropica-An International Journal of the Tropical Environment 15 (2019): 103-119.

Ogunsusi, Kayode, and Bola Olusola Adeleke. "Bitumen Seepage and Surface Water Contamination: Impact on Physicochemical and Biological Characteristics of Water." Environtropica-An International Journal of the Tropical Environment 15 (2019): 103-119.

Salaudeen, I. A., Paul Ogunbamowo, A. A. Rasheed-Adeleke, and A. A. Olaniyi. "Assessment of heavy metals and microbial load of groundwater samples from Ibadan metropolis Nigeria." Pollution 4, no. 3 (2018): 429-438.

Dzurume, Tatenda, Timothy Dube, Kgabo Humphrey Thamaga, Cletah Shoko, and Dominic Mazvimavi. "Use of multispectral satellite data to assess impacts of land management practices on wetlands in the Limpopo Transfrontier River Basin, South Africa." South African Geographical Journal (2021): 1-20.

Domingos Sambo, Sandra. "Spatio-temporal drought characteristics in the Limpopo basin from 1918 to 2018-A case study based on analysis of the Standardized Precipitation Evaporation Index (SPEI)." Student thesis series INES (2021).

Bhatt, Diva, Arnab Kundu, R. K. Mall, and KN Prudhvi Raju. "Dynamics of vegetation response to seasonal rainfall in the Gomati River Basin (India) using earth observation data sets." Journal of Scientific Research 64, no. 1 (2020).

Shefine, B. G. "Analysis of Meteorological Drought Using SPI and Large-Scale Climate Variability (ENSO)-A Case Study in North Shewa Zone, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia." Hydrol Current Res 9, no. 307 (2018): 2.

Sarkar, Amaresh, and Mrinmoy Majumder. "Real-time monitoring of water requirement in protected farms by using polynomial neural networks and image processing." Environment, Development and Sustainability 21, no. 3 (2019): 1451-1483.

Mosase, Esther, Laurent Ahiablame, and Raghavan Srinivasan. "Spatial and temporal distribution of blue water in the Limpopo River Basin, Southern Africa: A case study." Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology 19, no. 2 (2019): 252-265.

HR, Priya, Pavithra AH Veena, and Divya Joythi. "Research and Reviews: Journal of Agriculture and Allied Sciences."

Labidi, Mouna Ben, Hassen Allaya, Adel A. Basyouny Shahin, Jean-Pierre Quignard, Monia Trabelsi, and Abderraouf Ben Faleh. "Morphometric and meristic character variability and relationships among populations of Boops boops (L.) from four marine stations along the Tunisian coast." Fisheries & Aquatic Life 29, no. 1 (2021).

Sellem, Feriel, Fatma Guetat, Wejdi Enaceur, Amira Ghorbel-Ouannes, Afif Othman, Montassar Harki, Abdesslem Lakuireb, and Sarra Rafrafi. "Sea cucumber species from Mediterranean lagoon environments (Tunisia western and eastern Mediterranean)." BECHE-DE-MER (2019): 54.

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