Environmental & Analytical Toxicology

ISSN: 2161-0525

Open Access

Worku L Mulat

Worku L Mulat

Worku L Mulat
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA


Dr. Worku Mulat is an Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Applied Ecology with extensive teaching and research experience in Africa, Europe and the United States. He has received his PhD in Applied Ecology from Cork University, Ireland, 2001, MSc in Environmental Science, Gent University, Belgium, 1993 and BSc in Biology, Asmara University, Eritrea, 1987. He taught Applied Ecology and Environmental Science courses for more than 15 years at Jimma University and won US $ 120 million grant to investigate the socioeconomic and environmental impact of Gilgel Gibe Hydropower project in Ethiopia.  Currently, he is working as a Research Associate at Tree Foundation, Research collaborator, University of Connecticut, and Science Editor, ACCDON LLC. He successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities as Head of the School of Environmental Health and Deputy Director of Grarbet Rehabilitation Center in Ethiopia. He is serving as an editorial member of several reputed journals like Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. He also authored numerous water pollution and Environmental Science related articles on Malaria Journal, Ecological Indicators, Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment as well as Bioresource Technology. Dr Worku Mulat co-authored a book with Dr Helmut Kloos on Water resource management in Ethiopia with particular emphasis to the River Nile. He is a member of Ethiopian Public Health Association and Sierra Club and honored as distinguished guest on the opening of Nature Research Center, North Carolina and a panelist on topics related to Environmental Science in several science conferences.

Research Interest

Trained in Biology, Environmental Science and Applied Ecology, Dr Worku Mulat developed strong curiosity to study the impact of domestic, agricultural and industrial water pollution on human and ecosystem health. He worked with Professor Endashaw Bekele, Asmara University, Professor Willy Verstrate, Gent University, Professor Paul Giller and John O’Halloran, Cork University, and Dr Helmut Kloos, University of California. Over the years Dr Mulat published several papers and book chapters on the impact of improper waste management and coffee processing on river systems in Africa. Recently, he initiated south-north collaborative research in the area of water and health in Ethiopia. His future research area focuses on development of decision support tools for policy makers to avert harmful effects of water pollution on human and ecosystem health in developing countries.


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