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Sorption Potential of Epoxy/Pac Composite for the Removal of Cs+ ion from Aqueous Solutions

Toxic Effects of Distillery Sludge Amendment on Microbiological and Enzymatic Properties of Agricultural Soil in a Tropical City

Genotoxicity in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Exposed to two Pharmacological Products from an Impacted Italian River

Immunotoxicity of Municipal Effluents to Freshwater Mussels

A Review of Dissolved Organic Matter Transport Processes Affecting Soil and Environmental Quality

Elimination of Nickel from Aqueous Solution Using Actived Carbon and Biofilm

Interaction of Selected Minerals with Organic Pollutants: Effects of Phyto-Assisted Bioremediation Using Vigna Subterranea

Protective Effect of Vitamin C on Biochemical Alterations Induced by Subchronic Co-administration of Chlorpyrifos and Lead in Wistar Rats

The use of the Cytogenetic to Identify Mechanisms of Action of an Azo Dye in Allium Cepa Meristematic Cells

Time-Dependent Toxicity of Neonicotinoids and Other Toxicants:Implications for a New Approach to Risk Assessment

Fluoride in Groundwater and Dental Fluorosis in Rameswaram Area, Tamil Nadu, Southern India

Is in vitro Cell Culture Suitable for Study of Environmental-Induced Oxidative Stress?

TiO2 Mediated Photocatalysis of Giemsa Dye: An Approach towards Biotechnology Laboratory Effluent Treatment

Forensic Study of Indian Toxicological Plants as Botanical Weapon (BW): A Review

Biodegradability of Polythene and Plastic By The Help of Microorganism: A Way for Brighter Future

Decolorization of Azo Dyes in Dual-Chamber Bioelectrochemical Systems Seeding with Enriched Inoculum

Quantification of Metal in the Hair of Copper Miners in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

Impact of tannery effluent with special reference to seasonal variation on physico-chemical characteristics of river water at Kanpur (U.P), India

Genomic Damage in Human Sperm Cells Exposed In Vitro to Environmental Pollutants

Teeth as Indicators of Environmental Pollution with Lead

Adsorption and De-Sorption of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on Activated Carbon

Comparison of Fish Toxicity & Microtox Toxicity of Luminescent Bacteria Due to Bleach Plant Effluent Released from Agro & Wood Based Pulp and Paper Mills

Role of Copper Sulphate on Oxidative and Metabolic Enzymes of Freshwater Fish; Channa Punctatus

Determination of Contaminants in Some Iranian Popular Herbal Medicines

Basin Ecosystem Management in the Upper Han River for the South to North Water Division Project, China

The Occurrence of Pesticides and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Residential Dust in North Carolina

Organochlorine Burdens in Harbour Seals from the German Wadden Sea Collected During Two Phocine Distemper Epizootics and Ringed Seals from West Greenland Waters

Caenorhabditis elegans: An Emerging Model System for Pesticide Neurotoxicity

Biodegradation of Medical Plastics: The Future Dream Challenge

Analysis of the Impacts of Environmental Pollution of Pesticides on Oxidative Stress Profile in Liver and Kidney: A Case of Raid® in Wistar Rat

Insecticides Mode of Action in Relation to Their Toxicity to Non-Target Organisms

Adaptation of the Micronucleus Technique in Allium Cepa, For Mutagenicity Analysis of the Jamari River Valley, Western Amazon, Brazil

Drinking Water Toxicity of Sodium Fluoride in Steroid Producing Glands and Antioxidant Ascorbate Defense System in Albino Rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Effect of Ozone Gas on Degradation of Aflatoxin B1 and Aspergillus Flavus Fungal

The Phytoattenuation of the Soil Metal Contamination: The Effects of Plant Growth Regulators (GA3 and IAA) by Employing Wetland Macrophyte Vetiver and Energy Plant Sunflower

Morphological Gill Analysis of Fish Species Prochilodus lineatus after Exposure to Pollutants

Synthesis, Properties and Environmentally Important Nanostructured and Antimicrobial Supramolecular Coordination Polymers Containing 5-(3-Pyridyl)-1,3,4-Oxadiazole-2-Thiol and Benzimidazole

Organophosphorous Pesticides Metabolite Reduces Human T CD8 Homeostasis and Proliferation by Inducing Cellular Death

Air Quality Monitoring in Metropolitan Harare, Zimbabwe

Protective Effects of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG on Aflatoxins-Induced Toxicities in Male Albino Mice

Redox State in Solanum Seedlings under Cadmium Stress Conditions

Effect of Carrier Materials in Inverse Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Reactor for Treating High Strength Organic Waste Water

Groundwater Quality Assessment in Selected Niger Delta Communities in Nigeria

Evaluation of Potential Dietary Toxicity of Heavy Metals of Vegetables

Water Pollution and Treatment Technologies

Determination of Melamine in Infant Milk Formula, Milk Powder and Basaa Fish Samples by HPLC/DAD

The Health Status and Genetic Variations of the Bivalve, Pinctala radiata Affected by Environmental Pollution

Identification and Counting of Asbestos and Non-Asbestos Fibers in an Automobile Brake Manufacturing Industry

High Spatial Resolution Chemical Imaging of Inorganic and Organometallic Pesticides

Rising Environmental Cadmium Levels in Developing Countries: Threat to Genome Stability and Health

Ammonium Alleviates Redox State in Solanum Seedlings under Cadmium Stress Conditions

Wastewater Reuse in Kuwait and Its Impact on Amounts of Pollutants Discharged into the Sea

The Effect of Varying Soil Organic Levels on Phytoextraction of Cu and Zn uptake, enhanced by chelator EDTA, DTPA, EDDS and Citric Acid, in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus), Chinese Cabbage (Brassica campestris), Cattail (Typha latifolia), and Reed (Phragmites communis)

Assessment of Physico-Chemical Quality of Groundwater by Multivariate Analysis in some Populated Villages nearby Sagar City, MP, India

Growth Response and Ionic Regulation in Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio L.) After Chronic Dietary Copper Exposure and Recovery

Cyromazine and Chlorpyrifos Induced Renal Toxicity in Rats: The Ameliorated Effects of Green Tea Extract

Special issue on Toxicology of Pesticides

Eutrophication: Impact of Excess Nutrient Status in Lake Water Ecosystem

Nanoadsorbent of Organic Compounds Based on Two- and Three-Dimensional Mesocylinder Monoliths

Hydrogels for Removal of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solution

Occurrence, Ecotoxicology, and Treatment of Anticancer Agents as Water Contaminants

Teratogenic Effects of Glyphosate-Based Herbicides: Divergence of Regulatory Decisions from Scientific Evidence

Effect of Chelating Agents on Copper, Zinc, and Lead Uptake by Sunflower, Chinese Cabbage, Cattail, and Reed for Different Organic Contents of Soils

The Application and Reaction Mechanism of Catalytic Ozonation in Water Treatment

Decolorization of Dye Water by Hydrogen Peroxide with CuS Micro-Flake as Catalyst

Impact of Environmental Contaminants on the Testes of Oreochromis niloticus with Special Reference to Ultrastructure of Spermatozoa in Lake Manzala (Egypt)

Health Risk Assessment and Spatial Distribution Characteristic on Heavy Metals Pollution of Haihe River Basin

Ameliorating Effects of Vitamin E and Selenium on Immunological Alterations Induced by Imidacloprid Chronic Toxicity in Chickens

Nanomaterials as Sorbents to Remove Heavy Metal Ions in Wastewater Treatment

Protective Effect of a Synthetic Antioxidant "Acetyl Gallate Derivative" Against Dimethoate Induced DNA Damage and Oxidant/Antioxidant Status in Male Rats

Effect of Toxic Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil on an Ornamental Plant Georgina wild (Dahlia)

An Immunoinformatics Approach to Design Synthetic Peptide Vaccine from Dendroaspis polylepis polylepis Dendrotoxin-K(DTX-K)

Temperature Effect on the Aggregation Kinetics of CeO2 Nanoparticles in Monovalent and Divalent Electrolytes

Stress Indicators and Behavioural End-Points of Lybriodrillus violaceous Exposed to Petroleum Products Contaminated Soil

Biodegradation of Textile Dye by Using Achromobacter xylosoxidans GRIRKNM11 Isolated from Dye Polluted Site

Study of Heavy Metal Distribution in Medicinal Plant Basil

Assessment and Removal of Emerging Water Contaminants

Determining the Occurrence of Freshwater in the Aquifers of the Deltaic Formation, Niger Delta Nigeria

Antioxidant and Tissue-Protective Studies on Ajwa Extract: Dates from Al-Madinah Al-Monwarah, Saudia Arabia

Concomitant Effect of Chlorpyrifos and Intranasal Endotoxin Administration on Apoptosis Related Protein Expression in Lung of Mice

Fish Ecogenotoxicology: An Emerging Science, an Emerging Tool for Environmental Monitoring and Risk Assessment

Optimization of Biosorption Performance of Casuarina Leaf Powder for the Removal of Lead Using Central Composite Design

Assessing the Extraction Efficiency of CaCl2 and Rhizon Extraction Methods after the Application of Organic Matter and CaCl2 as Soil Amendments to Enhance the Mobility of Cd and Zn

Predicting the Yields of Deep Wells of the Deltaic Formation, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Global Assessment of Silver Pollution using Sperm Whales (Physeter macrocephalus) as an Indicator Species

Preliminary Interpretation of Environmental Isotope Data in the Ain El Atti Area (Tafilalt)

Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Fish Samples from Alau Dam, Borno State, North Eastern Nigeria

Effect of Ground Water Chemistry and Surrounding Rocks on Radionuclides Distributions and their Environmental Hazard in Southwestern Sinai, Egypt

Heavy Metal Concentrations in Pharmaceutical Effluents of Industrial Area of Dehradun (Uttarakhand), India

Some Biomarkers in Carbon Monoxide-Induced Cardiotoxicity

Micropollutant Point Sources in the Built Environment: Identification and Monitoring of Priority Pharmaceutical Substances in Hospital Effluents

Can Naphthalene Exposure Stress Alter Brain Biogenic Amine Levels Before and during Vitellogenesis in Liza klunzingeri Fish?

Evaluation of Iron Supplementation Effects on Various Haematological Parameters in Pregnant Anemic Patients of Sargodha Region in Pakistan

Phytotoxicological Assessment of Two Backwater Wetlands in Kannamaly, Ernakulam Using Aquatic Macrophyte - Spirodela Polyrhiza.

Chemical Pre-Treatment of Anionic Surfactants Contaminated Waste Water at Enaspol A. S. using H2O2/UV Light Waste Water Pre-Treatment Method

Evaluation of Iron Supplementation Effects on Various Serum Minerals in Pregnant Anaemic Patients of Sargodha Region

Response of Penaeid Prawns (Metapanaeus monoceros) to Textile Dye Industrial Effluents (TDIE): An Indicator of Stress

Study on Physico-Chemical Parameters in Different Mangrove Regions, Southeast Coast of India

Comparing Heavy Metal Contents of Panax Ginseng Samples from Selected Markets in Tehran and Beijing

Field Investigations of Glyphosate in Urine of Danish Dairy Cows

The Potentials of Chicken Drops in the Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Agricultural Soil

Impact of Physico-Chemical Parameters on Finfish Eggs Diversity from Muthupettai, South East Coast of India

Identification and Biotyping of Escherichia coli from Diarrheic Lambs in and Around Debre Birhan Town, Ethiopia

Earthworm as Bioindicator of Soil Pollution Around Benghazi City, Libya

Metal Levels in Southern Right Whales (Eubalaena australis) from Península Valdés, Argentina

Selenium Treatment Mitigates the Effect of Lead Exposure in Coleus Blumei Benth

Toxicity Due to Arsenic in Gangetic Zone of Patna, India and Its Linkage with Cancer

Determination and Safety Assessment of Lead and Cadmium in Eye Shadows Purchased in Local Market in Tehran

Antibacterial In-Vitro Activities of Selected Medicinal Plants against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from Libyan Environment

Biogeochemical Aspect of Atmospheric Methane and Impact of Nanoparticles on Methanotrophs

Removal of Atrazine, Metribuzin, Metolachlor and Alachlor by Granular Carbon

Evaluation of Surface Water Quality Impacted by Sewage Overflows from Animal and Residential Lagoon Systems using Principal Component Analysis

Fish Toxicity of Commercial Herbicides Formulated With Glyphosate

Zooplankton Composition and Community Structure of Kottakudi and Nari Backwaters, South East of Tamil Nadu

Effect of Cadmium Toxicity on Aquatic Macrophyte Pistia Stratiotes (L.)

Use of Early Juvenile Zebrafish Danio Rerio for In-Vivo Assessment of Endocrine Modulation by Xenoestrogens

Determination of Estrogens in Raw and Treated Wastewater by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Ultraviolet Detection

Modeling of Simultaneous Partial Nitrification, Anammox and Denitrification Process In a Single Reactor

Determination of Manganese in Tap Water by a New Extractionphotometric Method

Mapping of Airborne Particulate Matter Collected Using Two Sensors along US-Mexico Border

The Role of Oxidative Stress in Carcinogenesis Induced By Metals in Breast Cancer Egyptian Females Sample at Dakahlia Governorate

The Phytoremediation Technique for Cleaning up Contaminated Soil By Amaranthus sp.

Acute Toxicity of Synthetic Pyrethroid Cypermethrin on Protein Content in Estuarine Clam, Marcia Opima (Gmelin, 1791)

Detection of Glyphosate Residues in Animals and Humans

Gamma Ray Spectrometry Analytical Determination of Radiation Levels in Bitumen Deposit Areas of Agbabu and Environment

Heavy Metals in Oat and Soil Treated with Lime-Stabilized Biosolids and Reclaimed Wastewater

Characteristics of Melting Incinerator Ashes Using a Direct Current Plasma Torch

Inter-Relationship of Soil-Forage-Plasma, and Milk Chromium: A Case Study in an Arid Region of Pakistan

Aspartate Transaminase (AST) Activity in Selected Tissues & Organs of Clarias Gariepinus Exposed To Different Levels of Paraquat

Assessment of Plant and Chemical Poisoning In Livestock in Central Ethiopia

Screening of Rhizobacteria from Scirpus mucronatus in Pb and Hg Contaminated Soil

Cytogenetic Effects of Combined Ochratoxin A and Endosulfan in Rats

Impact of Oxidative Stress and Lipid Peroxidation Induced by Lambdacyhalothrin on P450 in Male Rats: The Ameliorating Effect of Zinc

Nitrate Content in Drinking Water in Gilan and Mazandaran Provinces, Iran

Impact of Simultaneous Exposure to Lead and Efavirenz on Some Biochemical Markers in Wistar Rats

Role of Cadmium and Lead Tolerant Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Seedling Germination of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Degradation of Textile Dyes by Isolated Lysinibacillus sphaericus Strain RSV-1 and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Strain RSV-2 and Toxicity Assessment of Degraded Product

Pesticide Overuse: Stop Killing the Beneficial Agents

Study on the Determination of Boiling Point Distribution of Heavy Oil by the New Method

Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity Exerted by Pesticides in Different Biotic Matrices-An Overview of More Than a Decade of Experimental Evaluation

Seasonal Fluctuations of Sex Steroid Hormones in Indian Major Carp Catla catla in Khouzestan, Iran

Experimental Design and Response Surface Modeling for Optimization of 2-Chlorophenol Removal from Water by Nanoscale Iron and Fe Powder

Geochemical Study of Soils, Road Dust and Stream Sediments around Ijebu-Ode, Southwestern, Nigeria

Detection of Glyphosate in Malformed Piglets

Fluoride Induces Morphological and Biochemical Changes in Goat Eye Lens

A Preliminary Exploration of Heavy Metal Contamination within Aviccenia marina in the United Arab Emirates

Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles are not Cytotoxic or Clastogenic in Human Skin Cells

Chemical and Mineralogy Characteristics of Dust Collected Near the Phosphate Mining Basin of Gafsa (South-Western of Tunisia)

Child’s Development and Respiratory System Toxicity

Eutrophication Control by Physical-Ecological Engineering At the Mouth of the Maixi River in Baihua Reservoir

Heavy Metal Ions Levels and Related Physicochemical Parameters in Soils in The Vicinity of a Paper Industry Location in Nahan Area of Himachal Pradesh

Management of Forest Related Natural Resources through Participatory Approach

Evaluation of Genotoxic and Lipid Peroxidation Effect of Cadmium in Developing Chick Embryos

Acid-Base Properties of the Adsorption of Synthetic Dyes from Solutions

Assemblages of Total Mercury in the Tropical Macrotidal Bidyadhari Estuarine Stretches of Indian Sundarban Mangrove Eco-Region

Mathematical Model of Compost Pile Temperature Prediction

Exposure Assessment and the Risk Associated with Trihalomethane Compounds in Drinking Water, Cairo – Egypt

Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals and Physiological Response in Anabas testudineus on Exposure to Paper Mill Effluent

Three Bench-scale Tests Designed to Destroy Tributyltin (TBT) in Marine Sediments from North Queensland, Australia

A New Multi-cell Exposure System for Continuous Tracking of Daphnia Behavior for Toxicity Assessments

Assessment of Metals Concentration in Water, Sediment and Macrophyte Plant Collected from Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia

Effects of Liming Acidic Soils on Improving Soil Properties and Yield of Haricot Bean

Survey of Glyphosate Residues in Honey, Corn and Soy Products

Biochemical Response of Clarias gariepinus to Cypermethrin

Toxicological Parameters of Albino Rats Fed with Amarantus hybridus Grown on Crude Oil Post-remediated Agricultural Soil

On-Set of Cataract and Accumulation of Copper, Lead and Cadmium in Smokers of Karachi, Pakistan

Assessments of Natural Radioactivity and Heavy Metals in Commonly Consumed Milk in Oke-Ogun Area, Nigeria and Estimation of Health Risk Hazard to the Population

Physical Parameters of Tropical Wetlands in Lake Victoria Basin: A Case Study of Kigwal/Kimondi, Nyando and Nzoia Wetlands

Protective Effects of Vitamin C against Methomyl-Induced Injures on the Testicular Antioxidant Status and Apoptosis-Related Gene Expression in Rat

Oral Application of Charcoal and Humic Acids Influence Selected Gastrointestinal Microbiota, Enzymes, Electrolytes, and Substrates in the Blood of Dairy Cows Challenged with Glyphosate in GMO Feeds

Co-Precipitation Procedure Using Copper (II) Methylbutyldithiocarbamate for Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric Determination of Heavy Metals in Aqueous Standard Solutions and Environmental Samples

Toxicological Studies in Albino Rats Maintained on Fish Smoked with Firewood and Waste Tyre Materials

Germ Cell Toxicity Induced by Environmental Pollutants

Simultaneous Multi- Residue Determination of Mycotoxins in Foods Using LC-MS/MS

Predictions of Blood Ethanol Levels Resulting From Occupational Use of Hydro Alcoholic Solutions and Ethanol-Based Varnishes

Measurement of Organophosphate Pesticides, Organochlorine Pesticides, and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Household Dust from Two Rural Villages in Nepal

Toxicity of Metals Associated with Sediments from the Columbia River to Early Life Stages of White Sturgeon

Assessment of Columbia River Sediment Toxicity to White Sturgeon: Concentrations of Metals in Sediment, Pore Water and Overlying Water

Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies of Coomassie Blue G-250 Adsorption on Apricot Stone Activated Carbon

Release of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Heavy Metals from Rubber Crumb in Synthetic Turf Fields: Preliminary Hazard Assessment for Athletes

Effects of Residential Wood-Burning Emissions during Winter Months in a Northern San Diego County Location

Assessment of Pesticides Use and its Economic Impact on the Apiculture Subsector in Selected Districts of Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Prenatal Pesticide Exposure: Meconium as a Biomarker and Impact on Fetal Weight

Soil Quality of Agricultural Fields in the Vicinity of Selected Mining Areas of Raniganj Coalfield India

In Situ Measurement of Time-Weighted Average Concentrations of Cylindrospermopsin and Microcystin LR-YR-RR-LY in Natural Waters Using Silicone-Membrane/Γ-Fe2O3- Nanoparticle-Sorbent Passive Sampling Device

Investigation of the Effects of Salicylic Acid on Some Biochemical Parameters in Zea mays to Glyphosate Herbicide

Effects of Semi-Static Exposure to Carbofuran in Liver Phase I and Phase II Enzymes of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

Response of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) to Exogenously Applied Chromium: Effect on Growth, Chlorophyll and Mineral Composition

Toxicity of Single and Mixtures of Antibiotics to Cyanobacteria

Evaluation of the Effects of Ethanol on Monolayer and 3D Models of Human Oral Mucosa

Partial Inventory of ABCB and ABCC Transporter Genes Responding to Cadmium and Zinc Contamination in Zebrafish Danio Rerio

Inexplicable Arsenic: Human Dimensions of Soil, Water, Food and Microbial Resources

Treatment of Dairy Processing Wastewater using Integrated Submerged Membrane Microfiltration System

Spatiotemporal Variability Analysis of Groundwater Level for Water Resources Development and Management in Northern Punjab, India

Assessment of the Distribution and their Health Risk of Trace Metals in Tsaeda Agam River, Mekelle City, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Studies on the Physico-Chemical Parameters and Correlation Coefficient of Sarkhej Roza Lake, District Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Heavy Metal Concentrations and Physicochemical Characteristics of Effluent along the Discharge Route from Hawassa Textile Factory, Ethiopia

Horizontal Natural Product Transfer: A so far Unconsidered Source of Contamination of Plant-Derived Commodities

Trace Elements Interactions in Soils and Plants Due to the Wastewater Reuse

Determination of Physico-Chemical Parameters and Water Quality Index (Wqi) of Chandlodia Lake, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Hepatic Oxidative Stress Induced by Zinc and Opposite Effect of Selenium in Oryctolagus Cuniculus

Ground Water Arsenic Poisoning in "Tilak Rai Ka Hatta" Village of Buxar District, Bihar, India Causing Severe Health Hazards and Hormonal Imbalance

Convenient Synthesis of Micron-sized Macro Porous Polymers with Silica on their Surfaces and Excellent Adsorption Performance for Pb(II) Ion

Amelioration of Lead Toxicity in Pisum sativum (L.) by Foliar Application of Salicylic Acid

Validation of a New Paper-Tape Monitor for the Quasi-Continuous Determination of Airborne Di-isocyanate Concentrations

Perturbation of a Human Gut Ecosystem by Silver Chloride Colloids

Ultrasonic Preparation of Activated Carbon Composites for Removal of Cr3+ and Zn2+ Ions from Aqueous Solution

Antimutagenic Effect of the Ellagic Acid and Curcumin Combinations

Performance Evaluation of the Free Water Surface Constructed Wetland Treating Nonpoint Source Pollutants in the Agricultural Area

Particulate Matter: Capture and Quantification in Natural and Anthropogenic Sources

Validation of a Laboratory Test Bench for the Efficiency of an N95 Filtering Face Piece, using Simulated Occupational Exposure

A Delaunay Triangle Network Based Model of Fish Shoaling Behavior for Water Quality Monitor

Use of Dried Blood Spots for Estimating Children’s Exposures to Heavy Metals in Epidemiological Research

Fresh Water Struggle in Two Vietnam Regions

Influence of a Ferronickel Smelting Plant Activity on the Coastal Zone through Investigation of Metal Bioaccumulation on Two Gastropod Species (Patella caerulea and Phorcus turbinatus)

Removal of Fluoride from Drinking Water Using Fly Ash after Pre Treatment

Biochemical Effects of Sewage Pollution on the Benthic Organism Nerita polita

Application of Biotic Indices and Pollution Tolerance Index in Assessing Macro-Invertebrate Assemblage of Ediba River, Cross River State, Nigeria

Preparation of Rice Hull Activated Carbon for the Removal of Selected Pharmaceutical Waste Compounds in Hospital Effluent

Function Regarding Biosorption in the Environmental Washing

Extraction Procedures and GCxGC-TOFMS Determination of Fatty Acids (FAs) in Cyanobacteria Cultures and the Effect of Growth Media Iron Concentration Variation on Cellular FAs Composition

Toxic Microcystis novacekii T20-3 from Phakalane Ponds, Botswana: PCR Amplifications of Microcystin Synthetase (mcy) Genes, Extraction and LCESI- MS Identification of Microcystins

Assessment of Organochlorine Pesticides in Water, Sediment, African Cat fish and Nile tilapia, Consumer Exposure and Human Health Implications, Volta Lake, Ghana

Water Level Fluctuation as the Sum of Environmental and Anthropogenic Activities in Southeast, Punjab (India)

Quantitative Determination of the Heavy Metal Levels in the Wild Edible Plant Parts and their Corresponding Soils of the Central and Western Regions of the Oromia State, Ethiopia

Agronomic Application of Olive Mill Wastewater with Rock Phosphate Influence Soil Phosphorus Availability, Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Colonisation and Olive Tree Performance under Long-Term Field Conditions

Determination of Polychlorinated Dibenzo Dioxin Levels in Fresh Milk from the Dairy Factories of Southwest Iran

Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Industrial Wastewater by Scolecite

Levels of Heavy Metal in Some Selected Fish Species Inhabiting Ondo State Coastal Waters, Nigeria

Automating the Smoothing of Time Series Data

Evaluation of a Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD)-Gypsum from a Wet Limestone FGD as Adsorbent for Removal of Selenium in Water Streams

Neuroprotective Effects of Pterois volitans Venom against Alcohol Induced Oxidative Dysfunction in Rats

Characterization and Determination of PM2.5 Bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHS) in Indoor and Outdoor Air in Western Sierra Leone

Mass Seed Production of Macrobrachium idella idella (Hilgendorf, 1898)

Assessing the Physicochemical Properties of Soil under Different Land Use Types

Surfactant-coated Tea Waste: Preparation, Characterization and its Application for Methylene Blue Adsorption from Aqueous Solution

Evaluation of Some Pollution at Manzala Lagoon: Special Reference to Medical Importance of Mollusca in Egypt

Overview of Ship Recycling Industry of Bangladesh

Levels of Some Trace Metals in Fishes Tissues, Water and Sediment at Tendaho Water Reservoir, Afar Region, Ethiopia

An Experimental Study of the Uptake and Loss of Radioactive Cesium by Mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis)

Interaction between Dietary and Lifestyle Risk Factors and N-Acetyltransferase Polymorphisms in B-Cell Lymphoma Etiology

Removal of Organic Content from Diesel Exhaust Particles Alters Cellular Responses of Primary Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells Cultured at an Air-Liquid Interface

Effect of Water Quality Characteristics on Fish Population of the Lake Volta, Ghana

Regeneration of Limbal Stem Cells in the Presence of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles

Metal Accumulation Profile in Roadside Soils, Grass and Caesalpinia Plant Leaves: Bioindicators

Microbial Diversity of a Remote Aviation Fuel Contaminated Sediment of a Lentic Ecosystem in Ibeno, Nigeria

Traditional Husbandry Practices and Major Challenge of Young Stock (Camel Calf) in Fafen Zone, Ethiopian Somali Regional State, Ethiopia

Comparison of Electron Impact and Electron Capture Negative Ionization for the Quantification of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Human Plasma

Environmental Pollution Remediation through Solidification/Fixation of Heavy Metal Ions in Portland Cement

Characterization and Isolation of Fungi for Removal of Color from Pulp and Paper Mill Effluent, Meerut (India)

Chemical Element Concentrations in the Blood of Green Turtles (Chelonia Mydas) Captured at Fernando De Noronha Marine National Park, Brazil

Physicochemical Characteristics of Two Prototypical Home-Use Consumer Products Containing Engineered Nanomaterials

Arsenic Exposure: Mechanisms of Action and Related Health Effects

Simultaneous Determination of As, Cu, Cr, Se, Sn, Cd, Sb and Pb Levels in Infant Formulas by ICP-MS after Microwave-Assisted Digestion: Method Validation

Characterization of Physical, Thermal and Spectroscopic Properties of Biofield Energy Treated p-Phenylenediamine and p-Toluidine

Adsorption of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solution onto a Mesoporous Carbonaceous Material Prepared from Naturally Occurring Pongamia pinnata Seeds

Importance of Oxidative Stress Marker in Healthy Females Undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology

Biomarker Response and Biomass Toxicity of Earthworms Aporrectodea caliginosa Exposed to IGRs Pesticides

Evaluation of Biofield Treatment on Physical and Thermal Characteristics of Selenium Powder

Heavy Metal Concentrations in Plants and Soil along Heavy Traffic Roads in North Central Nigeria

Fe Absorption and Distribution of Imperata cylindrica (L.) P. Beauv. under Controlled Conditions

Effect of -Induced Oxidative Stress on Sclerotial Differentiation and Asa-GSH Cycle of Penicillium thomii Q1 Strain

Photocatalytic Degradation of Toxic Methyl Red Dye Using Silica Nanoparticles Synthesized from Rice Husk Ash

Analysis of Occupational Hazards and Safety of Workers in Selected Working Environments within Enugu Metropolis

Ecotoxicity Potentials of Residual Paracetamol and Personal Care Products (PPCPS) in Household Waste at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Studies of Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Commercial Herbicides with Glyphosate against Danio rerio

Amaranth Plant: Protects Climate, Health and Development by Controlling Root-Knot Disease

Residues Analysis of Organochlorine Pesticides in Fish, Sediment and Water Samples from Tekeze Dam, Tigray, Ethiopia

Assessment of Cyanobactrial Blooms Associated with Water Quality Status of Lake Chamo, South Ethiopia

Distribution of Heavy Metals in Contaminated Water and Bottom Deposits of Manzala Lake, Egypt

Asphaltene as Light Harvesting Material in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell: Resurrection of Ancient Leaves

Removal of Nitrate and Nitrite Anions from Wastewater Using Activated Carbon Derived from Rice Straw

Exploring Wild Tomato Leaf Extracts in Pesticide Formulations

Wildlife Toxicology: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

Trace Elements in Marine Environments: Occurrence, Threats and Monitoring with Special Focus on the Coastal Mediterranean

Multielemental Analysis of Gold Ore Samples from Underground Artisanal Gold Mines in Tongo, Upper East Region of Ghana: Implications of Occupational Exposure

Evaluation of the Application of Carica papaya Seed Modified Feldspar Clay for Adsorption of Pb+2 and Cu+2 in Aqueous Media: Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Studies

Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Peanut Shells-Derived Activated Carbons for Removal of Methomyl from Aqueous Solutions

Assessment of Concentrations of Heavy Metals and Phthalates in Two Urban Rivers of the Northeast of Puerto Rico

A Study on Leaching Property of Hazardous Substances in Coal Ash Through the Column Test (Percolation test)

Rapid Removal of Hazardous Rose Bengal Dye Using Fe(III) - Montmorillonite as an Effective Adsorbent in Aqueous Solution

Physico-Chemical Analysis of Drinking Water Quality of Arbaminch Town

Adsorption of Fenamiphos Pesticide from Aqueous Solutions by Electrocoagulation Using Sacrificial Anodes

Magnesium Doped Titania for Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyes in Visible Light

Neuroprotective Role of Quercetin against Arsenic Induced Oxidative Stress in Rat Brain

Levofloxacin Induced Proximal Myopathy

The Toxicity Effect of Detergent on Enzymatic and Protein Activities of African Mud Catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

Physicochemical Characterization and Kinetic Study of Flotation Process Applied to the Treatment of Produced Water

The Pollution Profile of Modjo River Due to Industrial Wastewater Discharge, in Modjo Town, Oromia, Ethiopia

Determination of Heavy Metals and Other Toxic Ingredients in Henna (Lawsonia inermis)

Development of Composite Solid Fuel from Charcoal and Saw Dust for Maximum Emission Reduction

Water Quality Assessment in Terms of Water Quality Index (WQI) Using GIS in Ballia District, Uttar Pradesh, India

Environmental Impacts Assessment of Brackish Water Aquaculture Activity in Nagapattinam Region, South East Coast of India

Effects of Ingested Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Poecilia reticulata: Localization and Physiological Responses

Pleurotus ostreatus as a Biodegradator for Organophosphorus Insecticide Malathion

A Review of Organochlorine Contaminants in Nearshore Marine Mammal Predators

Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of Ag-Modified [email protected] Core-Shell Composites

Effect of Different Sterilization Methods on Biodegradation of Biomedical Polypropylene

Determination of Water Use of Three Vegetables; Amaranthus (Amaranthus cruenthus), Jutemallo (Corchorus olitorius) and Celosia (Celosia argentea) at Abeokuta, Nigeria

Effect of Citric Acid on Cadmium Ion Uptake and Stress Response of Hydroponically Grown Jute Mallow (Corchorus olitorius)

In-Hive Miticides and their Effect on Queen Supersedure and Colony Growth in the Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)

Assessment of Biochemical Oxygen Demand as Indicator of Organic Load in Wastewaters of Morris County, New Jersey, USA

Elemental Mercury Capture Using Activated Carbon: A Review

Anti-Biofouling Defence Mechanism of Basibionts (A Chemical Warfare) - A Critical Review

Epigenetic Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Evaluation and Quantification of Some Trace Elements in Drinking Water by ICP-OES

Mosquito Abatement, Crop Production and Mining Practices Monitoring for the Control of Mosquito-Borne Infectious Diseases

Gold and Silver Nanoparticles: Synthesis Methods, Characterization Routes and Applications towards Drugs

Heavy Metal Risk Assessment in Bhavanapadu Creek Using Three Potamidid Snails - Telescopium telescopium, Cerithidea obtusa and Cerithidea cingulata

Evaluation of Environmental Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes in Sint Maarten

The Economic Potentials of the Rare Earth Elements in the Basaltic Rocks of Ameta, Southern Benue trough Nigeria

Deposition and Distribution Factors for the Endocrine Disruptor, 4-Nonylphenol, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA

Estimation of Toxicity and Genotoxicity of Water, Bottom Sediments and Submerged Macrophyte Elodea canadensis of the Yenisei River in the Presence or Absence of Americium-241

Water Quality and Plant Species Composition of Selected Sites within Chemususudam, Baringo County, Kenya

Artificial Soil Test of Phorate on Eisenia fetida

Xenobiotic Compounds Present in Soil and Water: A Review on Remediation Strategies

A Double Extraction Method for Determination of Diphenylamine in Fruits by GC/MS

Bioaccumulation Due to Industrialization

Phytoextraction of Pb and Ni from the Polluted Soil by Brassica juncea L.

Assessment of the Heavy Metals and Natural Radioactivity in Phosphate Mines and Occupational Health Effects at Some Egyptian Regions

Suspended Particulate Matter Pollution in Jabalpur: A Case Study

Current Trends of Engineered Nanoparticles (ENPs) in Sustainable Agriculture: An Overview

Post-Harvest Management of Phytoremediation Technology

Gastrointestinal Pathology in Freshwater Fish, Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus) Under Almix Exposure

Analysis and Significance of Weather and Climatic Trend on Outdoor Sculptures in Southwest, Nigeria

China’s Environmental Threats of Internet Shopping Packaging Wastes

Sonochemically Synthesized Beta-Cyclodextrin Functionalized Graphene Oxide and its Efficient Role in Adsorption of Water Soluble Brilliant Green Dye

para-Phenylenediamine Containing Hair Dye: An Overview of Mutagenicity, Carcinogenicity and Toxicity

Differential Effects of CBZ-Induced Catalysis and Cytochrome Gene Expression in Three Dimensional Zebrafish Liver Cell Culture

Mechanisms of Rapid Adaptation to Environmental Stressors in Phytoplankton

Water Quality Index (WQI) for Main Source of Drinking Water (Karaçomak Dam) in Kastamonu City, Turkey

A Critical Appraisal of the Threshold of Toxicity Model for Non- Carcinogens

Elution of Metals from Fused Slags Produced from General Garbage

Prevalence of High Arsenic Concentration in Darbhanga District of Bihar: Health Assessment

Fundamentals of Analytical Toxicology

Effect of Climate Changes on Surviving of Nitzschia inconspicua Grunow

Analysis of Organochlorine and Organophosphorus Pesticide Residues in Dairy Products and Baby Foods from Egyptian Markets

Soil Pollution by the Cement Industry in the Bazian Vicinity, Kurdistan Region

Bilirubin-Induced Neurotoxicity and Environmental Impacts on Hyperbilirubinemia Development

Biorefineries - A Powerful Tool to Diminish the Human Footprint

The Immune System in Foetal Death After a Spider Bite: Case Report with Literature Review

Complex Compost and Detoxification of Heavy Metals in Chernozem

Comet Assay on Toxicogenetics; Several Studies in Recent Years on Several Genotoxicological Agents

Geochemical and Biological Enrichments with Toxic Metals; Anthropogenic Effects

Physico-chemical Analysis of Surface and Ground Water in Selected Sites of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Assessment of the Physico-chemical Characteristics and Water Quality Analysis of Mariout Lake, Southern of Alexandria, Egypt

Atmospheric Corrosion of Corrugated Iron Roofing Sheet in Oil Producing Locations in Southeastern Nigeria

Assessment of Yatta Canal Water Quality for Irrigation, Machakos County, Kenya

Impact of 2010 Floods on Pakistan’s Agriculture

Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution and Potential Ecological Risk in Soils of Tianjin Sewage Irrigation Region, North China

Evaluation of Thermal Stability by Comparison of Potassium Chloride and Potassium/Sodium Formate Fluids

Recovery of Alumina from Coal Fly Ash by CaCl2 Calcination Followed by H2SO4 Leaching

Assessment of the Impacts of Refinery Effluent on the Physico-chemical Properties of Ubeji Creek, Delta State, Nigeria

Seasonal Variation Characteristics and Forecasting Model of PM2.5 in Changsha, Central City in China

Conventional Total Station Versus Digital Photogrammetry in Land Development Applications

Altered Hematological and Biochemical Parameters in Schoolchildren Living in an Agricultural Community of Merida State, Venezuela

Pesticide Residues in Buffalo and Human Breast Milk of Vegetables and Fruits Farming Community at Northern of Delta in Egypt

Study on Heavy Metals (Zinc and Lead) in Drinking Water of Tannery Area, Adjacent Areas and Outside Village Areas

Assessment of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Water in Kashmir Region with Reference to Dal Lake

Feed Resources Gozamen District, East Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region

Effects Research of Environmental Hormone BPA and PAEs on the Expression of HSP70-9 Gene in Spinacia oleracea

Apportionment of Hazardous Elements in Agricultural Soils Around the Vicinity of Brick Kiln in Bangladesh

An Efficient Removal of Toxic Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solution by MnO2 Coated Polyaniline Nanofibers: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study

Approved Method of Recovery Arsenic by Using Reference Materials by FI-HG-AAS

A Case Report: Convulsion and Reduced Level of Consciousness in Two Children Following Liquefied Petroleum Gas Inhalation

The Characteristics of Exposure and Health Risk to PM2.5 for Urban Cyclists

Productivity, Vitamins and Heavy Metals Analysis of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq: Fr) Kumm. Fruit Bodies Cultivated on Wood Logs

Current Advances in Strategies to Mitigate the Impacts of Micro/Nano Plastics: A Review

Performance Efficiency of Electrocoagulation Adsorption Process of Oxyfluorfen Herbicide from Aqueous Solutions Using Different Anodes

Mineral and Heavy Metal Composition of Crude Oil Polluted Soil Amended with Non-Ionic Surfactant (Triton X-100) and White Rot Fungus (Pleurotus ostratus)

The Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx Over Cd-Ce-Ti Metal Oxide Catalysts

Occupational Asthma Caused by Exposure to Sodium Hypochlorite

Genotoxic and Carcinogenic Effects of Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) Reviewed on Exposed Bhopal Population and Future Perspectives for Assessment of Long-Term MIC-Effect

Evaluation of the Levels of Some Heavy Metal Contents of Street Dust in Some Parts of Yola Metropolis, Adamawa State, Nigeria

GIS Based Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Coimbatore District, India

Millennial-Scale Climate Variations During the MIS3 in the North Piedmont of the Kunlun Mountains, China

Identification of Furanoylfentanil and its Metabolites in Human Urine

Evaluation of Trace Elements in Prochilodus lineatus (Valenciennes, 1837) (Characiformes, Prochilodontidae) from the Mogi Guaçu River Infected for Acanthocephala Neoechynorhyncus Curemai Noronha, 1973 (Acanthocephala)

Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRS) Analysis in Leachates and Sludge from a Landfill and Wastewater Plant in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City

Biomarkers of Organophosphate Pesticides and Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder in Children: A Case-Control Study

Cytotoxicity of Heavy Metals to a Thyroid Carcinoma Cell Line

Cytotoxicity of Bismuth Compounds to Cultured Cancer Cells

Trace Metals and Source Identification of Air-Borne Particulate Matter Pollution in A Nigerian Megacity

Biosorption of Heavy Metals from Fertilizer Industrial Waste Water Using Rice Husk (RH) and Groundnut Husk (GH) Powder in a Packed Bed Bioreactor

Considerations of the Impact of PM2.5 Particulate Matter a Health: The Meaning and Impact of Levels and Air Quality Limits on the Aburrá Valle Region in Colombia.

Effects of Macondo Oil on Phytoplankton from Grand Isle, Louisiana

Impact of Genotoxic Contaminants on DNA Integrity of Copepod from Freshwater Bodies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Whole Blood Characterization in School Teachers with Reference to Chalk Sticks

The Impact of Ocean Acidification on Aquatic Organisms

Pb Uptake in Roadside Grown Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in the Sudan Savanna, Kano State

Application of Polyaniline Nanoparticles Modified Screen Printed Carbon Electrode as a Sensor for Determination of Hg(II) in Environmental Samples

A General Survey of Radon Concentration in Water from Rivers in Gauteng, South Africa Using a Solid-State α-Detector

Assessment and Measurement of Atmospheric Pollution (Particulate Matter) Around Zawiya City-Libya

Characterization of Atmospheric Gaseous Components in Abattoir Operation Site in Ogbor-Hill Aba, Abia State, Nigeria

Planktonic Diatoms Species Composition and Water Characteristics Along Selected Sites of River Kisat, Kisumu County, Kenya

Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology, Volume 6; Issue 5

Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology, Volume 7; Issue 1

Calibration Factor for LR 115 Type II Detectors Used to Measure Indoor 220Rn

Subchronic Early Life Arsenic Exposure at Low Doses Impaired the Biogenic Amine Neurotransmitter and Nitric Oxide Levels in Different Brain Regions of Rats

Effect of Meteorological Variables on Air Pollutants Variation in Arid Climates

Microevolution on Anthropogenically Changed Areas on the Example of Biscutella laevigata Plants from Calamine Waste Heap in Poland

Energy Paradox: Simulation and Policy Recommendations for the Case of Solar Water Heater

Statistical Analysis of Corrosion Inhibition of Water Hyacinth on Mild Steel in an Acidic Medium

Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology, Volume 6; Issue 5

Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology, Volume 7; Issue 1

Pollution Threatens Human Fertility: It is Time to Make Our Gametes Great Again

Occurrence and Environmental Features of Heavy Metal Elements of Coal from Coalfield in the Southeast Shanxi

Ecological and Functional Evaluation of Species Candidate for Heavy Metals Phytoremediation in SIN Porto Torres (Sardinia, Italy)

Determination of Heavy Metals in Water, Fish and Sediment from Ureje Water Reservoir

An Integrated Health Risk Evaluation of Toxic Heavy Metals in Water from Richards Bay, South Africa

Hydrochemical and Geochemical Characteristics of Geothermal Water in Gedong Area of Guizhou Province

Determination of Organophosphorus Insecticide Residues in Country Bean Collected from Different Markets of Dhaka

Middle-Late Pleistocene Paleo-Climate and Paleo-Altimetry of the Centre of Tibetan Plateau Indicated by the Sporopollen Record of Well QZ-4

Evaluation of Selected Numerical Weather Prediction Models for a Case of Widespread Rainfall over Central and Southern Nigeria

Analysis of Water Quality in Urban Water Supply System of Bangladesh

Use of 16S rDNA Sequencing to Determine Procaryotic Diversity of a Remote Aviation Fuel-Polluted Lentic Ecosystem in Ibeno, Nigeria

GA-SVM Applied in Assessing the Water Trophic State of South Lake Qujiang based on Multispectral RS

Nano-Silica Modified by Hematoporphyrin for Determination Some of Traces Metals Ions (Cu(II), Zn(II) and Mn(II)) in Environmental and Pharmaceutical Formula

Biodegradation of DDE and DDT by Bacterial Strain Stenotrophomonas sp. DXZ9

Physiochemical Analysis of Treated Industrial Effluent Collected from Ahmedabad Mega Pipeline

On-Site Wastewater Systems: Investigating Dynamics and Diurnal Patterns Impacting on the Performance of Mound Systems

Aerobic Biodegradation of 2-Picolinic Acid by a Comamonas sp.

Occurrence of Selected Pesticides and PCPs in Surface Water Receiving Untreated Discharge in Pakistan

Rainfall Trends, Drought Frequency and La Niña in Tuvalu: A Small Equatorial Island State in the Pacific Ocean

Effect of Acclimatization Temperature and Light Intensity on the Graft-Take of Cucumber Seedlings

Impacts of Artisanal Refining Activities on Soil and Water Quality in Parts of Okrika and Ogu-Bolo Areas of Rivers State, Nigeria

Textural Features - Indicators of Pollution

In Situ Investigation of the Biodeteriorative Microorganisms Lived on Stone Surfaces of the Sumela Monastery (Trabzon, Turkey)

Determination of Heavy Metals in Fish Tissues, Water and Sediment from the Onitsha Segment of the River Niger Anambra State Nigeria

Treatment of Tannery Wastewater with Nano-Electrocoagulation Process

Environmental Impact of Abattoir Waste Discharge on the Quality of Surface Water and Ground Water in Abeokuta

Farmer's Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices, and their Exposure to Pesticide Residues after Application on the Vegetable and Fruit Crops. Case Study: North of Delta, Egypt

Assessment of Challenges and Opportunities of Composting Organic SolidWastes: The Case of Robe Town, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Piscicidal Effect of Moringa oleifera LAM., 1785 (Drustick) on Clarias gariepinus (African Catfish) Juvenile

Adsorption and Desorption of Lead (Pb) in Sandy Soil Treated by Various Amendments

Sex Difference in PCB Concentrations of a Catostomid Fish

Groundwater Assessment through an Integrated Approach Using GIS and Electrical Resistivity Technique: A Case Study from the Bullom Group of Sediments in Sierra Leone

An Indigenous Biosurfactant Producing Burkholderia cepacia with High Emulsification Potential towards Crude Oil

Long-Term Effect of Phosphate Fertilization on Cadmium Uptake by Oat and its Accumulation in Soil

Influence of Different Soil Moisture Content on Plant Configuration for the Submerged Area of Shifosi Reservoir, China

Determination of Nine Hydroxylated Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers and Forty Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Atmospheric Fine Particles by Precolumn Derivatization-GC-MS/GC

Estimations of Polycyclic Aliphatic Hydrocarbon and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon in Aquatic Faunas Found in Foccardos Terminal River in Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Optimum Scheduling of Isolated Hybrid Renewable Energy System - A Case Study using HOMER

Effects of Rainfall in Kunming on the Growth and Alkaline Phosphatase Activity of the Cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa

Evaluation of Leachate Contamination Index Obtained from Dumpsite in Onitsha, Nigeria

TCR-Vβ8 as Alternative to Animal Testing for Quantifying Active SEE

The Growth Behavior of Chlorella vulgaris in Bisphenol a under different Cultural Conditions

Variability and Biogeographical Distribution of Harmful Algal Blooms in Bays of High Productivity off Peruvian Coast (2012-2015)

Characterization of ZrO2 Nano Particles Prepared by Glycothermal Method and their Efficiency as Adsorbent of As(III) and As(V) from Waste Water

Detection of N-(1-deoxy-D-fructos-1-yl) Fumonisin C1, C2 and C3 in Corn Powder by LC - Orbitrap MS

Study on the Effect of Modified Walnut Shell Filter on Oil Removal from Oilfield

Yield and Some Macro-Morphological Characters of Pleurotus pulmonarius (Fries) Quel. Fruit Bodies Cultivated on HCl-Optimized Oil Palm Bunch Substrate

Comparison Study of Toxicity Kohl and Black Stone Hair Dye

Biochemical Impact of Sludge Obtained from Wastewater Treatment Plant on Soil Properties within Port Harcourt Environment

Glyphosate Substitution for Glycine During Protein Synthesis as a Causal Factor in Mesoamerican Nephropathy

Is Glyphosate a Key Factor in Mesoamerican Nephropathy?

Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions onto Rice Husk Ash Low Cost Adsorbent

SOC Effects on Diethyl Phthalate Sorption to Four Soils in China

The Influence of Soil pH on the Uptake of Silver Nanoparticles in a Terrestrial System

Toxicity of Zinc Phosphide-Based Rodenticide Formulated and Sold in Nigeria

Metals Contamination in Face Powders and their Associated Health Risks to the Users in Mekelle, Ethiopia

Detoxification of Heavy Metals from Leafy Edible Vegetables by Agricultural Waste: Apricot Pit Shell

Organic Chemical Concentrations in Eggs and Nestlings of Cavity Nesting Birds at and around Los Alamos National Laboratory

Environmental Toxins Found Historically in the Polycythemia Vera Cluster Area and their Potential for Inducing DNA Damage

Impact of Cadmium on the Endocrine and Exocrine Sexual Activity in the Adult Male and Female Wistar Rats: Determination of an Apoptotic Process

Determination of Pre-Harvest Interval for Quinalphos, Malathion, Diazinon and Cypermethrin in Major Vegetables

Short-Term Exposure to Haze Air Pollution Induces Acute Airway Inflammation and Lung Function Reduction in Healthy Adult Subjects

Elucidating the Regulatory Functions of MlrA Originated from Novosphingobium sp. THN1 in Microcystin-LR Degradation

Biologically Essential and Non-Essential Elements Causing Toxicity in Environment

Pollution from Small and Medium Size Enterprises: Less Understood and Neglected Sources in Nigerian Environment

Plasmid Encoded Toluene and Xylene Degradation by Phyllosphere Bacteria

Utilizing Powder XRD Technique to Analyze Polluted Soil

Physicochemical Parameters and Planktonic Species as Indicators to Assess Water Quality of River Basin and Winam (Nyanza) Gulf of Lake Victoria Catchment, Kisumu County, Kenya (East Africa)

Accumulation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBS) in Soil and Water from Electrical Transformers Installation Sites in Selected Locations in Jos Metropolis, Plateau State, Nigeria

Physico-Chemical Analysis of Drinking Water Quality Parameters of Galore Area in Lower Himalayan Region, India

Characterisation of Oil Properties from a Niger Delta Crude

Thiocyclam-Induced Reproductive Toxicity, Oxidative Stress and Genomic DNA Damage in Testicular Tissues of Rats: Protective Effects of Green Tea Extract

Effects of Tropospheric Ozone (O3) on Yield and Nutritional Quality of Mung Bean (Vigna radiata Cv. MN 98): Evidence from Pakistan

Determination of Heavy Metals (Pb, Zn, Cd, Cu) in Coastal Sediments and Fish Urban Area of Semarang, Indonesia

Determination of the Physico-Chemical Properties and Heavy Metal Status of the Tano River along the Catchment of the Ahafo Mine in the Brong- Ahafo Region of Ghana

Toxicological Effects of Chlorophenols to Green Algae in Case of Coexisting Humic Substances

Determination of the Physico-Chemical Properties and Heavy Metal Status of the Tano River along the Catchment of the Ahafo Mine in the BrongAhafo Region of Ghana

Efficacy and Residues of Imidacloprid against Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci in Tomato Plants

Water Quality and Productivity Assessment of Lake Tinishu Abaya for Multiple Designated Water Uses, Ethiopia

Study of Cadmium Biosorption from Wastewater Using Red Algae Carrageenan

Determination of Pesticide Residues by GC-MS in Commercialized Mint Samples

Dynamics of Land Use in the City of Abidjan from 1986 to 2017: Contribution of Remote Sensing and GIS

Carbon Sorbent of Destructive Type Based on Wood Biochar for Removal of Oil Pollution

Evaluation of Neonicotinoid Residues in Hive Products from Selected Counties in Kenya

Hematological Assessment of Benzene Exposure Among Employees in Ras- Elmengar Depository of El-Brega Company, Benghazi

Aerobic Degradation of Tributyltin Chloride and Dip-Henyltin Chloride by Marine Bacteria from Onne Port Nigeria

A Little Fish with a High Heavy Metals Burden: The Case of Straightfin Barb, Enteromius paludinosus (Peters 1852) from River Malewa, Naivasha, Kenya

Toxicological Effects of Chlorophenols to Green Algae in Case of Coexisting Humic Substances

Determination of Physicochemical Parameters of Effluents at Discharge Points into the New Calabar River along Rumuolumeni Axis, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Mechanisms and Influencing Factors of Electro-Kinetic Enhanced Phytoextraction for the Recovery of Metal-Polluted Soils

Nutrients Removal Efficiency Assessment of Constructed Wetland for the Rural Domestic Wastewater Growing Distinct Species of Vegetation

Assessment of the Carbon Emission Reduction Effects of Ecological River Slope Construction in China

Phylloremediation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbonic Pollutants Using Phylloshere Bacteria

Quantification of Some Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Waste Water Effluent from Batu Tannery Industry at Different Batch, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Electrification Using a Hybrid Microgrid System for Mutate Masisi Community-A Demand Side Response

A Review of Sample Preparation and Analysis Methods for the Hexabromocyclododecanes (HBCDS) in the Environment

A Report on Water, Energy and Food Relationship

Supplementary Soil Characterization Beyond 5 Meter Depth in Selected Sites in Burgan Field

The Determination of Heavy Metals Concentration in Hair by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

Effect of Organic Effluents on Water Quality and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community Structure in Njoro River, Kenya

Sustainable Strategy of Charcoal (Panglong Arang) Management in the Bengkalis Regency

Spatial-Temporal Changes of the Ecological Service Value of the Loess Plateau, Northern Shaanxi Province, China, from 1990-2015

Separation of Struvite from Sewerage Water and its Evaluation as Phosphatic Fertilizer

Efficiency Analysis of Rice Husk as Adsorbent for Removal of Phenol from Wastewater

Extraction and Purification of Aflatoxins in Bagasse for HPLC Fluorescence Determination

Evaluation of Comparative Effects of the Exposure of Gasoline Fumes/ Vapors on the Blood and Urine Picture of Gasoline Filling Workers of Multan City, a Populous City of Southern Punjab, Pakistan

Contribution to the Evaluation of the Biological Cleaning Products of Thessaloniki using Pollution Biomarkers in Mytilus galloprovincialis

Editorial Highlights for Journal of Environmental and analytical Toxicology

Acute Pesticide Poisoning Case Registration in Uganda’s Health Care Facilities

Chemical Composition and Heavy Metals Analysis of Raw Cow��?s Milk

Editorial Note on Impact of COVID-19 on Air Quality

Editorial Highlights on Environmental Pollution

Assessment of Phytoremediation Potential of Indigenous Flora around the Steel Industries in Nigeria Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited, Ajaokuta, Kogi State, Nigeria

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is �??Agenda ID-2020�?� & The COVID-19 Pandemic from a Global Environmental Health

Editorial Note to the Special Issue â??COVID-19-Positive for Climate!So, Why Not Weâ??

Editorial Highlights on Biotransformation of Toxicants

Editorial Highlights on â??Impact of Corona-Virus in Ozone Layer Healingâ?

Editorial Highlights on Sewage and Wastewater Pollution

A Brief Note on Analytical Toxicology Innovations

Editorial Highlights on Bioinformatics and Healthcare

Editorial Highlights on Natural Resource Depletion

Editorial Highlights on Ecological geochemistry

A Brief Note on Waterborne Contaminants on Environment and Health

A Brief Note on Ecosystem Services in a Changing Environment

Brief Note on â??COVID-19-Positive for Climateâ?

A Brief Note on Air Pollution

Editorial Note on Impact of COVID-19 on Environment

Editorial Highlights on Toxicants Biotransformation over Environment

Editorial Highlights on Environmental Water Pollution

Protected by-plan approach for diminished harmfulness of silica nanocapsules

Nanoparticle Impregnated Porous films For the Removal of Antibiotics from Water

Potato cellulose Polymeric Films: Climate Eco-Friendly Waste Alternative to Petroleum-Based Polymers

Surface-active agent Production and Hydrocarbon Degradation Potential Of Bacteria Strains From A Crude-Oil Polluted Soil In Ogoniland Nigeria

Relative analysis of calculable Phytochemical Contents of Leafy Vegetables Sourced from Two Major Markets in Umuahia Abia State Nigeria

Evaluation of the Antibacterial Effect and Oak Decay Phenomena under Factors and Effects of Drought Eutrophication and its Impact on Phenol - Flavonoids of the Tree and its Relation to the Environment and Global Warming

Enhancing Biogas Production by Co-Digestion of Food Waste and Carbon Rich Co-Substrate

Speciation of Selected Heavy Metals in Some Abandoned Mining Pond Sediments of Barkin-Ladi Lga, Plateau State Nigeria

Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality in Museums and other Exhibition Areas

Air pollution: Sources, Deforestation, Renewable Energy

Microbiological and Harmful Effects of Distillery Sludge Amendment Agricultural Soil enzymatic properties in a tropical city

Interaction with organic compounds of selected minerals: results of phytoassisted bioremediation using Vigna Subterranea

Zebrafish genotoxicity (Danio rerio) Exposed to two pharmacological agents Items from an Italian River Affected

Biocatalyzed electrolysis decolorization of Azo Dyes in Dual-Chamber Systems of Enriched Inoculum Seeding

The application of cytogenetics to establish the modes of action of Azo Dye Meristematic cells in Allium Cepa

Can Plant Product be Substitute for Artificial Oral Contraceptive Pills?

Comparative Effect of Petroleum Products and Biomass Fuel Exposure on Serum Lipid profile and Atherogenic Indices of male Albino wistar Rats

Hydrochar for Industrial Wastewater Treatment: An Overview on its Advantages and Applications

Ozone Layer Depletion and its Consequences on Humans: a Review

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