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William J Federspiel

William J Federspiel

William J Federspiel
Director, Medical Devices Laboratory
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh


William J Federspiel received doctorate in Chemical Engineering from University of Rochester.He is the Director, Medical Devices Laboratory at University of Pittsburgh since 1995.William J Federspiel is also Founder and Head, Scientific Advisory Board at ALung Technologies, Pittsburgh.His profile strength includes over 100 peer reviewed journal articles published and over 100 proceedings and abstracts.

Research Interest

1. Design and development of novel artificial lung devices, including respiratory support catheters and paracorporeal assist lungs, for near term clinical use in the treatment of respiratory failure in patients with acute or acute on chronic lung insufficiencies.
2. Design and development of membrane and particle based blood purification devices for the selective or semi-selective and patterned removal of pathogenic antibodies, inflammatory mediators, and other blood borne solutes for near term clinical use in critical care settings.
3. Advancing the development of novel artificial lung platforms for future applications by combining microfabrication and fiber technology with cellular and biomolecular components to create biohybrid artificial alveolar capillary units and bioactive hollow fibers with improved gas exchange efficiency and capacity.

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