Reports in Thyroid Research

ISSN: 2684-4273

Open Access

Tsatsaris Athanasios

Tsatsaris Athanasios

Tsatsaris Athanasios
Sanitary Police, Colonel Department of Grevena


Dr. Tsatsaris Athanasios is a certified Mechanical Engineer from University Of Athens in 1989. He has done Master of Science in Arithmetic Analysis, National Technology University Athens in 1990, and then doctors of Medicine from University Athens in 1995. Dr. Tsatsaris Athanasios has a degree in Mathematics from University of Athens in 1999. He completed Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from University Athens in 2002. Dr. Tsatsaris Athanasios have done doctors in Philosophy from biomedical Engineering at University of Athens Technology and Med.Sch. In 2002. He is working as a researcher in Laboratory of Experimental Surgery at School of Medicine Athens, Greece, since 1997. Currently he is a part of sanitary police officer in Police Academy at Department of Grevena, Greece, since 2003. Dr. Tsatsaris Athanasios is a member editorial board of Open Biomedical Engineering Journal. Dr. Dr. Tsatsaris Athanasios has more than 10 publications, out of which some are indexed in pubmed.

Research Interest

Medical bioengineering research in Cardiovascular ,Endocrinology-especially Thyroid issues, Bioinformatics.


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