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Reports in Thyroid Research journal program delivers in-depth coverage on topics from clinical application and primary care, to the latest advances in diagnostic imaging and surgical techniques and technologies, designed to optimize patient care and outcomes. Thyroid Research correlates varied researches relating many aspects of thyroid which include disease occurrence, diagnosis, treatment methods, prognosis, related pharmacological advancements, invasive treatment, physiological and immunological mechanisms of thyroid hormone action and regulation, associated immune responses, genetics, new guidelines in disease management, other related diseases and health ailments and there by aims to develop a unique platform for many eminent researchers encouraging their contributions towards the field dominating the hurdles of language and subscription.

This Thyroid Research journal considers articles from all aspect of understanding related to thyroid which includes Thyrotoxicosis, thyroid hormone resistance, and hypothyroidism, Dysthyroid orbitopathy (Graves’ Ophthalmopathy), Thyroid status testing, Thyroid surgery, Autoimmune thyroid illness, Nodular thyroid disease, Thyroid imaging, Thyroid diseases and pregnancy, Pediatric and neonatal thyroid disorder, Genetics of thyroid disease, Iodine deficiency, goiter-hypothyroidism-neurological dysfunction, Cell biology of the thyrocyte, Nuclear and extranuclear actions of thyroid hormones, Brain-pituitary-thyroid regulation, Animal models of thyroid disease. High quality submissions are expected to maintain the standard of the journal and to attain high impact factor.

 Authors are requested to submit manuscripts as an e-mail attachment to  our Editorial Ofice at   [email protected] or

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Articles published in Reports in Thyroid Research have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Reports in Thyroid Research has got h-index 1 , which means every article in Reports in Thyroid Research has got 1 average citations.

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